We might not like to think about it, but we’re no different than plants and animals in some respects, especially when it comes to drinking enough water. Over our years of travel, we've learned that staying hydrated can be crucial to a successful day of exploring. Dealing with headaches and other ailments because you’ve forgotten to sip along the way is not how we like to start a trip.

That’s why we have gotten our hands on hundreds of water bottles, quenchers, coffee mugs, flasks, whiskey tumblers, etc., over the years. We’ve reviewed dozens of options in the search for the best water bottle, but we’re narrowing it down to our favorites to help you cut through the noise.

That’s because we know that finding the best water bottle can be intimidating—and expensive. No one wants to go through the effort of buying each one just to be disappointed. Lucky for you, dear reader, we’ve already done it! We’ve tested how they fit in backpacks, how it feels to drink from different spouts and lids, whether they’re leakproof enough to trust in an internal bottle pocket next to your computer, and so on. If you’re more of a visual person, you can even check out our videos to see how they compare.

So, what should you think about when looking for the best water bottle?

Every ounce matters when carrying a travel backpack through the airport and to your hotel or a hiking backpack through the Smoky Mountains. So, while you may want an uber-insulated bottle because you want your drink to be icy cold all day, it could weigh you down. Some brands do an awesome job of packing a lot of insulation into a package that feels feather-light, while other bottles forgo insulation altogether in the name of portability.

The best water bottle is only right for you if it fits into the bottle pocket of your travel daypack, can slide alongside your computer in your laptop backpack, or has a comfortable handle so you can carry it anywhere. If a bottle gives a comfortable sipping experience but is so clunky that it can only live on your desk, it won’t be the right travel water bottle for your next trip.

Do you like drinking lukewarm water or cold coffee? You do? OK, then you can skip to the next section. For the rest of us, how long a travel water bottle or tumbler can keep drinks hot or cold matters. If you’ll be out in the midday sun for hours with no way to refill your bottle, you may want one that will keep your beverages iced for over eight hours. However, that may matter less if you’ll be near refrigerated refill stations.

Now, what type of bottle should you get?

Do you want to flip up a top or twist off a cap? Do you prefer to sip through a straw, or do you like to sip? Does your car or daypack have smaller holders your new favorite bottle needs to fit into? We have options to suit nearly any need and taste, whether you want to switch from coffee to water midmorning or never plan to have anything but H20 inside.

We’ve done the homework to create this list of travel water bottles that will quench your thirst in any situation or location. Our team has tested almost all the bottles on this list, with full written or video reviews you can turn to for more details.

So grab a beverage, and let’s dive in. Cheers!

1. Owala FreeSip Water Bottle
Owala FreeSip Vacuum Water Bottle Review

You don’t have to choose between sipping through a straw or taking a big gulp with the FreeSip Water Bottle. That’s because it has a unique spout with two openings: one that connects to a straw and one open to the bottle. There’s a bit of a weird sensation for the latter since liquid pours out of both openings, but we got used to it quickly. It’s the best water bottle if you like the convenience of switching between both options as we do, almost like having two bottles in one. Plus, it saves us from accidentally dribbling if we tip the bottle up too high while still providing plenty of hydration when we’re really thirsty. It’s a standard width and fits in all but the tightest of cup holders, and it has twin indentations running up each side to make it uber-comfortable to hold. We’ve had no issues with it leaking inside of a backpack because it locks closed. It also has a handle that flips in front of the button to open it so it can’t accidentally get pressed and open, which doubles as a carry handle as you go about your day. Since it’s tucked down when not in use, it gives the bottle a sleeker look and increases packability.

There are tons of colors and styles to choose from, whether you want a monochrome look to fly under the radar or you dig bright color combinations to show your personality. Heck, there are even themed bottles that subtly show your affinity for your favorite character (Marvel, anyone?). Or not so subtly, since the themed options include stickers to let you personalize your bottle or not. Just a note, though, if you’re team Captain America—they rotate collections, so if you see a bottle you want, don’t hesitate to pick it up.

Why We Like It
  • It’s just as easy to sip through the straw as it is to pick up the bottle and chug
  • The handle doubles as a lock to keep it from popping open accidentally
What You Should Know
  • There’s a little learning curve to getting used to drinking from the spout, but it feels like second nature once you do
  • The soft plastic top is prone to blemishes
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2. Hydro Flask 18 oz Standard Mouth Water Bottle
Hydro Flask 18 oz Standard Mouth Water Bottle Review

If you need the best insulated water bottle, Hydro Flask's wide selection is a good place to start looking. Their bottles are well-insulated, comfortable to carry, and available in several bright and neutral colors, depending on your tastes. While we like the OG for its steadfast reliability, Hydro Flask also offers a larger variety of capacities than some other brands, and they have a lighter-weight Trail Series of bottles if you want to cut ounces. On top of that, the different sizes have a similar footprint, so you don't have to worry about them fitting in a cup or bottle holder. For example, the 18- and 21-ounce bottles are just less than an inch apart in height and have the same circumference. We find that it gives us more flexibility when choosing the best water bottle for any occasion without losing the ability to use a water bottle pocket.

It's not just for water and other cold drinks, either—Hydro Flask is also great at keeping hot drinks hot, and we like to use it for our coffee. If you're looking for a way to soften the clunking sound when you set it down, Hydro Flask sells an accessory called the Flex Boot to mute the clanging. And we'd be remiss if we failed to mention the potential for denting, though it took more than a year of testing before we experienced that with our bottles. Sometimes there's a reason something is a classic, which is the case with Hydro Flask.

Why We Like It
  • It’s the best water bottle from a brand we’ve come to know and trust—and it keeps your drink cold all day long
  • You can get tons of colors and different sizes to match your needs and personality
What You Should Know
  • The first ding hurts the most—seriously, it’s a little prone to dents, mostly if you’re prone to dropping it; we haven’t noticed it affect usage, though some users report reduced insulation
  • It’s not a one-handed drinking experience unless you buy a straw cap separately
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3. Stanley AeroLight Transit Bottle (20 oz)
Stanley AeroLight Transit Bottle (20 oz) Review

When you don’t want to be weighed down just for the sake of insulation, check out the AeroLight Transit Bottle. It’s the best water bottle if you would like to forget that you’re even carrying a bottle all day yet still have your drink cold when you reach for it. The spun stainless steel bottle with double-walled insulation weighs less than 10 ounces, compared with 12-15 ounces for other similar options. And that’s before you add water. Plus, it’s leakproof to protect your other gear from spills—really, the thin gasket around the lid works well even when we shake it upside down—and it slides easily into just about any bottle holder.

While the various “glimmer” colorways have a slight sparkle when you hold them in the light, it’s very subtle and balanced by the smooth exterior, which is very soft to the touch. When you want to take a drink, you can flip the top of the plastic lid easily with one hand and click it back into place just as quickly. The spout is pleasant to drink from, as long as you’re more careful than we are not to tip it too high to get the last drop, in which case you might run into a few dribbles on your chin.

Why We Like It
  • It’s the best water bottle to open one-handed, which we love when driving a rental car
  • We don’t mind carrying it all day just in case because it is so lightweight
What You Should Know
  • Every colorway at the time of writing includes a bit of a “glimmer,” though we find it very subtle and not very noticeable
  • Wash it quickly after enjoying coffee or tea to minimize taste transfer
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4. YETI Yonder 20 oz Water Bottle
Yeti Yonder 20 oz Water Bottle Solo Outdoor

YETI is known for keeping your drinks cold, but their Yonder series of bottles is significantly lighter and more sporty than other models from the cooler brand. There are two cap options: the standard Chug Cap, which gives you a wide opening to drink from, or the Tether Cap, sold separately. We like that the tether keeps the cap attached to the travel water bottle, making the opening smaller and less likely to spill. We also find that it offers more flow, so it’s easier to use than the Chug Cap, although it can topple the bottle when it’s empty.

We like that the BPA-free bottle contains 50% recycled plastic. It’s also leakproof, and who doesn’t want that? You might be surprised to see that the Yonder isn’t completely round; it has one flat side that makes it easier to hold onto and helps it sit better in a travel backpack's water bottle pocket. You can get it in sizes ranging from 20-50 ounces, but it lacks additional insulation, so this is the best water bottle for times when you can refill throughout the day or explore in colder weather.

Why We Like It
  • The flat side makes stowing it in a backpack easier
  • It comes in a variety of sizes, from 20-50 ounces
What You Should Know
  • Unlike most YETI bottles, this one can’t keep your drink hot or cold for long
  • The Yonder Cap tips the bottle over when you’re filling it up
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5. Purist Collective Mover 18oz Bottle

Best for: Relaxed Travelers

Purist Collective Mover 18 OZ Bottle Review

Supertasters, this is the best water bottle for you. The Purist Collective Mover preserves the taste of water, no matter what else you fill it with throughout the day (or night). Like many other bottles, Purist Collective uses stainless steel as its base, but it also has a 60-nanometer layer of unbreakable glass inside—that's what touches your drink. Are you tired of tasting metal when you leave your travel water bottle sitting too long? You won't have that problem with the Purist Collective Mover. It’s great when you don’t want to chug your drink while traveling and would prefer not to taste the flavor of yesterday afternoon's lemonade.

This bottle can handle hot and cold liquids, so you can pack just one vessel for your road trip to take care of your morning coffee and afternoon hydration. It’s only rated up to 185 degrees (our coffee pot perks at about 170), so beware of pouring boiling water straight from the kettle. You wouldn’t want to scald your mouth like that anyway! Purist Collective has different sizes of bottles if you’re searching for something smaller or larger and different caps, like the Scope Cap, which we find better for warm beverages. We like that you can mix and match the bottles and caps, depending on what you need that day, and they all provide excellent insulation and no taste transfer. We have to warn you that it’s hard to switch back to a different stainless steel bottle after drinking from a Purist because we find that all you taste is metal for the first few sips. So, if you’re searching for a bottle that can handle both hot and cold beverages without having to taste either (As long as you rinse it in between. You knew that, right?), this may be the best insulated water bottle for you.

Why We Like It
  • The thin layer of glass on the interior really works to prevent your water from taking on a stainless steel taste over time
  • You can swap out different Purist lids to drink coffee or other beverages based on your preference
What You Should Know
  • The cap occasionally makes a slight slurping or whistling noise when you drink from it
  • Carry handle and rim are impacted by liquid’s temperature, so it can be uncomfortable to hold
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6. Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle

Best for: Full-time Travelers

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Review

When walking around Walt Disney World carrying a mini backpack filled with sunscreen and a couple of snacks, this is the best water bottle to bring along. Why is that? Because when you’re visiting an amusement park, a museum, or the zoo, there are usually a lot of places to refill a water bottle. So why would you want to lug along something big and bulky when you really just need a way to get water into your mouth without touching a questionable fountain?

That’s why we love this minimalist travel water bottle. The Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle is the most packable on this list, yet it still has a 1L capacity. Vapur includes a carabiner clip for two reasons: to attach it to the outside of your pack, sling, or belt loop and to secure the rolled-up bottle when packed away. Its collapsibility means you're not stuck lugging around an empty travel water bottle when you finish your drink—simply slip it into your daypack until you're ready to refill. It’s a great travel water bottle for packing light because you only need to carry what you want to consume. In fact, our founder, Tom, carried this bottle alone when he traveled the world for two years as a digital nomad. That's not to say it's perfect. Its flexibility makes it tricky to slide into a bottle pocket, even when filled to the brim, so we prefer to clip it on your bag every time. It also lacks insulation, which can be a disadvantage when you want to fill it up once and carry it for a long time in a hot climate. We think those are minor drawbacks, though, compared with the convenience of this bottle. We recommend practicing drinking from it before leaving home since you have to get the hang of holding it without squeezing liquid onto your face as you tip it up, but it’s pretty easy to do.

Oh, and a word of caution from someone who cares: Try to keep your kid from pouring the blue Powerade leftover from lunch inside. While it won’t hurt the bottle long-term, and the taste and smell definitely come out when you wash it back at home, you will be tasting it the rest of the day.

Why We Like It
  • It folds up small enough to fit in your pocket when you aren’t using it so that you can save space and weight
  • The included carabiner is great for carrying it while filled and for keeping it rolled up when empty
What You Should Know
  • There’s no insulation, so your drink will return to ambient temperature after some time
  • It can sweat if you pour ice-cold water inside and then go out in warmer temperatures
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7. Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide 16 oz
Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide 16 oz Drinking Straw

Can we let you in on a secret? The Klean Kanteen TKWide 16-ounce bottle looks like a standard wide-mouth water bottle, but it's tailor-made for those who love to sip through a straw. The lid looks similar to other flat tops with a handle, but a silicone tip pops out when you twist the top layer. Presto! You can enjoy your water without worrying about spilling down your chin. If having a straw is essential for you, this might be the best insulated water bottle for you. While we've had problems with other straw bottles leaking (we’re looking at you, Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler), the TKWide's straw forms a good seal when closed.

Of course, using a straw travel water bottle means you have to pack a brush to clean it, but that's a small price to pay if it's what you prefer. And if it’s not, Klean Kanteen offers different cap types, so you can mix and match if you're not digging it one day. You can take the cap completely apart to get it squeaky clean, and it's connected to a stainless-steel straw that pops out without a hassle, too. Instead of a silicone gasket, Klean Kanteen has a unique bead-like internal thread design that aims to maintain the temperature of your drink longer than competitors. Unfortunately, we found that it doesn’t do quite as good a job as some other water bottles, but it keeps it comfortably cold throughout the day—if 16 ounces lasts that long for you. While you can technically drink coffee from this one, we recommend not to because of the straw—we don't have to Google third-degree mouth burns to know we don't want them.

Why We Like It
  • The Twist Cap comes with an included straw that hides away when you fully close the lid, so it travels without spilling
  • We dig how comfortable it is to hold the powder-coated exterior
What You Should Know
  • It’s rather large for the amount of liquid it holds
  • The cap’s silicone straw is difficult to remove for cleaning
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8. Zojirushi Cool Bottle (SD-CS50)
Zojirushi Cool Bottle Review

For the best water bottle when you don’t want to sacrifice weight for insulation, try the Zojirushi Cool Bottle. We find it a good fit when we want to pack ultralight but don’t want to drink from a collapsible bottle. At only 9.3 ounces, it's one of the lightest insulated bottles we've found. Compared to other insulated water bottles from brands like YETI that can weigh in at more than a pound before we add water, the Zojirushi delivers. We dig the secure opening mechanism—no one wants to worry about the cap popping open and releasing the Kraken into your bag, and we don't stress with this travel water bottle. The spring-loaded straw is perfect for those who like to sip instead of chug. It comes apart so you can thoroughly clean it, although the flexible nature of the straw means we have to pack a straw cleaner. We also have to note that there are several small parts to keep track of, so we don’t bother cleaning this in a tiny airplane bathroom. If you’re looking for something that will keep your drink cool without breaking a sweat, this might be the best insulated water bottle for you.

Why We Like It
  • You don’t have to choose between lightweight or insulated with this water bottle
  • The cap comes completely apart for cleaning
What You Should Know
  • The straw makes noise when you’re drinking
  • There are a lot of small parts to keep track of
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9. memobottle A6 (with Silicone Sleeve)

Best for: Professional Travelers

MemoBottle A6 Review

One constant in the hundreds of bags we’ve tested over the years here at Pack Hacker is that there’s no consistency in the pockets provided in a travel backpack or daypack. While we may wish for a water bottle pocket to be standard, it’s not always the case. Memobottle solves that problem by designing their travel water bottles to fit inside the pocket or sleeve of any bag like a notebook. It’s the best water bottle to slip into the thin pocket of a laptop bag, just like a file folder, since memobottle modeled them after international paper sizes. We know it looks like a flask, but that shape makes it a great solution when a bag manufacturer forgets that drinking isn’t just for Old Fashioneds at Happy Hour.

The A6 holds 12.7 ounces of liquid, and we’ve found it an innovative solution to make the most of every inch of space in our sling or small bag. Adding the silicone sleeve to the lightweight plastic bottle provides some insulation, or you can opt for the leather sleeve for a more stylish look. It’s a clear water bottle without the sleeve, so you can see when it needs cleaning. The travel water bottle is available in various sizes: the larger A5, the smaller A7, and The Slim, which is skinny and tall like regular water bottles. Whichever you choose, it offers a unique, minimalist style that fits just about anywhere.

Why We Like It
  • Its rectangular design fits inside packs without a dedicated water bottle pocket
  • The silicone sleeve adds grip and a little insulation
What You Should Know
  • It won’t keep your drink cold for very long because it lacks built-in insulation
  • You may have some explaining to do if someone thinks you’re tippling something harder than water
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10. EcoVessel The ASPEN Insulated Water & Wine Bottle
Ecovessel Aspen Review

It's five o’clock somewhere, and you can have your water (and wine, too!) with the EcoVessel The ASPEN Insulated Stainless Steel Water & Wine Bottle. With a style that could complement a bartender's cocktail shaker, we think this is a water bottle James Bond might ask for if he ever opted to hydrate before his martini. EcoVessel touts its suitability for cocktails, wine, and non-alcoholic hot and cold beverages, so we think this is the best water bottle if you plan to drink something other than H20. It’s also easy to clean the bottle and lid since there are no extra parts, so it’s simple to ensure your bottle won’t smell like your Moscow mule or mojito the day after you enjoy using it for something other than water by the pool.

The high-quality insulation is supposed to keep beverages cold for days: we tested this and found a drink only lost about 10 degrees after 12 hours at nearly 70 degrees. That's because the stainless steel bottle is triple-insulated, and the lid is insulated, too. Also good to note is the lid's design: your water never touches plastic, which some users appreciate. The ASPEN is significantly more compact than some other insulated bottles, so it's the best water bottle for sliding into smaller bags. Fill it with cold water for your travels, then refill it for Happy Hour when you reach your destination. We like that there’s minimal clanging when we set it down, and it stays put, thanks to the silicone ring on the bottom.

Why We Like It
  • You can use it as a water bottle or a wine container for ultimate drink variety
  • Drinks stay cold for a long time
What You Should Know
  • The matte finish is prone to scratches
  • Nothing is tethering the cap, so you have to hold it while you drink
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11. Chilly's Series 2 Water Bottle
Chillys Series 2 Water Bottle Review

If you wear your style on your sleeve, why shouldn’t you show it off with your water bottles? Chilly's is the best water bottle company if you’re looking to be unique, since it has a wide variety of colors and patterns available. The Chilly’s Series 2 Water Bottle has an updated style and new features like an antimicrobial collar, carry handle, and a rubber bottom that muffles the sound when you set the bottle down. While the Chilly’s Original still has the most options for colors and patterns, we think the updated features are a good reason to go with the upgrade. Plus, Chilly’s continues to add more colorways, prints, ombres, and special collections to the Series 2 line. Art from the Tate Modern, anyone?

No matter the version, Chilly's water bottles have a carry handle reminiscent of a Hydro Flask, although it’s a bit shorter, reducing the clearance between your fingers and the top of the cap. We still find it comfortable to carry, but it’s worth noting for those with larger hands. While we noticed the rubber bottom is beginning to peel off ours, it’s a small blemish on an otherwise sleek bottle. Plus, your tastes will likely change before that happens, so you can always grab a new one to match your current style. This makes Chilly's the best insulated water bottle for those who want variety and options in terms of styling and aesthetics. No matter which one you're sporting, rest assured you'll never confuse it with your friend's or a fellow traveler's—unless you both choose the same pattern, of course.

Why We Like It
  • There are a ton of different colorways to choose from, so you can select a style that’s as vibrant as you are
  • A rubber bottom mutes the sound as you set it down
What You Should Know
  • The rubber bottom on our bottle started to peel off after just two weeks
  • If you tighten it too much, the antimicrobial collar can come off with the lid when you unscrew it
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12. Nalgene Wide-Mouth Water Bottle 32oz

Best for: Frugal Travelers

Nalgene Wide-Mouth Water Bottle 32oz Review

We know we’re supposed to drink more than a dozen cups of water daily, but keeping track of your hydration can be hard. The Nalgene Wide Mouth travel water bottle takes the guesswork out with measurements printed along the side in both imperial and metric. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the metallic taste of stainless steel water bottles, it's made of BPA-free copolyester to resist stains and odors. We find it’s one of the best water bottles for durability. Case in point: we’re still using the one that fell from a bike while riding to work, and unlike some metal bottles, this one didn't dent. The attached loop helps you keep a handle on the bottle so that, hopefully, you can keep a better hold of it than we did or connect it with a carabiner to a large travel backpack that locks bottle pockets. It's light for its size, too—the 32-ounce bottle weighs in at just 6.25 ounces, so it doesn't add much weight to your bag.

We like that there are dozens of colors and different sizes to choose from, and they’re all easy to fill with ice, a water filter, or a water purifier, thanks to the wide opening. It's easy to get your hand in for cleaning, too, and since it’s transparent, it’s the best water bottle to see when it needs washing. It isn’t the best insulated water bottle out there, but what you miss there, you make up for in capacity. It’s made in the USA and guaranteed for life, so this may be the last travel water bottle you need to buy.

Why We Like It
  • It’s durable and has a large capacity to help you stay hydrated each day of your trip
  • Printed measurements on the side help you know exactly how much water you’ve consumed each day
What You Should Know
  • A lack of insulation means you’ll be having ambient-temperature water if you carry it too long
  • It’s pretty indestructible, yet not the most aesthetically-pleasing bottle out there
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13. CamelBak Chute Mag 1L Bottle
CamelBak Chute Mag 1L Bottle Review

If the best water bottle for you is transparent, fairly indestructible, and lightweight, check out this one from CamelBak. Although it’s plastic, it’s 50% recycled and free of harmful chemicals like BPA (bisphenol A), BPS (bisphenol S), and BPF (bisphenol F), so we’re not concerned about getting more than we bargain for along with our drink. It comes in a rainbow of colors and sizes ranging from 20-50 ounces, so you can grab the one that’s best for you, whether you want an everyday sipper for working remotely or one with a higher capacity to keep you hydrated on your hike. Just keep in mind that the water will warm up as you do, as there’s no built-in insulation, but it’s also not going to be something heavy to carry for miles like a well-insulated jug.

Since it’s so sturdy, we don’t worry about it denting or cracking when we’re not paying attention, which comes in handy when we clip it outside a travel daypack instead of sliding it in a bottle pocket. The cap stays attached to the lid when we’re drinking, and we love it when we don’t have to use another hand or find a place to set down a cap. The built-in handle is a bit thick and juts out the side, but we have no issue holding it with a few fingers when walking along the beach, which is all we need it to do.

Why We Like It
  • You don’t have to hold the cap to take a sip
  • It’s made with recycled materials and free of harmful chemicals
What You Should Know
  • There’s no built-in insulation, but it’s pretty lightweight
  • The handle isn’t flexible, so it always sticks out the side
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14. GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier
GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier

The GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier is the best water bottle for when you plan to spend more time in the woods than the airport. GRAYL's filtering system eliminates harmful bacteria and heavy metals in seconds, allowing you to drink from any fountain, river, or other water source you stumble upon. And, hey, it also comes in handy when you’re traveling to countries that may take “revenge” on you drinking from their water supply. We’ve traveled the world enough to know that even densely populated areas aren't guaranteed to have potable water.

Wherever you roam, this bottle puts your strength to use to provide you with hydration. It’s easy to use when you want to take a sip and find a suitable source. Fill the outer refill with water, insert the inner press filter and bottle, and press down. In just over 15 seconds, the water travels through the filter at the base to create safe drinking water when you need it most. The filter lasts for up to 300 uses. Paying attention to how long it takes to press the water cues you in as to when the filter needs replacing so you don’t have to keep track; when it creeps up to 25 seconds, you'll want to set a reminder on your phone to order and install a new cartridge when you get home.

Why We Like It
  • A one-way valve allows you to add electrolytes, drink mixes, and other flavored liquids to the travel water bottle
  • The earthy colorways get us excited to explore the outdoors
What You Should Know
  • You have to replace cartridges every so often
  • It only purifies 16 oz at a time, so you may have to stop often for refills
See Details & Buying Options

So there you have it, a travel water bottle to fit nearly any need. From the city to the forest to the subcontinent, having a way to stay hydrated will help you make the most of your trip. No matter what niche you need your water bottle to fill, we think one of these will get the job done!

July 19, 2022

Pack Hacker