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Log into Pro to view step-by-step videos of how we fit everything on our packing lists into one bag. Want to know more about specific gear? Ask us anything, and we'll show you what you need to know with a video walk-through. Access our Pro Video Library for deep dives into different gear categories, and save time with the Pro Summary at the top of every review.

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Get discounts on gear all year round, so you don't have to wait for a sale to outfit your travel kit. You'll likely save even more with the deals we score. We partner with dozens of the best brands so you can save on top-rated gear. When you're getting ready to travel, your membership will pay for itself with the savings!

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Ask questions, share experiences, and connect with other travelers—including our team members—in the Pro Community. With discussion topics from which sling to pick to the best camera lens, you'll get the best tips in Pro! You can hang with us at Pro meetups, where we bring the virtual neighborhood to real life, and you're always welcome to visit our Detroit studio!

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We never accept payment in exchange for positive reviews. We make unbiased content on interesting gear—and that’s how we think it should be. By signing up for Pack Hacker Pro, you support us so we can keep it that way.

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What other Members are saying about Pack Hacker Pro

​​In Pack Hacker Pro, you're connected to a welcoming, friendly group of like-minded people. You can tap into this collective experience and leverage the community’s knowledge of everything from bags and accessories to local travel tips worldwide. It’s the perfect evolution for a gear head community.

​Andre C.

​​Pack Hacker Pro helps me make smart travel gear decisions by allowing me to ask questions that I previously wasn't able to ask by just reading a detailed review. The Pack Hacker team and Pro Community are amazing at answering all my numerous questions and have created a safe space for travelers to help each other.

​ ​Keri M.

​​The Pro Community has been nothing but positive and welcoming. I enjoy the vast different perspectives of all the contributors and I would recommend it to everyone—from the less experienced to the more seasoned travelers and gear enthusiasts!

​Kels H.

​​Pack Hacker Pro gives you the chance to provide feedback on gear you use to an awesome team who will take your ideas and thoughts into consideration when doing reviews. Plus, you can talk to others in the community to help you with inspiration, advice, or ideas when deciding how to hack your travel gear.

​​Krishant L.

​​I joined Pack Hacker Pro to support the team that puts together what I consider to be the absolute best content available on the internet for travelers looking to improve their overall travel experience—particularly when it comes to gear. As a member, I am connecting with individuals from around the world who are sharing their equipment choices, and even more importantly, their travel experiences from a perspective that is completely different than my own! The sharing is open, honest, and mature—everyone is looking to broaden their perspective and explore a larger piece of the global landscape.

Gord A.

I can honestly say that if I had not found Pack Hacker, I’d have bought a few bags that would have been huge mistakes. Becoming a Pro member, I’ve met people from around the world who have experiences with a lot of different products that I am interested in and insights to the different styles of bags and accessories out there. Pack Hacker has helped me find brands that I had no idea existed!

​Arielle D.

While preparing for a 17 day trip to Morocco, I was at a loss for how to pack. The folks at Pack Hacker helped me prepare for my dream one bag travel trip and the entire experience gave me a massive confidence boost. I’ll never travel any other way again!

Laura F.

I’ve always thought I was weird for geeking out about this stuff but I’m glad to know there are plenty of other people out there who obsess about bags and optimizing their travel system as much as I do. Pack Hacker takes the guesswork and stress out of my bag purchases, helping me find the right bag for my needs.

Mino I.

Before Pro, I went through the hassle of buying bags, pouches, and packing cubes that didn't fit the gear I needed to pack. I would purchase, test, ship products back, wait for a refund, and hope the following combo would work together. Now, I simply ask Pro Members & Pack Hacker staff before buying—it's saved me so much time & hassle and resulted in some perfect gear combos. Totally worth the cost of Pro!

Josh G.

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Connect with us and other like-minded enthusiasts. Access exclusive benefits and content you can’t get anywhere else.

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