Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack (Cada Dia) Review

The Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack is functional for the daily commute and made with durable materials that hold up in inclement weather.

Our Verdict

7.7 /10
Good info






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  • Slick material keeps water away from gear
  • Comfortable and well-padded shoulder straps
  • Multiple internal sleeves & pouches


  • Front panel can show dirt easily
  • Can be hard to access items at bottom of main compartment
  • Easy to lose small gear in deep pockets
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Technical Details

80 %

Carry-on Compliance

View 116/145 Airlines

  • Capacity


  • Weight (lb)

    1.76 lb (0.8 kg)

  • Dimensions

    21 in x 12 in x 6 in (53.3 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm)

  • Notable Materials

    Recycled Nylon, Ripstop Polyester, Fleece, YKK Zippers, Duraflex Hardware

  • Laptop Compartment Size


  • Warranty Information

    Cotopaxi Help

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Full Review

The Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack is a highly durable backpack that is great for someone looking to hold their office essentials and workout clothes all in one bag. It has a sleek but rugged design, like that one friend who always has a matching outfit but also a messy bun. It has a large open top and sleeves inside to help organize your gear.

Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack Side Back
Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack | This bag has durable, water-resistant materials.

External Components

The Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack’s front panel is made with 840D recycled nylon with a TPU coating, creating a material that is very durable and water-resistant to protect your gear. A downside is that the TPU coating can be scraped up and easily shows dirt and scuffs. The top of the bag is made of similar material and the sides are constructed of recycled nylon without the TPU coating. The material can get crinkled with use, adding to the overall rugged look. To top off the aesthetic, the Cotopaxi name and llama logo are on a sewn patch on the front panel of the bag.

We love how Cotopaxi is a sustainable brand that emphasizes protecting human rights in their supply chain. The Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack itself is made with recycled materials and the company donates 1% of their annual revenue to environmental causes.

The sides of this bag have four straps near the top and bottom, allowing you to create more or less space in the main compartment depending on how tight the straps are. There are also two mesh water bottle pockets that run almost the entire length of the pack. We like this because it helps keep the bottles in place when the bag is jostled around.

Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack Water Bottle
Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack | This bag has two long water bottle sleeves.

There are daisy chains that run down the left and right sides of the pack’s front panel to clip on extra gear like hand sanitizer or a keychain. This may be a nice feature for some folks, but this bag has other pouches to store small items, so we don’t find ourselves using them. There’s also a zippered pouch that runs horizontally across the bag’s front panel, which we’ll discuss more later.

Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack Empty
Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack | This bag opens wide for easy loading and unloading.

The shoulder straps are well-padded and comfortable to wear. The underside of the shoulder straps and back panel are both made of the same breathable material to keep you cool while commuting. On the front of the straps are two horizontal tabs, the right of which has the Cotopaxi name screen printed on.

The sternum clip can slide up and down to create a personal fit, and if you prefer not to use them, the clips can even be pushed all the way to the bottom of the shoulder strap to get them out of the way. The waist belt is easy to adjust and removable if you do not wish to use it, though it’s pretty thin and acts more as stabilization than comfort and lift.

Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack Carry Handle
Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack | This handle was great for grabbing the bag out of the trunk.

A unique feature is the front panel carry handle. This sturdy handle is just below the main opening of the pack on the front panel and we find ourselves using it more than we thought! We tend to lay this bag flat on its back when putting it in the car, so this front handle made it easy to grab instead of fishing around the trunk for the top handle that can get caught under the bag. However, the top handle is great to use if you need to take the bag off your back in crowded spaces.

Fit Notes

Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack Side By Side
Left: Lauren Loria-Corbat, Height 5’4” (162cm), Torso: 18” (45 cm) | Right: Ahmad Mesto Kirdi, Height: 6’2″ (188 cm), Torso: 18” (46 cm)

The Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack has a sleek but rugged design that breaks in over time as the TPU coating gets scraped and scratched. It would not work well for heading to a fancy business meeting, but is clean enough for daily office use. It comes in bright or dark colors so you can choose how much you want to stand out.

Inside The Pack

The main compartment of the Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack is a large open section that can fit plenty of gear. We tested this bag during our daily commute and as a diaper bag for a day camping trip. We loved how the bucket top design opens up the bag wide enough to be able to intentionally load the pack by placing items in specific spots. If the top opening was small, everything would have to be shoved in to fit, creating a mess of gear inside. That said, it’s not quite as easy to load as a bag that opens fully clamshell since you’ll have to stack your gear from the bottom up, so if that’s a dealbreaker, we recommend looking elsewhere. The main area had all the space we needed for both uses. If using this as an overnight bag, we suggest using packing cubes, as it is easy to lose smaller items in the large compartment. If you stuff the bag to its capacity, it may be annoying to have to remove other items to reach the gear at the bottom of the pack.

Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack Interior
Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack | This bag has a large open space with sleeves for organizing your tech.

Across the front panel is a horizontal zipper pouch that is the length of the entire front of the bag and is deep enough to hold charging cables, a small notebook, or folded up travel documents. The zipper is covered with a flap made of the same material as the front panel for extra water protection. There’s no need to worry about soggy travel papers! It’s also the perfect spot for a bottle of sunscreen and bug spray. The containers fit well lying horizontally and are easy to grab for quick reapplication.

The top flap of this pack has two zippered pouches. One is on the outside of the pack and the other unzips from the inside when the bag is open. The external pouch fills the entire top flap, is lined with nylon material, and has a key clip. This spot is great to hold small items such as a wallet, keys, and a small snack like a protein bar. At one point, we used it to store a burp cloth and nursing cover for easy access all day long. The internal zippered pouch underneath the top flap is lined with fleece and is great to store items that can be easily scratched. We found this spot perfect for our sunglasses.

Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack Interior Top Pocket
Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack | This bag has a fleece pouch in the brain of the pack for tech.

Inside the main compartment of the bag is a padded 15-inch laptop sleeve with a false bottom. We found this sleeve is padded well enough that we don’t need an additional case on our laptop for protection. There is also a small strap with a hook and loop attachment to help secure the top of your laptop in place. This gives you piece of mind that your laptop won’t slide out if the bag tips over when the top flap is open. (Hot tip: when using the Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack as a diaper bag, the laptop sleeve is a great spot to slide the diapers into so they wouldn’t be flying around inside the large main compartment.)

In front of the laptop sleeve is an additional section that is open on top and not padded. We found this to be a great place for our to-do list notepad but it could also easily fit a tablet or full-sized notebook. This section also has a false bottom.

The smallest section in the main part of the pack is a horizontal zippered pouch that runs almost the entire width of the laptop sleeve. We find it great for storing small electronics like our external hard drive. It’s also a good spot for a passport, as it is secured deep in the bag and not easily accessed like the external pockets.

Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack Laptop
Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack | This bag has plenty of space to store notepads, tablets, and travel documents.

Overall this bag is durable and you can choose if the pack is more subdue or bold depending on which color you order. The laptop sleeve and other internal pouches are great for organizing tech and the external zippered pouches give you a spot to store frequently accessed items. It works well mostly for the daily commute, but could work for an overnight if you are a minimalist packer.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Digging the TPU coating for extra weatherproofing
  • Shoulder straps feel pretty comfortable out the gate
  • Carry handle on the front seems convenient for quick grabs
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Main compartment can swallow small gear unless you use pouches
  • Roomy compartment on the lid is great for quick-grab items
  • Material scuffs up pretty easy, though it’s easy to wipe off
  • Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack (Cada Dia)
    Cotopaxi Torre 24L Bucket Pack (Cada Dia) | Gets dirty easily, though it wipes off well
By Pack Hacker Team
Created September 6, 2023 • Updated September 6, 2023
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