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NOMATIC Wallet Review

Despite the likelihood of the material stretching out over time, we're digging the NOMATIC Wallet's generous storage, ease of access, and inventive design.

Our Verdict

8.7 /10
Great info






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  • Great segmentation for a wallet so simply designed
  • Quick, easy access to cards and cash
  • Key, coin, and cash pocket is a nice touch


  • Material is bound to stretch over time (but has held up well so far)
  • Too many cards in main sleeve can be difficult to sort through
  • Clever, but can take a while to figure out
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Technical Details

  • Weight (oz)

    0.60 oz (17 g)

  • Dimensions

    3.4 in x 2.2 in x .1 in (8.6 x 5.6 x 0.3 cm)

  • Notable Materials

    Elastic, Leather, Polyester

  • Manufacturing Country


  • Warranty Information

    Lifetime Warranty

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The NOMATIC Wallet isn’t our first NOMATIC product. Given this thing’s highly-accommodating, super minimal, and awesomely functional design, it won’t be our last.

NOMATIC Wallet in Detroit
NOMATIC Wallet in Detroit

It’s a solid choice for not only those who carry cards, but need a little extra space for cash, coins, or keys, too. And, no matter how much you fill this wallet out, it still won’t look or feel bulky in your hand, pocket, or pack.

Check out the review below to hear what we have to say after two weeks of testing!

Materials & Aesthetic

This wallet presents a minimalist design that allows it not only to keep a slim profile but retain an overall subdued vibe—just what we want in an everyday wallet. Essentially, we’re saying that it’s appropriately named, and we’re digging its muted aesthetic.

At the time of this review, the NOMATIC Wallet is available in several different colorways that you can choose from. For example, there’s Mint, Blue, Gray, as well as the Black colorway we’ve been testing. These options vary slightly, as some have a leather pull tab while others have a standard black one. So, whatever looks best to you is what you should go with.

NOMATIC Wallet Material and Logo
NOMATIC Wallet Material and Logo

Speaking of, the leather tab on the Black version we have is where you’ll find this brand’s, well, branding. On one side is the NOMATIC logo (a partially shaded triangle), and on the other is their wordmark. Altogether, this tab is a friendly, sophisticated accent that we’ve been digging—not to mention, it’s pretty functional too (but we’ll get into the details later).

Material-wise, this wallet features a super stretchy polyester fabric that we’ve seen before on other minimal wallets like it. Its characteristic stretchiness is what allows it to accommodate so many cards—14, to be exact—and it feels nice and comfortable in hand, too.

Left: Supr Good Co Slim Wallet | Right: NOMATIC Wallet
Left: Supr Good Co Slim Wallet | Right: NOMATIC Wallet

Now, like those other wallets we mentioned, this fabric is likely to permanently stretch out after a couple of years of use. At least, that’s what happened with our original Supr Good Co Slim Wallet after years of service (which honestly isn’t bad at all with the lower price points of these wallets).

This is just something to be aware of, especially if you’re always carrying around 14 cards and then drop down to, say, four—the material itself might not transition as seamlessly.

Inside The Wallet

The “main compartment” of this wallet, so to speak, is located on the front. Like we stated above, NOMATIC claims you can fit up to 14 individual cards inside. We’ve put 11 in ourselves to get an idea, and they’re right—with the stretch factor of this material, it is totally doable.

NOMATIC Wallet Card Slot
NOMATIC Wallet Card Slot

We’ve typically been keeping only four cards in at a time (the basics), and they fit securely. We’ve shaken this thing upside down, right side up, and side to side, but no cards have fallen out so far. Although, if it’s been a year or two and the wallet has started to stretch permanently, they may not feel entirely as secure.

Remember that leather pull tab we talked about? Well, that’s how you can get your cards in and out of this wallet. You just pull on this tab, and all your cards will be shifted up where you can quickly fan them out and grab the one you need. You can then push the remaining cards back down—it’s a piece of cake (and now we’re hungry). Keep in mind that it’ll be a little more challenging to fan them out when you have 14 inside, but overall, you’re still getting relatively quick access.

NOMATIC Wallet Cash and Key Slot
NOMATIC Wallet Cash and Key Slot

Behind this sleeve is another sleeve like it where you can keep an additional card or two, so it’s not mixed up with the others. This makes it a handy spot to stash your ID or another more frequently-used card—that way, you don’t have to sort through the rest every time you need to grab it. It creates a fun experience of flipping this wallet around in your hand to get access to the side you want. Fidgeters rejoice!

Then, in front of it, is a smaller elasticated pocket. What is this for, you ask? Great question. Really, it’s for any additional items you usually carry around—that includes cash, keys, coins, a flash drive, you name it. If you keep a key inside, though, it will make this thing feel more weighty in your hand or pocket.

For cash specifically, we’ve been able to get away with folding about eight bills into thirds and slipping them in, so we have some on us for any emergencies. You may be someone who prefers a full cash sleeve or just someone who carries a lot of cash in general. In which case, this wallet may not be ideal for you. The average amount will do, though—after all, this is designed to be a front-pocket minimalist wallet.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Pull tabs allows you to easily access all your cards
  • Holds up to 14 cards
  • Small pocket on back for cash or small items like keys
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Holding a total of 5 cards has been great—4 in the tab pocket and 1 in the front pocket—we also tested with 11 cards, which seems like a little too much because sorting through them can take a while
  • 5-8 bills have fit nicely into the separate pocket after being folded into quarters—a key can also go here, but we’re less excited about that because of the weight (easier to slip out)
  • Card & cash access has been quick and seamless so far, which is something we look for in a wallet
  • This material is bound to stretch out over time, but that’s the case with most
1 Month of Use

Condition: Excellent

Still going strong – liking how small and compact it is.

6 Months of Use

Condition: Good

Wallet is starting to lose a bit of stretch, but it’s only noticed when carrying less cards than what we’ve carried in the past.

By Tom Wahlin
Created December 18, 2020 • Updated December 8, 2023
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