What do you need to carry in your travel daypack? If you take a lot of tech gear, you have two options for toting it along (well, really three, but we don't recommend just tossing it all willy-nilly in the bottom of your bag): organized in the admin panel of your backpack or sorted in a tech pouch.

While the best laptop bag may have plenty of built-in pockets and pouches, what happens when you want to lighten your load? If your gear is in a separate tech pouch, you can toss that in your sling. Pouches are also great for organizing gear for different devices. Keep the mouse, wall charger, and USB dongle for your laptop in one tech kit and your Apple Pencil, iPad keyboard, and AirPods for your iPad in another. Then you can just grab the pouch you need instead of unpacking and repacking between bags.

How do you choose the right tech organizer for your situation? Whether you need something with water resistance because you're always out in the elements, or you're looking for one with lots of elastic loops and pockets, so everything has a dedicated spot, there's a tech kit for you.

Before diving into what tech pouches make the most sense for your next trip, you need to figure out what you’ll bring along for the ride.

If you’re looking to save space with your tech pouch, the contents will need to mirror that mentality. You can do this by using the same cable for your laptop and phone, slimming down your battery bank, getting an adapter and power strip in one (like the MOGICS Super Bagel), cutting out older cables like the Micro-USB, and snagging a 3-in-1 cable like this one from Anker. There are numerous ways to save space, but these are a solid way to ensure that your tech pouch can be on the smaller side, giving you more room inside your travel backpack or daypack for other items.

Best Tech Pouch Sizes

Like the varieties of slings and backpacks, there are also numerous kinds of tech pouches. We think that breaking them down into sizes makes the most sense, and you can decide which category your pack out will (or should) fit inside.

Small: Charging Basics

This size will work for your daily carry, commuting to and from work, quick weekend trips with a partner or some friends, and a day trip to a new city while traveling. Likely, you won’t have enough gusto to last all day without resorting to a wall charger or powering a laptop, but it’ll work for most people for part of the day.

For example, you could use this size tech pouch on a weekend trip from Boston to New York City on Amtrak, where you won’t have to use a laptop.

Medium: Charging & Computers

This middle-ground will work for everything mentioned above, including tablet use and light computer work. You could use this size pouch to head into a coffee shop for an afternoon and catch up on emails or on a weekend away where you might have to be on call from the office.

For example, you could use this tech pouch on a week-long excursion to Chicago, where you may have to hop onto a few meetings or answer a few emails, but your priority isn’t work (or the charging cables that make that happen).

Large: Everything (within reason)

This isn’t the end-all-be-all, but it’ll cover the most common types of travel. You can fit all of your chargers, dongles, memory cards, and even a few extra goodies, like external hard drives and photography gear. Essentially, you’ve got everything you’ll likely need to be comfortable almost anywhere.

For example, you could use this tech pouch on a months-long trip as a Digital Nomad to Medellin, where you’ll be working like you would back home in Omaha regularly.

We've taken the guesswork out of finding the perfect pouch, so read on to find the one that suits your needs and style, whether you're looking for an everyday carry or one for your next trip.

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1. Bellroy Desk Caddy

Best for: Professional Travelers

Bellroy Desk Caddy Stuffed Review

Why We Like It: You can see all your gear in front of you and access it on your desk while it’s still in the pouch.

What You Should Know: Using the pen loop can obstruct the gear you store below.

Best For: Coworking spaces

We’ve been big fans of Bellroy pouches for a long time, thanks to their various organizational options, style, and the quality of their construction. Its unique layout sets the Bellroy Desk Caddy apart from other tech kits. Although it’s perfectly at home in your messenger bag or daypack, its distinct design is easy on your eyes as it sits on your desk. Instead of having to peek in from above or the side, your gear is on display at a more natural angle when you fold the front down toward you.

The plentiful organization doesn’t leave much extra open space for bulky gear, and some accessories can obstruct your view of other items, depending on how it's packed. However, we think it’s still a great option if you often work somewhere other than a dedicated desk. It even has a bit of compressibility if you need to fit it into an overpacked laptop bag and you haven’t stuffed it chock-full of gear.

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2. Brevite Cable Kit

Best for: Sustainable Travelers

Brevite Cable Kit Full

Why We Like It: It expands to hold a lot of gear, especially big, bulky cables.

What You Should Know: The expansion fabric is floppy, especially compared to the rigid foam of the remainder of the tech kit.

Best For: Carrying bulky cables

When you need to carry a lot of gear in a separate tech organizer, the Brevite Cable Kit has room to keep all your cords and accessories in one place. Unzip it to reveal an interior lined with shiny polyester material, where four small mesh pockets topped with elastic work well for petite accessories like your AirPods. There’s a zippered mesh pocket along the rear of the divider, too. The star of the show, however, is the expandable back pocket. A second external zipper opens to unveil three additional inches of depth for the rear mesh zipper pocket. It’s enough space to store nearly every cord you own, with room to spare. However, the expansion material is thin since it’s the same polyester that lines the rest of the tech pouch, so it makes carrying the kit rather unwieldy.

You can pick it up in one of nine colors (at the time of posting) to display like a caddy on your desk. The recycled polyester material is soft and—bonus—machine washable if you can’t save your tech pouch from your coffee spill fast enough.

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3. Aer Split Kit
Aer Split Kit Blue Background

Why We Like It: A gusset allows this tech kit to stand at your desk while staying slim in your daypack.

What You Should Know: It takes a little time to remember which zipper opens the bag and which splits the bottom open.

Best For: Small pack-outs and pens

With only two compartments and a flat profile, you may think the Aer Split Kit is too minimal a tech pouch to suit your gear. It has a hidden secret, though—undo the compression zipper to expand a hidden gusseted floor. Then you can stand the kit at your desk without toting around a bulky pouch all the time. It provides enough space for larger gear like a battery bank and a Magic Mouse in the main compartment. There’s also a pocket on the front, which opens down the middle. While it’s not ideal for some items, the interior’s flexible mesh material allows it to share space with the main compartment, so packing less in one area gives you room to stretch and grow in another. It’s an excellent way to keep your pens and notebook in an easy-access spot while storing tech accessories in their own place. You can fit quite a bit in this tech pouch when it’s expanded; just beware that it may not be easy to squeeze back into its flatter profile if you overpack it.

If you want something with more organization and like what you’ve seen from Aer, check out their Pro Kit. It has more segmentation and a larger profile to accommodate more gear. If you’ve already got another tech organizer packed, the Split Kit also works well for organizing small toiletries, and you can hang it on a bathroom hook with the loop handle at the top.

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4. Topo Designs Accessory Bags

Best for: Relaxed Travelers

Topo Designs Accessory Bags

Why We Like It: They come in various sizes so that you can organize your gear in different pouches.

What You Should Know: There’s no internal organization or protective padding.

Best For: Separating gear from different devices

Accessory Bags from Topo Designs are a great way to keep smaller travel items like AirPods, chargers, cables, and more from ending up in a knot at the bottom of your pack. They’re easy to open thanks to the thick paracord zipper pulls. The bulky cords and chunky logo give the bags a fun and funky look instead of the sleek aesthetics of other brands, though you don't need to take special care not to damage them; Topo Designs created them with durability in mind. When you open them, the high-vis interior makes it as easy to spot your dark-colored micro-SD card and USB dongle as the white cord for your iPhone.

Use the large one for your Kindle and wall chargers, and store tiny travel accessories like AirPods and adapters in the smallest version. They come in three sizes, so you’ll have no trouble finding the best bag for your gear. You can even use one for toiletries or road trip games and snacks. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to use another case to protect sensitive devices because there's no built-in padding.

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5. Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal E-Tools Organizer Mini

Why We Like It: A small, well-organized pouch to carry your daily tech.

What You Should Know: Some elastic loops and pockets may be too small for your gear.

Best For: Small tech

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal E-Tools Organizer Mini keeps small tech easy to access in a pint-sized package. It’s constructed with 300D recycled polyester and has a soft feel thanks to the foam padding protecting your gear. While you could get it in black, you can get plenty of other tech pouches in that hue. Instead, opt for Mossy Green, Sahara Yellow, or AZ Blue for a splash of color in your dark laptop bag. A zipper wraps around most of the pouch, so it lays flat when you open it. Inside, two mesh pouches hold AirPods, thicker cords, or even a mouse in a pinch. On the opposite side are elastic straps for cords, pens, and headphones, although they’re too tight for bulkier cables. You can slide laptop cords or a mouse in a pocket on the same side, although you can’t double up the bulk on both sides of the pouch, or you won’t be able to zip it closed.

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6. Travelon Tech Accessory Organizer

Best for: Frugal Travelers

Travelon Tech Accessory Organizer Grip

Why We Like It: Rolls up to fit in the palm of your hand.

What You Should Know: It needs more structure or padding to protect your gear.

Best For: Budget

If you’re looking for a simple kit, the Travelon Tech Accessory Organizer may be for you. It folds in thirds to be about the size of your hand. There are three internal mesh pockets for organization. The two on each side zip closed, and in the middle is an envelope-style pocket created from overlapping mesh. The mesh material allows you to see what gear you've stashed in which pocket, so it's easy to find the accessory you need, although the pouch takes up quite a bit of space on a desk when unfolded. We like storing larger items in the middle pocket or the zippered pocket on the left, while smaller gear works in either zippered enclosure. The lightweight ripstop polyester of this tech organizer won’t add a lot of weight to your pack, though it lacks protective padding. The minimalist materials make it easily compressible with the adjustable strap that goes around the outside, though. And since it won’t break the bank, we think this is a good tech kit to carry your collection.

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7. Moment MTW Tech Organizer Mini
Moment MTW Tech Organizer Mini Review

Why We Like It: A small organizer to carry the essentials.

What You Should Know: Gear can shake loose out of the pockets while you're using it.

Best For: Minimalist setups

The Moment MTW Tech Organizer Mini is an ideal size for travelers who don't carry a crazy amount of cords and still want to keep their tech pouch as organized as humanly possible. The Kodra nylon on the Mini is thinner and more flexible than on the regular-size Moment MTW Tech Organizer—you can even bend it in half or scrunch it up to fit it into your travel backpack—although it's a bit of a magnet for lint. Inside are five pockets: three for standard cables or headphones and two larger ones for a laptop wall charger, a wireless mouse, and any other tech you need to bring along. While your gear will mostly stay put, the elastic at the top of the pockets isn’t super secure. The pen loop at the base adds more structure to the organizer, although the tech kit won’t stand up on its own. The Mini opens clamshell, so you can easily see what’s inside, and it’s this kind of simple versatility that makes it a great tech pouch for everyday use and travel.

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8. EVERGOODS Civic Access Pouch 2L (CAP2L)
EVERGOODS Civic Access Pouch 2L Review

Why We Like It: An adjustable divider and plenty of pockets allow digital nomads to pack this without worrying about a lack of space.

What You Should Know: It’s hard to fit in another bag due to the stiff material and bulkiness

Best For: Lots of gear

Like its backpack siblings of the same name, the EVERGOODS Civic Access Pouch 2L has a lot of great organization. The pouch body is surprisingly sturdy with no rigid support, and the thick nylon protects your gear well. Inside, compartments and dividers are easy to adjust and push to the side when you don’t need them, so you can maximize the volume to suit your needs. On top, a 3D pocket gives you space for tech accessories you need to access quickly and comes with a bonus key clip, too. When you open the bag, it’s easy to see your gear in the compartments thanks to the two-tier design, so you don’t have to dig around the bottom of the pouch for the gear you need, although it does take up a bit of space in this form. So if you’re looking for a larger organizer with the dual identity of a desk caddy, the CAP2L may be the best tech pouch for you.

If you like what you’ve seen from EVERGOODS but don’t need something this big, look at the CAP1. Its rolling design saves space and allows you to take your tech pouch anywhere easily. Fabric gussets and relatively large pockets mean you have enough room to carry a variety of gear, large (wall chargers) and small (dongles). While it has four pockets, you'll want to look elsewhere if you need more granular organization from features like tiny pockets and elastic cable loops. It can also take up quite a bit of desk space when you unfold it. What we love, though, is the ability to fold it in half and secure it with the magnetic closure. It’s satisfying to fidget with and keeps your gear secure as you go about your day. Make sure everything is tucked away in the pockets when you do, though, or they can slide out the same way paper tucked between two folders could fall out of your Trapper Keeper in middle school. Losing your Lightning adapter will cost more than lost homework.

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9. Heimplanet Simple Pouch
Heimplanet Simple Pouch Review

Why We Like It: A budget-friendly tech pouch with water-resistant fabric that you can hang at your desk.

What You Should Know: Small black accessories can get lost in the corners of the dark interior.

Best For: Organizing another bag

If your daypack lacks internal organization, or you carry a simple messenger bag throughout the day, the Heimplanet Simple Pouch may simply be the best tech pouch for you (see what we did there?). Its size and shape help it to fit into different packs easily, and the side handles are easy to grab when you need to take it out. You can even hang it up if that’s your thing, or your desk has hooks. Inside is open space, and while we might appreciate some dividers or sleeves to add more compartmentalization, the slim, square shape fits nicely into most packs, so you can use it to bring along the basics. The DYECOSHELL fabric (PU-coated, Dope Dyed 800D and 660D nylon, so you don’t have to look it up yourself) is eco-friendly and water resistant to protect your tech. The pouch is made with just one piece of fabric to cut down on waste, and Heimplanet says the dope dye process uses fewer resources and has less byproducts than traditional methods—a big thumbs up for Mother Earth.

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10. TOM BIHN Ghost Whale Organizer Pouches
Tom Bihn Ghost Whale Pouches On A Desk

Why We Like It: There are four sizes of tech pouches to hold your tiny gear.

What You Should Know: The hook won’t fit around larger loops or thick straps.

Best For: Tiny accessories

Made with scraps of fabric, the TOM BIHN Ghost Whale Organizer Pouches are a fun and colorful place to store tiny tech gadgets like your AirPods, SD cards, and adapters. They come in four sizes, so opt for the one that best fits your setup. The curved L-shaped zipper has a learning curve, though it’s handy to use once you get the hang of it since it allows you to open the pouch without risking your gear falling out. The pouches also include a 360° Snap Hook so you can attach them to the O-rings inside TOM BIHN bags for a DIY organizational system or on other loops and hooks inside other brands’ bags. Whether traveling with a lot of gear or a little, these tech kits are a great way to keep everything organized and easy to find wherever you are.

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11. Mystery Ranch Zoid Cell
Mystery Ranch Zoid Cell In Detroit

Why We Like It: Well-padded to protect fragile gear, especially if you’re a content creator or carry a light for Zoom calls.

What You Should Know: There’s no internal organization, and it doesn’t stay compressed.

Best For: Fragile gear

The durable and sleek Mystery Ranch Zoid Cell is a great place for your delicate gear as you travel. It compresses easily to fit into most backpacks and luggage, though it’s not easy to keep condensed if you don’t store it in a tight spot. We love the YKK Speedzip™ Zipper, as it provides one of the smoothest, slickest zipper experiences you’re likely to encounter. The Zoid Cell is well-padded to protect fragile gear like a camera kit or portable lights, though there’s no internal organization inside this tech pouch to hold things in place. The thick foam padding also lends structure to the bag if you use it properly: push the padding to the bottom of the bag and pull the sides up like you’re unfolding a box, then tuck the sides behind the structured inserts to keep things in place. We think it’s useful for carrying a mirrorless camera, although it can also work for tablets, portable lights for Zoom calls and Instagram shots, and other delicate gear of a similar size.

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12. Thule Subterra Powershuttle Plus
Thule Subterra Powershuttle Plus In Porto, Portugal

Why We Like It: It includes a pass-through to charge your phone while keeping a battery bank inside.

What You Should Know: It takes up quite a bit of space in your bag, so max it out to make the most of it.

Best For: Different-size gear

If you travel with a wide range of tech gear, you’ll like using the Thule Subterra Powershuttle Plus for your tech kit. The organization is spot-on for most use cases and versatile enough for large and small items, whether you need to carry memory cards or over-the-ear headphones. We have to mention there’s only one zipper around the clamshell opening, which can be a tad frustrating, yet it’s a minor gripe. Inside is plentiful organization that lies flat out of the way if segmentation isn't your thing. Elastic loops for cables and a zippered mesh pocket for small gear are on the left side, in front of a large sleeve that extends the length of the pouch. The other side includes a mesh pouch and two slim divider pockets, and in the top corner, you’ll find a small hole for a cable pass-through. Whether you feel the need to charge your phone or laptop via a charger that’s still in your tech pouch is up to you, but the Subterra Powershuttle Plus gives you the option to do so if you want to.

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13. Mission Workshop Internal Tool Roll
Mission Workshop Internal Tool Roll Full With Items

Why We Like It: This roll pouch has different zipper pouches to contain larger and tiny items.

What You Should Know: The slim design doesn’t accommodate bulkier gear.

Best For: Efficient travel with all your tools

When you’re looking for a new tech pouch, how do you roll? Are you looking for a lot of padding, or are you focused on keeping your cords and chargers organized by any means possible? When looking for a way to see everything in your tech kit all at once without taking up much room in your pack, check out the Mission Workshop Internal Tool Roll. It’s part of the brand’s Arkiv® modular system that allows you to attach accessories to your pack, and while some modular systems hang around outside your bag, in this case, the Tool Roll is meant to go inside your backpack. There are YKK zippers and a Duraflex buckle on this Made in the USA tech organizer. They give it a durability that you can take throughout the day without worry, whether you’re a digital nomad heading from Airbnb to coworking space to a happy hour mixer or a commuter who needs to work some at home, too. There are four zippered mesh pockets in three different sizes to carry a wide variety of gear, from your cables and wall chargers to your AirPods to tune out your coworkers. While you can’t fit very bulky gear inside and still roll it up, we find most of our daily tech essentials fit just fine, and we like that we can then roll up the trifold design and buckle it shut when we’re ready to head out.

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14. ALPAKA Vertex Pouch
ALPAKA Vertex Pouch Review

Why We Like It: It’s a tech pouch, sling, and desk caddy in one.

What You Should Know: As a sling, it isn’t the most comfortable carry.

Best For: Travelers who need versatility

The ALPAKA Vertex Pouch is one of the most versatile pieces of travel gear on this list. In addition to operating as a standard, large-sized tech pouch for your travels, it transitions into a sling and can be used as a desk caddy, too. In our experience testing this pouch for two weeks, the Vertex wasn’t an A+ at any of the three capabilities; however, it’s a solid B+ in all three, which we think is worth commending. Even if you have a tech pouch, desk caddy, and sling that are all perfect scores for your pack out, you likely wouldn’t have space for all of them. With the Vertex Pouch, you can bring more gear by adding one thing to your list instead of three.

In sling mode, the strap has padding to keep things comfortable. For stowing your tech, there’s a slidable divider with extra organization for smaller gear, like a mouse, SD cards, and dongles. On the front side, magnets will let the front flap stay down while sitting at a desk or in the coffee shop, so you’ve got quick access to all your gear.

The materials are durable and sleek, so you’ll be happy to carry this thing at home or abroad. There aren’t many colorway options available at the time of writing, but you can get Axoflux or X-Pac materials, which works for us, as both are durable. You’ll get more ruggedness from the Axoflux and more weather resistance from the X-Pac!

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15. Peak Design Tech Pouch
Peak Design Tech Pouch

Why We Like It: The origami-like organization is there when you need it and folds away when you don’t.

What You Should Know: While you can attach an optional strap, it’s not aesthetically pleasing.

Best For: Origami organization

With its superior organization, well-thought-out design, and solid materials, the Peak Design Tech Pouch stands out from the crowd. You don’t have to take the organizational features in this tech kit at face value; they fold and compress in an origami-like design so you can choose your own adventure when packing up your travel tech. It’s weather resistant thanks to the polyurethane and DWR coating on the 200D nylon canvas, so you don’t have to worry if it starts drizzling as you’re working in nature’s office—the park. The slip pockets, zipper pouch, and pen slots can hold a wide range of gear, from cords to battery banks to wall chargers to tiny accessory pouches! It works best when packed full since the rigid structure doesn’t compress, so feel free to take along everything you need.

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16. Trakke Laggan Mini Accessory Organiser
Trakke Laggan Mini Accessory Organiser Review

Why We Like It: This miniature tech organizer has extra amenities to hold your passport and modular gear.

What You Should Know: There are no zippered pockets.

Best For: Granular organization

You want some pockets? Yo, we’ve got them. (Or is that supposed to be problems?) Bad rap references aside, the Trakke Laggan Mini Accessory Organiser may be the best tech pouch for you if you like having a dedicated place for every piece of tiny gear on a bright background to make it all easy to find. The handle allows you to pull this tech organizer out of your backpack when needed. Although they struggle to fit gear bigger than a smartphone's wall charger, it has plenty of pockets and loops for all your petite products. We can fit charging cables, adapters, and pens inside without a problem. It even has a built-in metal ring so you can attach another tiny accessory pouch or your AirPod case. The liner pockets lack grip, so make sure what you’re packing is securely stowed inside, and there’s a slip pocket on the outside where you can tuck a notebook for quick access.

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17. Magpul DAKA Utility Organizer
Magpul DAKA Utility Organizer Review

Why We Like It: It’s highly water resistant

What You Should Know: The materials aren’t very malleable, which can make packing challenging

Best For: Liquid protection

If water resistance is the name of your game, we’ve got the tech pouch for you! The Magpul DAKA Utility Organizer is highly skilled at keeping the elements at bay and can be used for more than just tech while traveling, which we’re always happy to see. The exterior is crafted from polymer-infused textiles, and the seams are RF or radio frequency and welded shut, so there’s nowhere for water to sneak inside. The zipper is an AquaGuard model from YKK, which isn’t completely waterproof but will deter most spills and precipitation.

Inside, there’s ample organization for your tech and everyday carry gear. From a zippered pocket to an elastic daisy chain, there’s a spot for most gear, large or small. This is one of the smaller tech pouches on this list, so you won’t be able to fit everything and the kitchen sink inside. However, for a minimalist packer or someone who doesn’t overdo it with tech, it’ll work just fine.

Considering the organizational features, extreme water resistance, and moderate size, the Magpul DAKA Utility Organizer is a no-brainer for travelers looking for a safe place to stow their tech, passport, and other essential gear that they want to keep secure.

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18. tomtoc Explorer-H01 Tech Pouch
tomtoc Explorer H01 Tech Pouch Review

Why We Like It: It comes in at a budget-friendly price

What You Should Know: It has a large footprint, which can be hard to transport

Best For: Lots of cable storage

In addition to being a stellar place to store your tech gear, the tomtoc Explorer-H01 Tech Pouch comes in at a budget-friendly price point. However, while it’s low in price, it isn’t low in space. This is one of the larger tech pouches on this list, so tech lovers, have at it!

When you think budget-friendly, you might think that corners were cut when assembling this thing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The exterior is 915D CORDURA®, and the zippers are from YKK, which are durable and reliable. There are three pockets to work with, each with its own vibe that’ll accommodate different gear.

The back pocket is large and lacks organization, making it a solid spot for flat items you want quick access to. The front pocket has more depth and includes some organization in the form of a zipper and a liner pocket to fit more stuff inside. However, the main compartment is where the real party is. With larger pockets for more significant items and 11 elastic loops for stowing cables and other smaller gear. You can fit a ton inside.

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So there you have it, the best tech pouch for nearly every situation. Whether you prefer a lot of organization in your tech kit or open space, there’s a tech organizer, large or small, to fit your needs. What’s your favorite? Let us know how you keep your tech organized at home and while traveling below.

You can check some of these tech pouches out in this video too!

January 31, 2023

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