Travel Styles

In this segment, we cover people's favorite items to travel with, their best travel hacks, and stories from the road. Do you or someone you know have a couple cool pieces of gear they wouldn't leave on a trip without or want to share some travel hacks? Contact us for an opportunity to be featured.

Abby McNeill at Peyto Lake—Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone as a Nomad – With Abby McNeill

Abby McNeill has been living as a nomad, stepping outside of her comfort zone, and meeting people all over the world—from the bustling streets of India to the snowy mountains of Canada. She is an earth-conscious traveler who loves planning her next trip while discovering hidden corners around the globe.

Zach and Julie Pack Hacker

Globe Trotting as a Couple – With Julie & Zach

Julie and Zach fell in love with traveling and one another—and they've been trotting around the globe ever since. Here they share some tips on finding cheap flights and making the most of your time on the road.

Thomas and Sheena | Chasing A Plate

How To Eat Like A Local – With Thomas & Sheena

Thomas and Sheena packed up their apartment, bought plane tickets, and started traveling full-time to discover the best cuisines around the world. They continue to share their love for food and culture with others through Chasing A Plate.

Jaayden Halko at the Seven Rila Lakes

Traveling The World As An Indie Game Developer – With Jaayden Halko

Jaayden Halko quit his former job to travel the world and start his own indie game development company. He chases warm weather and finds new home bases all around the globe while doing what he loves.

Erica Latack at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Blending Passion and Work In Guatemala – With Erica Latack

Erica Latack took her passion for international development to Guatemala where she works for an ethical fashion brand to help provide sustainable jobs and more. She continues to discover beautiful corners around the world while using photography to tell stories about the people and communities surrounding her.

Mel and Sam In Copenhagen, Denmark

Taking a Belated Gap Year – With Mel McFarland & Sam Sparks

After building satisfying careers, Mel McFarland and Sam Sparks decided it was time to take their belated gap year. They strategically packed their bags, left their jobs, and traveled across the world while documenting their adventures.

Kate Smith in Prague, Czech Republic

How To Earn an Income Remotely – With Kate Smith

Kate Smith booked a one-way ticket to Prague and never looked back. She's been country-hopping and helping others find their passion and purpose ever since.

Brittney Martinson in Amalfi Coast, Italy

Falling In Love With New Countries – With Brittney Martinson

Brittney Martinson has traveled to 40+ countries and continues to see both old and new destinations in different perspectives. Here she gives tips on traveling with eco-friendly women hygiene products and more.

Shalee at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Wandering Around the World – With Shalee Wanders

Shalee Blackmer has traveled to 30+ countries, lived out of a van, and has even wrote a guide on how to camp with cats. She's from the Great Lakes state but you can find her just about anywhere nowadays.

Daniel Sammut at the Grand Hirafu Ski Resort in Niseko, Japan

Working Remotely While Hitting The Slopes of Mount Niseko Annupuri & More – With Daniel Sammut

Daniel Sammut is a Brand and Digital Product Designer based in Sydney, Australia. When he's not crafting new brand identities, you can find him skiing the slopes of Japan and finding the next best spot to kick back and relax in Europe.

Bo Ismono in the Maldives

An Inside Look at a Backpack Reviewer’s Favorite Gear and Travel Destinations – With Bo Ismono

Bo Ismono is a Film Editor and YouTube Backpack Reviewer. Here, he shares how the GORUCK GR0 started his backpack reviewing journey as well as his favorite travel destinations and more.

Taylor Gilmore

Capturing Unique Views Around the World – With Taylor Gilmore

Taylor Gilmore is a Los Angeles based photographer traveling to far corners to capture unique views around the world. He utilizes both digital and film, while perfecting the art of wood working in his free time.

Kelsey Reinke in Vis, Croatia

How to Embrace Change & Find Balance While Traveling – With Kelsey Reinke

Kelsey Reinke has diligently practiced embracing change and finding balance in an on-the-go lifestyle. Here, she shares some tips on ditching the list ticking mentality and balancing personal wellness while traveling.

Lauren Ronquillo in Chiang Mai, Thailand by TJ Lee

How To Stay Inspired As a Professional Creative While Traveling – With Lauren Ronquillo

Lauren Ronquillo continues to find inspiration through traveling the world as a professional creative. While seeking beauty in the quiet moments, she takes time to find reminders that we are all interconnected.

Natasha Brownlee in Morogoro, Tanzania

Empowering Change & Embracing New Cultures – With Natasha Brownlee

Natasha Brownlee has traveled the world to empower change, embrace new cultures and find adventure. Here, she shares some tips and her personal favorite travel items!

Hunter O'Brien in Bali, Indonesia

How to Balance Health and Travel – With Hunter O’Brien

Hunter O'Brien travels the world while running his own business creating content for fitness publications, the fashion industry, and more. Here, he shares tips on mastering the art of staying healthy while on the road.

Russell Smith in Dali

The Endless Search For The World’s Highest Quality Tea – With Russell Smith

Russell Smith has been filling his passport in search of the best high quality tea. He's cycled from Thailand to China and always travels with tea — always.

Teri Potts in Schliersee, Germany

Making the World Your Office – With Teri Potts

Teri Potts has made the world her office. After deciding a "proper" job wasn't for her, she followed her passion to create her own travel agency, TL Travel, where she continues to follow and share her passion everyday.

Jessie Beck

Traveling as a Minimalist by Bike – With Jessie Beck

Jessie Beck has called many countries home— stretching from San Francisco to Madagascar. She prefers to travel the world with her bike and is the founder of Eat Bike Travel.

Rebecca Liebert in Ninh Binh Vietnam

Making Music While Living Nomadic – With Becca Liebert

Becca Liebert has traveled from Brooklyn to Berlin and more in order to follow and rediscover her passions. While working remotely as a freelance graphic designer and art director, she also produces her own music.

Jackie Austin in Singapore

Jet-Setting – With Jackie Austin

Jackie Austin works for an airline during the daytime and flies to Paris on the weekends. She has mastered the art of standby flights, dodging tourist season and making the most of short travels.

Laura Ivanova

How to Travel Slow as a Photographer – With Laura Ivanova

Laura Ivanova is a wedding and portrait photographer who's passport is always ready for new adventures. She enjoys finding time for slow travels around the globe in places such as Bali and Budapest.

Jessica Latone Travel Styles

20+ Countries and Countless Photos – With Jessica Latone

Jessica Latone is a Toronto and Vancouver based photographer that's learned a thing or two about travel on the road. She captures "lovely bits" from Iceland to Croatia & more.

Natalie Avalos and Thomas Brown in Medellín, Colombia

Part-Time Digital Nomads Natalie & Thomas

Natalie Avalos and Thomas Brown's graphic design & computer programming skills enable them to work remotely and live as part-time digital nomads.

Tara Lilly | Pack Hacker Travel Styles

Blending Work & Travel with Tara Lilly

Tara Lilly used to worry that she would have to give up traveling in pursuit of a career, but she's figured out a great way to blend the two together.

TJ Lee (CupofTJ) Santorini, Greece

A Travel & Food Vlogger’s Tips for Solo Female Travel: TJ Lee (CupofTJ)

Solo female traveler and vlogger TJ Lee (CupofTJ) walks us through her favorite travel gear, tips & tricks, and her three favorite backpacks for travel.

Rebecca & Nathan of Always A Friday | Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan

“Always A Friday” Share Their Travel Tips

Rebecca and Nathan of "Always A Friday" are two twenty-somethings from the UK who left their job last year and have been traveling the world ever since.

Matthew Hayto in the Polish High Tatra Mountains

Lessons Learned From 4 Months with 1 Pack: Matt Hayto

Matthew Hayto is a seasoned Product Manager and world traveler. He shares with us his top three travel items and ideas on how to do more with less.

Lauren Hom in Ubud, Bali

5 Travel-Friendly Creative Tools with Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom—a creative illustrator, letterer, and digital nomad—shares 5 travel-friendly creative tools she uses to keep creating while traveling.

Alastair Whitehead

Touring Bluegrass Bass Player: Alastair Whitehead

Alastair—a laid-back bluegrass bass player—talks to us about his life on the road as a traveling musician that also carries fly fishing gear on the road.

Tam Le

Taking 1.2 Flights Per Week with Tam Le

Tam is an expert when it comes to perpetual travel. She takes—on average—1.2 flights per week. Plus, she teaches us how cạo gió can cure a common cold.

Jono Lee

Jono Lee: Straightforward Advice on Gear & Travel Apps

Jono Lee still lives his life on the road after one year with Remote Year. Here, he shares his straightforward advice on gear, apps, and travel gotchas.

Roxanne Ravago in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Roxanne Ravago: Living Worldly Mini-Lives

Roxanne Ravago's life is always a work in progress, but she shares a snapshot of the principles she uses to guide her life, travel, and digital nomadism.

Jon Massmann

Jon Massmann: Traveling Light as a Meditator and Teacher

A meditator & teacher shares his best travel gear including the Peak Design Everyday Backpack and a guitalele his travel friends carve their names into.

Katherine Conaway

Katherine Conaway: A Digital Nomad with 6 Years on the Road

Who would have thought a bathrobe would be a top item for a traveler of 6 years? Katherine Conway shares her top travel tips & tricks with us.

Shayla Christine from Living On a One Way at Yosemite National Park

Shayla Christine: A Full-Time Traveler of 2+ Years

Shayla Christine, a long-term traveler of 2 years, shares her travel tips and tricks in video format for this week's Travel Styles segment.

Tiago Almeida Climbing a Mountain in El Alto, Bolivia

Tiago Almeida: Living Life Out of One Bag

Tiago Almeida, a front-end developer working on a product that he loves while traveling the world shares his travel tips and strategy for one bag travel.

John & Heidi on Tofte Peak, North Shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota

Heidi & John Hakala: Nomadic Trailer Travelers

Heidi & John Hakala are a husband & wife writer, blogger, and full-time adventurer team. They share their favorite travel gear and tips with us.

Phil Oliver photographing some vagabond skateboarders in the desert, Palm Springs, California

Phil Oliver: Jeep Driving Drifter & Zen Photographer

Phil's love of travel began with annual family vacations and since then, it has taken him far and wide. His tips are great for well-experienced travelers.

Samantha Schaible in Ouarzazate, Morocco

Samantha Schaible: Country-Hopping Digital Nomad

At age 25, Samantha decided to break the monotony of her routine and explore the world. She shares her favorite gear and travel tips in this interview.

Dan Taylr

Dan Taylr: Eco-Conscious Industrial Designer

Traveling through Southeast Asia and avoiding typical tourist destinations, Dan Taylr walks us through his favorite gear and some travel tips.

Frances Beatty in Squamish, BC. Shot by Tara Lilly Photography.

Frances Beatty: Wanderer & Wedding Photographer

Frances Beatty shares her favorite travel tips with us including how she chooses travel camera gear—plus—a nice tip to brighten the day of airline staff.

Francis getting his mini golf on at Golfland USA, Cupertino, California

Francis Villanueva: Engineer & Gadget Minimalist

Minimalist travel tips, USB-based gadget charging, and a strategy for warming up a cold airplane-food-bread-roll at 40,000 feet with Francis Villanueva.

Jesi Hoolihan at Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City, Mexico

Jesi Hoolihan: Business Trip Titan

A manager who travels for work more than half the year, Jesi shares her tips on staying balanced and looking sharp while on the move (plus her favorite travel item that always saves the day before a big meeting). 

Packer Profiles Sasha Tsimbler Pack Hacker

How a UX Director Travels: Sasha Tsimbler

Sasha Tsimbler, a UX director shares his top travel items with us, as well as a couple tips he's picked up along his travels in this week's Travel Styles.