Best Black Friday Travel Gear Deals 2023
Best Black Friday Travel Gear Deals 2023

So, you’re looking for Black Friday travel gear deals. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In fact, there’s probably no better place to be. In addition to creating a list of the best deals, we also have full in-depth reviews for almost every product included in this list. That way, you know you’re getting a deal and snagging the right Black Friday backpack, toiletry bag, tech pouch, or sling for your next trip.

You might be wondering what we mean when we say we have full reviews of the gear. We’re glad that you asked! Our review process is simple—testers get their hands on equipment for at least two weeks, sometimes longer, rigorously running it through its paces at Pack Hacker HQ, at home, and abroad. After testing, they compile their experiences and expertise into a review and a video so that you know what you’re in for when you purchase it. That way, you can get the right gear and spend your hard-earned time off and money on traveling, not replacement gear.

Now that you know why you should trust us, let’s dive into the Black Friday travel gear deals!

1. tomtoc Urban Sling Bag (Explorer-T21 S)
tomtoc Urban Sling Bag Review

Carrying tech items around in a sling is a lot more reassuring with the tomtoc Urban Sling Bag’s build quality. Featuring notable brand-name materials like CORDURA® nylon and YKK zippers, it feels tough enough for the job. It’s also surprisingly comfortable to carry despite its rather stiff-looking appearance. The biggest drawback lies in its organization. While there are enough pockets for most everyday carry accessories, access to said gear can feel messy once every space is occupied. A Nintendo Switch in the designated sleeve, for example, overshadows a lot of the adjacent open space, so you’ll have to push gear around for a better view. Small potatoes, though—we still dig this sling for its versatility.

Why We Like It
  • tomtoc’s choice of quality materials like CORDURA nylon and YKK zippers inspire confidence in durability
  • Comfortable to wear despite its lengthy shape and rigid look
What You Should Know
  • Gear access isn’t optimal once the main compartment gets crowded.
  • Non-ambidextrous carrying style; can’t swing from front to back carry without taking the bag off and switching shoulders entirely.
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2. NITECORE NB10000 Power Bank
NITECORE NB10000 Power Bank Review

We’re always looking for ways to pack more efficiently, and that’s why a power bank like the NITECORE NB10000 caught our attention. There are a lot of similarly-sized power banks out there, but none of them pack as much juice as this one, which is enough to charge a Max-sized iPhone 15 twice over. It has a USB-C port for charging the power bank itself, plus it supports fast charging devices (18W USB Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0). Simultaneously, you can use the USB-A port to juice up another device, such as a smartwatch or a pair of wireless earbuds. What we don’t love is how all of the LED indicators are squished together. Right next to the ones that indicate charge is the trickle charge indicator. This means not all of the indicators are used to indicate a full charge, making you think the unit isn’t fully charged when it is. We wouldn’t call this a deal-breaker, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Why We Like It
  • It’s really slim for a 10,000 mAh power bank—very space efficient.
  • IPX5-rated, so you can take it near a pool without having to worry too much.
What You Should Know
  • A full charge doesn’t light up all of the LEDs, so it doesn’t look completely charged.
  • Its sharp corners can snag loose threads.
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3. Bellroy Tech Kit
Bellroy Tech Kit

Although the Bellroy Tech Kit isn’t the highest-rated pouch at Pack Hacker, it’s always been a fan favorite for its looks and quality materials. The organization is what you’d expect from Bellroy; it’s easy to use and doesn’t get in your way. You can open it flat, which helps you find gear and promotes organization. Plus, it looks modern and sleek, which might match the look you’re going for.

Although we dig how it looks, it isn’t the smallest tech pouch to pack away, especially in a smaller pack. However, if you’ve got the space, it’s a worthwhile addition to your load out. The external materials and hardware have shown excellent signs of longevity, which we dig as proponents of Digital Nomad Travel. After all, you don’t want your tech pouch to bust on a flight between Japan and Turkey.

Considering the longevity and look, this is one of our favorite Bellroy Black Friday deals this year. Why We Like It

  • The exterior is sleek and durable
  • We dig the layout of the interior organization
What You Should Know
  • It’s bulky compared to other tech pouches we’ve tested
  • The price is high for what you get
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4. Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L (V2)
Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L V2

As a daypack, Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L (V2) has impressive accessibility to its main compartment, having fully opening side panels and an adjustable top hatch. Inside are very configurable origami dividers you can position to suit your particular camera kit—yep, this is a photography-focused backpack, after all. That said, even non-photographers will appreciate the functionality this backpack offers. It’s also worth noting that even though this is called a 30-liter backpack, it only achieves that capacity if the top hatch is fully expanded to the highest adjustment.

Why We Like It
  • Interior organization is very versatile thanks to the origami dividers
  • There are plenty of ways to access your gear, whether through the sides or from the top
What You Should Know
  • It only reaches 30 liters of capacity when you latch the flap to its highest setting
  • The sternum strap is tricky to disengage, taking a lot of effort to do
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5. tomtoc Navigator-T66 Travel Laptop Backpack 40L
tomtoc Navigator-A82 Travel Laptop Backpack 40L Review

If you’re looking for a backpack with a large capacity that doesn’t compromise on comfort, look no further than the tomtoc Navigator-A82 Travel Laptop Backpack 40L for your black friday travel gear needs. At 40 liters, you can get into the nitty-gritty of organizing your items. There’s a separate but accessible laptop compartment, and you can store two travel water bottles in the side pockets.

It can look saggy when it isn’t fully packed, which might deter some travelers. However, you probably aren’t taking a 40-liter pack if you don’t plan to fill it up, right? Plus, with it’s budget-friendly price, it’s hard to beat, making this an excellent tomtoc Black Friday deal to consider!

Why We Like It
  • It has a large capacity and a comfortable harness system to match
  • There are two large water bottle pockets
What You Should Know
  • When not fully packed, the materials sag a little
  • It isn’t the sleekest-looking pack we’ve tested to date
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6. Thule Aion 28L
Thule Aion 28L Backpack Review

There are travel backpacks that feel designed strictly for travel purposes, and there are those like the Thule Aion 28L Backpack that are versatile enough to use daily. Featuring both a clamshell and a horseshoe-style opening, packing and on-the-go access are easy. A specific feature we like is the TPU divider that doubles as storage for damp clothing, which is helpful for keeping the rest of your gear dry. Storage can be expanded from 28 liters to 32 liters, though keep in mind that this results in a noticeably saggier feel while carrying the bag.

Why We Like It
  • Store wet clothing while keeping the rest of your gear dry using the internal TPU compartment
  • Dual main compartment openings convenient for both packing and quick-access on-the-go
What You Should Know
  • Expanded 32-liter mode makes the carry feel noticeably saggier.
  • We’ve started to see some loose threads on the front webbings, which isn’t great for the aesthetic
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7. Thule Compression Cube
Thule Compression Cube Set Carry Handle

Compression cubes are an excellent way to save space in your carry on, travel backpack, and daypack. Regarding deals on Black Friday travel gear, the Thule Compression Cubes will save you cash and compress your clothing. What’s better than that?

The cubes utilize YKK zippers, which are durable and easy to use. There are four- and 11-liter sizes, so you can have one that matches the needs of every trip. Sometimes we wish there was an in-between size and three in a set; however, because of the compression system, you can fit more gear inside than you might think! These cubes are hard to pass up when looking for Thule Black Friday deals.

Why We Like It
  • When compressed, they save you a ton of space in your pack
  • The zippers are durable and easy to use
What You Should Know
  • There isn’t an in-between-sized packing cube, so the small and large can feel a little, well, small and large
  • Not many colorway options available if you prefer to color-code your gear
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8. Peak Design Travel Tripod
Peak Design Travel Tripod

Wait, there’s a Peak Design Black Friday sale? Seriously? Somebody fill in for me; I’ve got to go check this out.

Okay, we’re back! Luckily for photographers, the Peak Design Travel Tripod is on sale this year. There are two versions of this tripod: carbon fiber and aluminum. The former is significantly more expensive but more durable and incredibly lightweight for its ruggedness. The aluminum version is no slouch, either, and is a more realistic option for hobbyists purchasing their first quality tripod.

When collapsed, the tripod only measures 15.4 inches (39.1 cm) long, which is relatively small considering it expands to 60 inches (152.4 cm). Price will be a consideration for most buyers; however, this is the best travel tripod we’ve tested here at Pack Hacker, at least at the time of writing. Regarding bang for your buck for Black Friday travel gear, this might be the item you’ll have the longest!

Why We Like It
  • It’s incredibly lightweight for the height you get from the tripod
  • There are two models to choose from depending on your needs and budget
What You Should Know
  • The carbon fiber model is pricey
  • If you aren’t in the Peak Design ecosystem, you might not see as much value in this tripod
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9. NOMATIC Wallet
NOMATIC Wallet in Detroit

We have a soft spot for gear that leans into minimalism, especially those with clever design elements—such is the case with the NOMATIC Wallet. This minimalist wallet has a very open structure, utilizing exposed sleeves where you can fit cards. The main one has a pull tab that pops up to 14 cards out. However, that many cards can be overwhelming to fan out, so we recommend storing only what you’ll need every day. There’s another adjacent card sleeve, plus a slot for folded bills and/or coins. It’s a clever little minimalist wallet, though only time will tell how well its stretchy material will retain its form. We’ve seen some stretching over time, though our cards still feel pretty secure inside.

Why We Like It
  • Nifty pull tab design makes card access fairly quick and easy
  • Really compact but can store plenty of cards
What You Should Know
  • Stretchy materials are bound to wear out gradually over time
  • Maximizing card capacity means having to sift through all of them; not easy on a small wallet like this
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10. Bellroy Sling Mini
Bellroy Sling Mini

The Bellroy Sling Mini’s regular-sized brother left us with a good impression with its good organization, build quality, and styling. That holds true with this version but with a few caveats. The most obvious con is the lack of a padded back panel combined with the fact that there’s a sunglasses pocket at the back. This could impact comfort if you put a bulky pair of them in this pocket. Otherwise, you still get a decent amount of organization inside the main compartment, a front pocket for smaller accessories, and a self-compressing strap system that keeps the entire sling cinched down for better comfort.

Why We Like It
  • Self-compresses once there’s tension along the strap
  • Really dig the build quality, especially the mesh pockets’ stretchiness
What You Should Know
  • The sunglasses pocket butts up against the back panel and can impact comfort
  • The main compartment’s opening feels too close to the wearer, making access a bit awkward
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11. NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack 35L
NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack 35L | Using the backpack in Detroit

Yes, the NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack is really huge even for a 35-liter backpack, but once you see how much structure and padding there is, it’s all justified. Meant to store a lot of expensive photography equipment, it features plenty of organization options in the form of dividers segmenting most of its bucket space. It’s pretty much a camera cube blown up to travel backpack size. Speaking of being a travel backpack, it does have enough leftover space for storing clothing and other essential gear for a travel photographer. The biggest challenge with a bag of this size is its bulk. If you absolutely need this much space for your equipment, you’ll also be wielding this as a whole. Fortunately, there is a quick-access hatch, so you can get to your camera relatively quickly.

Why We Like It
  • Very structured and padded to protect the thousand-dollar camera gear meant to be stored inside
  • Beefy harness system copes even when packed with a full photography kit
What You Should Know
  • The tarpaulin material scratches relatively easily
  • Huge size will be overkill for more casual camera users—it’s best for only the most kitted-out photographers
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A flashlight is one of those tools that you wish you had once it’s already too late and you’re stumbling in a dark basement during a blackout. While the NITECORE TINI 2 isn’t a silver bullet against unpreparedness, it does make it easy to be prepared with its small keychain-able size. And don’t think it’s only good for vaguely illuminating the wall a few inches from your face. With an impressive TURBO mode pushing up to 500 lumens, you’ll be a walking beacon among your friends—until the power comes back on or dawn breaks, that is. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with its buttons, functions, and small OLED display before you try to impress anyone with it, because remembering which button does what can be a bit of a learning curve.

Why We Like It
  • Shines incredibly bright for its tiny size
  • Easy to keep on a keychain and stays out of the way until you need it
What You Should Know
  • Really small size means really small buttons that we find can be hard to push
  • Requires a fair bit of familiarization with the button combos and associated functions
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13. Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack (Cada Dia)
Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack Back

The Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack is one of the many black friday travel gear items that are on sale this year; however, it might be the backpack you need most. The materials are highly water-resistant, which will keep your gear dry. The shoulder straps are the pièce de résistance of a comfortable harness system you can wear all day long. Plus, the inside has ample internal organization, so everything has a home.

Some of the pockets are pretty deep, so smaller items can get lost in the shuffle. However, they’re all in there somewhere! Because of these deep pockets, organizing gear can be challenging, too. We think it’s fairly easy to get used to, though, and this is one of the best Cotopaxi Black Friday backpack deals for 2023!

Why We Like It
  • The pack is highly water resistant so that you can take it on any adventure
  • It has a comfortable harness system for all-day use
What You Should Know
  • A few of the pockets are pretty deep, so small gear can get lost inside
  • It’s only 24 liters, which won’t be large enough for some travelers
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14. Bellroy Card Pocket

Best for: Relaxed Travelers

Bellroy Card Pocket In Detroit, Michigan

The first thing to go with a lot of minimalist wallets is organization, which makes sense since additional pockets take up space, too. However, with the Bellroy Card Pocket, you still get separate spaces for cards, cash, and even coins. Its L-shaped opening provides a great view of its contents. On the other hand, the wallet’s overall small size means access can be finicky, particularly with cash, since it can get caught in the zipper. Sure, this minimalist wallet may not be the smallest of the bunch, but it’s still relatively compact, easy to carry around, and is even made from high-quality, ethically sourced materials.

Why We Like It
  • Small but still packs the means to organize cards and cash
  • Has a relatively wide opening, so you can really see what’s inside despite its minimalist size
What You Should Know
  • Zipper has a lot of resistance to it until it breaks in
  • Bills can get caught in the zipper if not folded correctly
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15. Cotopaxi Chasqui 13L Sling (Cada Dia)
Cotopaxi Chasqui 13L Sling

Have you ever wanted a sling and a backpack? If so, or if we’ve piqued your curiosity, keep reading!

The Cotopaxi Chasqui 13L Sling has a comfortable harness system, ample space to stow gear, and a pocket for documents or a passport. Plus, it’s designed like a backpack, so there isn’t a learning curve to jump from using a pack to a sling. Even if you’re using smaller crossbody bags, this format works well for travelers who carry more oversized, flat items because of its footprint.

When fully packed, it can be challenging to get onto your shoulder and sometimes catches longer hair. Once you’re used to these issues, you can remedy them. As far as Black Friday travel gear goes, this is a unique offering that you might have been waiting for!

Why We Like It
  • It is segmented like a backpack, which is helpful for organization
  • The harness system remains comfortable, especially for a pack with such a large footprint
What You Should Know
  • It can be challenging to get on when fully packed due to size restraints
  • We’ve noticed that the strap tends to get caught in it
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16. Gravel Explorer MINI Toiletry Bag
Gravel Explore MINI Toiletry Bag Review

Though this isn’t the smallest toiletry bag we’ve used, the Gravel Explorer MINI Toiletry Bag has a very efficient layout. Having its two compartments back to back means the overall volume is shared, and each half can rob space from the other. That said, there’s more than enough space to go around, and it’s just a handy way to keep dental and facial toiletries separated, for example. Our favorite feature has to be the included strap. It’s made of very soft silicone that’s easy to latch around odd fixtures, like a tree branch, a shower curtain bar, or even a car’s door handle. You never know when you need to freshen up, so it’s always nice to have a toiletry bag that can hang around without an issue.

Why We Like It
  • The back-to-back compartment layout maximizes its small overall size
  • Can be hung with ease thanks to its very adjustable strap
What You Should Know
  • All-black interior may be good for hiding stains, but it can be hard to see into
  • Back-to-back compartment layout means only one of them can be accessed at a time
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17. Pacsafe Metrosafe X Anti-Theft Urban Sling
Pacsafe Metrosafe X Anti-Theft Urban Sling Review

Everyone likes to keep their gear safe, right? Well, if you haven’t heard of Pacsafe, we’re happy to introduce it to you! If you’re familiar with it, prepare for some great Pacsafe Black Friday deals!

The Pacsafe Metrosafe X Anti-Theft Urban Sling has a locking zipper mechanism to keep unfriendly hands away from your gear, wire inside the exterior materials so nobody can slash through your pack, and RFID-blocking pockets on the interior to ensure your data stays safe. Plus, the strap has a unique locking system, so nobody can just pop it off.

Ultimately, if somebody really wants your sling, they’ll get it. However, with security features like this pack, they’ll likely leave you alone and go for somebody else without such features! How’s that for a Black Friday travel gear deal?

Why We Like It
  • It has security features to keep your gear safe no matter where you go
  • The pack has a comfortable and breathable harness system
What You Should Know
  • It takes a while to get used to some of the security features
  • None of the add-ons are fool-proof when it comes to theft
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18. Cotopaxi Fuego Down Jacket
Cotopaxi Fuego Down Jacket

The Cotopaxi Fuego Down Jacket is crafted from recycled materials, has durable YKK zippers, and is complete with a DWR coating to ensure that you stay warm and dry while you’re wearing it.

Men’s and women’s cuts are available, so you can get one that fits you perfectly. Additionally, numerous colorways are available to find the perfect vibe for your next trip. It packs into a pocket; however, it doesn’t get as small as other travel jackets we’ve tested, which means it may be harder to find space in a full bag. However, you can use it as a pillow on a long flight, and it has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, which we dig. If you’ve already found a deal on a Black Friday backpack from Cotopaxi, you might as well complete the collection.

Why We Like It
  • It packs into its own pocket, so you can stow it inside your backpack when not in use
  • It has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio
What You Should Know
  • The jacket isn’t the smallest we’ve seen when packed away
  • Its style isn’t for everyone
See Details & Buying Options
19. Peak Design Micro Clutch
Peak Design Micro Clutch Review

Mirrorless cameras are getting smaller and smaller, which we love. This makes it incredibly easy to take a camera with interchangeable lenses across the globe; however, it doesn’t make it very easy to hang onto, especially if you have larger hands. Enter the Peak Design Micro Clutch.

This is a smaller version of Peak Design’s larger clutch, which was made for a DSLR. Even though a mirrorless camera is lighter, it often doesn’t have a hand grip, making the clutch much more critical. You can use this on cameras with and without a grip, making it versatile. You have to remove the bracket to change the battery, which isn’t ideal, but the integrated tool makes it easy to get used to doing this.

Whether you’re looking for camera accessories or Peak Design Black Friday travel gear, this one has you covered!

Why We Like It
  • It enables you to carry your mirrorless camera without a bulky strap
  • There are L and I bracket models available
What You Should Know
  • You have to remove the plate to charge the battery
  • It’s slightly small for some hands, even when adjusted
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20. Pacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack

Just because a backpack has anti-theft features doesn’t mean it has to look like Fort Knox. Enter the Pacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack! This pack has eXomesh stainless steel wire to prevent somebody from slashing their way inside, lockable zippers, RFID protection, and more features to ensure your gear stays safe. At just 17 liters, this bag packs a punch when it comes to security.

The locking mechanisms take a while to get used to and may be difficult for those with range of motion issues. However, they become like second nature for the seasoned traveler after using them for a while. This is true for thieves, too, so it’s best to do your best to keep your gear out of harm’s way. That said, this pack offers excellent security and has a sleek look, making it a solid option to get a Pacsafe Black Friday deal!

Why We Like It
  • It has security features and a sleek style
  • The pack is comfortable to wear, even on longer journeys across the city
What You Should Know
  • If you haven’t used them before, it takes a while to get used to the locking mechanisms
  • The pack can look a bit saggy, depending on how you pack it
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21. Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles
Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles 2

We know what you might be thinking: liquid bottles that aren’t from the dollar store? Why would I spend good money on a bottle like this? Well, hear us out.

The Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles are durable, have a square shape that fits together like legos to save space in your pack, and are easy to use without worrying about leaks. We haven’t had any issues with the silicone so far, the design wastes less space in your toiletry bag than a rounded option, and the sturdy plastic head won’t pop open and spill your toiletries everywhere. What’s not to dig about that?

These can be more difficult to clean because of the sharp corners; however, with a little warm water, it isn’t hard to get any leftover goop off with your fingers. Whether you’re traveling for a week or a year, these are a solid option and one of our favorite Gravel Black Friday deals this year.

Why We Like It
  • They fit together perfectly to save space
  • The silicone material is durable and lightweight
What You Should Know
  • Only two come in a package, so you might need more than one set
  • The interior is slightly challenging to clean
See Full Review & Buying Options

So there you have it: some of the best Black Friday travel gear deals, from backpacks to toiletry bottles. Hopefully, you’ve loaded your cart, saved some cash, and are ready for your next trip. Enjoy the ride!

November 24, 2023

Pack Hacker