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Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Review

This water bottle clips to your luggage when full and compresses when empty. The Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle as actually more of a "water bag".

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle
Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle


It’s time to address the elephant in the room (err luggage): the water bottle. Nowadays most water bottles are huge, heavy and hollow. Many barely fit in the airport water fountains, much less your jam-packed carry on. We always knew there had to be a better way, and we finally found it: the Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle.

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Compressed
Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Compressed

It’s a soft, collapsible water bag that can hold up to a liter of water (depending on which size you get). It rolls up nice and tight when it’s empty, but it’s also sturdy enough to stand when full. We love it for going through security at the airport. You can tuck it away, taking up hardly any space in your bag. And then when you find a fountain—boom! You have a bottle full of sweet, sweet (not $12 airport) water.

Carabiner Clip
Carabiner Clip

It also comes with a carabiner for clipping onto your bag or pant loop. In our opinion, it swings around a little too much making it a bit awkward when walking with a fully filled bottle. But when you have it empty and compressed, it doubles as a clasp to keep the folded water bottle small and contained. Smart.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a thermos. It won’t control the temperature of the liquids inside. And you might get some condensation if you’re drinking icy cold water. But on the plus side, it is freezable! If freezing, just make sure not to fill the water to the brim. Remember 8th grade science class? Yeah, water expands when it freezes.

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Nozzle
Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Nozzle

Like most water bottles, this can be a little tough to wash. The good news is that it is dishwasher safe. The bad news is that the dishwasher can cause build up after a while…especially if you are sourcing water from different countries. We suggest letting it soak in warm soapy water for a few hours every now and then to give it a good clean. Just don’t forget the lid and nozzle!

Usage Timeline

  • Initial Usage
    Condition: Excellent

    Looking strong and sexy.

  • 3 Months of Use
    Condition: Excellent

    Still one of the best portable hydration stations.

  • 6 Months of Use
    Condition: Good

    The coating is chipping off, but we’re still chugging along.

  • 1 Year of Use
    Condition: Good

    The matte coating is mostly gone, but the performance is still like new.

Product Data

  • Capacity


    Also comes in 0.7L
  • Weight (oz)

    1.5 oz (42.5 gm)

  • Dimensions

    5.125 in x .75 in x 2.75 in (13 x 1.9 x 7 cm)

  • Notable Materials

    Polyethylene, Nylon

  • Manufacturing Country

    United States

  • Warranty Information

    Vapur Warranty

Thomas Brown

“Packs up into a nice space saving form factor when not in use, and unrolls to hold whatever liquid you fill it with. What more can you ask for with a traveling water bottle? I did have to purchase another one when the first fell and the cap broke, but other than that, it's held up well.”

At the time of publishing this review, Thomas has used the Eclipse Water Bottle by for 2 Years.


  • Folds up small or lays flat for optimal packing.
  • Strong, durable material.
  • Sleek design.
  • No insulation, but we’ll gladly trade temperature for size and weight.
  • The matte coating wears off after a while revealing a shinier layer.


The Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle is more of a bag, don’t get us wrong. But if you are looking for ways to minimize your load and pack a bit lighter, this collapsible design is a fantastic option.

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