Tom Bihn Color Zipper Ghost Whale Organizer Pouches

Technical Details

  • Weight (oz)

    .8 oz (22.7 gm)

    Small size

  • Dimensions

    6.7 in x 3.5 in (17 x 8.9 cm)

    Small Size

  • Notable Materials

    Ballistic Nylon, YKK Zippers, Duraflex Hardware

  • Manufacturing Country

    United States

  • Warranty Information

    Lifetime Guarantee

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Come in multiple different sizes, colors, and materials
  • We love the bright zipper colorways, it’s easy to find one that matches your gear
  • The shape of the zipper takes a little getting used to
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • We’re really starting to like these things after using them for two weeks, they come in super handy when organizing smaller accessories
  • The o-ring attachments are great if you have other Tom Bihn gear
1 Month of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • These things are still looking brand new and the Tom Bihn craftsmanship is top-notch yet again
  • We’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much depth these pouches have, there’s definitely some give when placing slightly bulkier items inside
By Nathan Coverdale
Created November 29, 2019 • Updated March 10, 2020