Fathers Day Gift Ideas
Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gifts For Every Kind of Dad

Is it just us, or does Father’s Day have a way of sneaking up on you…like the silent assassin—or spy-who-is-good-at-their-job—of U.S. holidays? Either way, it’s fast-approaching (June 21, for those of you still not in the know).

If you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift for the father figure in your life then you’ve come to the right place. We know gear here at Pack Hacker. In fact, our team has tested and reviewed hundreds of different types of gear—and we’ve handpicked and tested every item on this list. So, we know (or, at least, really, really think) they’ll make great gifts for your dad, whether he’s an avid outdoorsman, urban traveler, gearhead, homebody, or all of the above.

We've written detailed reviews of several of the products we're going to cover, so make sure to check them out if you want more information.

With all of that said, here are 15 gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day:

ROAV Eyewear Franklin Sunglasses
ROAV Eyewear Franklin Sunglasses
If your dad is frequently on-the-go—and doesn’t enjoy squinting every time the sun comes out—he’ll love a pair of ROAV sunglasses. They fold down small enough to slide in most pants pockets, yet they still look good. We’re partial to the Franklin style, but there are a ton of styles available for different face shapes and fashion preferences. Of course, the lenses are polarized and block 100% of both UV and IR light.
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TOM BIHN Synik 30
Tom Bihn Synik 30 In Detroit, Michigan
The Tom Bihn Synik isn’t exactly a bag built for style. It is, however, built for comfort and organization. If you think your dad won’t mind that tradeoff then he’ll likely enjoy all this backpack has to offer. He can take it on his next camping trip, to the gym, to work, to his favorite museum...or wherever else dads go. And it’s super durable, so he can carry this thing around for years and years (he may even let you borrow it sometime).
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Wool & Prince Travel Neck Tube (Pack Hacker Collab)
Wool & Prince x Pack Hacker Travel Neck Tube In Detroit
For our first-ever gear collaboration, we’ve partnered with Wool & Prince to make functional, trendy gear for both everyday life and life on the road. So, we may be a little biased when we say that no matter the kind of person your dad is, he will love a Travel Neck Tube. This nifty little gadget can be used as a hat, headband, scarf, sleeping mask, and more. Plus, we’ve added a few features that make this Neck Tube the next level (#NextLevelNeckTube). It compresses into itself for easy storage and packability, has a locker loop for hangability (not a word, but you get the idea), and it has a pocket for secure storage of cash and cards.
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Helly Hansen Loke Jacket
Helly Hansen Loke Jacket In Detroit
If Dad isn’t one to let a little rain stop all the epic adventuring he has planned, he’s going to want a solid rain jacket. And the Helly Hansen Loke Jacket is a great rain shell that will keep him dry and block the wind. Yet, it still manages to be breathable (partially thanks to the pit zips). Plus, it’s available in 9 colorways at the time of this posting, so you’ll likely be able to find something that fits your dad’s style.
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Mystery Ranch 3 Way Briefcase Expandable
Mystery Ranch 3 Way Briefcase Expandable In Detroit
If your dad has been carrying around the same work bag since the ‘90s then it’s your responsibility to help him upgrade–and the Mystery Ranch 3 Way Briefcase is a solid option. It’s a briefcase, messenger bag, and backpack wrapped into one clever package (like how your dad is a comedian, confidant, and cook wrapped into one man). It has a decent amount of organization going on, including a front pocket that has a “Rip Zip” style of opening (the triangular-shaped zipper will rip open, allowing easy access to the pocket. Yeah, it’s awesome.) And, as the name suggests, it’s expandable. Meaning it can go from EDC bag to weekend travel pack in a snap.
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Fisher Space Pen Backpacker Space Pen
Fisher Backpacker Space Pen
Okay, this gift has less to do with the pen itself and more to do with the company behind it. Fisher Space Pen’s first pen—the Anti-Gravity 7—went aboard the first manned Apollo mission in 1968. NASA still uses Fisher Space pens on every manned space flight (pretty cool, right!?). So you can tell your dad that his new pen basically makes him an astronaut. Also noteworthy, the Fisher Backpacker Space Pen is full of features, including the ability to write from any angle, in extreme weather, underwater, and in zero gravity.
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RhinoShield 4K HD Wide + Macro Lens
RhinoShield 4K HD Wide Macro Lens On Phone
Help your dad move beyond blurry smartphone photos with this 2-in-1 phone camera lens (lenses?...Lensi?). It screws on to several different kinds of smartphones via the RhinoShield case and shoots quality photos. And the wide and macro lenses mean your dad can capture both sweeping cityscapes and the texture of the muffin he’s eating for breakfast. To be clear, you need to have a RhinoShield case and mount for this lens to be more than an expensive paperweight. Perhaps your sibling or mother could buy him the case for a themed Father’s Day this year?
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Pacsafe Venturesafe X Anti-Theft Sling Pack
Pacsafe Venturesafe X Anti-Theft Sling Pack In Detroit
Is your dad safety conscious? Then he might enjoy the Pacsafe Venturesafe X Anti-Theft Sling Pack. This sling bag is full of security features, including an RFID pocket, stash-resistant strap, and lockable zippers, helping protect your dad against thieves of all kinds. It’s also just a solid sling bag with a comfortable carry and enough space to hold all of the essentials and then some.
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
If your father is the type to spend his evenings relaxing in his La-Z-Boy reading the latest Stephen King or Nora Roberts novel then he’ll love the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It may take some convincing to get him to make the switch from “real” books, but the convenience a Kindle offers will (likely) persuade the most stubborn of souls. Beyond the normal advantages of all e-readers—enough room to hold over 1,000 books and the ability to buy a book and read it immediately—the Paperwhite has a bright screen, water-resistance, and impressive battery life.
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Leatherman Style PS Multi-Tool
Leatherman Style PS
We probably don’t need to sell you on a multi-tool as a Father’s Day gift. But, in case we do, a multi-tool is an incredibly handy gadget to have around for both traveling and everyday life. The Leatherman Style PS consists of eight different tools, all of which work well (although we've found the tweezers can be difficult to remove at first). Your dad will never have to deal with a bottle that needs to be opened, a wire that needs stripping, or loose thread that needs cutting ever again. Plus, this little fella is reportedly airline safe (of course, your mileage may vary).
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Bellroy Note Sleeve
Bellroy Note Sleeve In Essex England
We know, we know. Giving your dad a wallet for Father’s Day is only slightly more original than giving him a tie. But the Bellroy Note Sleeve isn’t an ordinary wallet—it’s a cool wallet. It has a sleek, classy exterior made with Bellory’s responsibly sourced, soft, and supple leather. And it’s a great size—slim, yet still large enough to hold all of your father’s cards, cash, and coins. You can also grab an RFID-blocking version to give the gift of peace-of-mind.
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Jibbon Key Organizer
Jibbon Key Organizer On Belt
Get ready to blow your dad’s mind. Sure, a key organizer may seem like a simple thing, but once you try it, you’re likely not going to go back to the old days of keychains and messy, jingling keys—and neither will your dad. There are a ton of key organizers out there, but the Jibbon Key Organizer has a thoughtful design that has made it one of our favorites to test so far. It has a sophisticated aesthetic (due to the smooth Italian leather exterior and premium stitching), holds up to nine keys with the included extender, and is quick to open. Plus, the D-ring on the exterior of the organizer means your dad can use a carabiner (or piece of twine) to hook this thing to his belt for that envy-inducing #DadStyle.
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TOM BIHN Handy Little Thing Pouch
Tom Bihn Handy Little Thing Pouch In Ferndale
A great place for your dad to organize his tech gear, everyday essentials, or whatever else, the Tom Bihn Handy Little Thing is just that—handy. There is a ton of clever organization going on inside this nifty pouch, which fits a wide variety of gear. Plus, you can purchase a shoulder or waist strap, so your dad can carry this thing as a crossbody bag or hip pack (a.k.a fanny pack...a.k.a. only recommended for the hippest of dads).
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Heroclip Hybrid Carabiner Clip
HEROCLIP Medium Hanger
A Heroclip—part carabiner, part clip—is a great, versatile tool for your Dad’s arsenal. It was invented to be an “extra set of hands,” and can be used in a million (give or take) different ways, from holding a pack off of a dirty floor to attaching an accessory pouch to a belt loop (so much #DadStyle in this gift guide).
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YETI Rambler 12 oz Bottle with HotShot Cap
Yeti Rambler 12oz Bottle With HotShot Cap On Desk
The YETI Rambler 12oz Bottle with HotShot Cap is perfect for your dreams-of-a-day-when-caffeine-will-be-consumed-via-an-IV-drip father. It keeps coffee, or other hot drinks, hot for hours at a time. And if your dad’s more of an iced coffee kind of guy, it keeps everything cold too. But the best part about this bottle is its lid—which allows you to sip from every direction. That may sound like a small detail, but once you experience the HotShot Cap, it's hard to go back (trust us).
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Happy Father’s Day!

We hope at least one of our 15 gift ideas seems like the perfect fit for your dad. If not—or if your dad miraculously has everything on it—check out our Ultimate Gift Guide, other gear reviews, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more ideas. And to all the fathers out there, enjoy your day!

May 22, 2020

Pack Hacker