12 Best Travel Pants for Men
12 Best Travel Pants for Men

So, you’re looking for a trusted pair of travel pants to get you where you’re going. No matter the destination, the best travel pants for men will protect your legs from sticks and rocks, ensure you’re safe from the sun’s rays, look stylish, and keep you warm or cool depending on what the weather requires. We’re here to help you find those pants, whether you’re going to Oakland or Osaka.

Before choosing the best travel pants for you, there are a lot of things to consider. Are you carrying specific gear requiring a lot of pocket space? Many pant brands don’t include specifics about every pocket, so we’ve explained any instances that are out of the ordinary four-pocket pant design in the summaries below. Do you need your pants to survive the rugged outdoors? Look for a more technical pant or one with two-ply bottoms for extra durability. Are you looking for pants that can be dressed up or down? We’ll mention multiple pants that look as stylish with a button-down as they do with a graphic tee. Or, if you’re looking for something that’ll keep you away from the sun but won’t let you bake like a cinnamon roll in the oven, choose one of the lightweight options below.

Why You Should Trust Us

We’ve reviewed hundreds of pieces of gear on four continents, and most of the time, we were wearing pants to do so. That might sound silly, but the perfect travel pants are often one of the last things you think about when becoming a one bag traveler. However, while traveling the world in all kinds of slacks, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes for the best travel pants.

Wrangler ATG Synthetic Utility Pant Injury
Best Travel Pants for Men | Wrangler ATG Synthetic Utility Pant Injury

For example, you learn a lot about what materials work best when testing travel rain jackets on rainy Spring days in Michigan. Or, you figure out what pockets are most helpful when trying to stow a large travel battery bank in your pants at a music festival. We’ve put all of these travel pants through the wringer, and we’re amped to share our testing and results with you!

How We Tested It

When you put on a pair of pants in the fitting room at the store, you typically know right away from the vibes whether or not they will work for you. However, when researching and writing a guide to find the best travel pants, vibes aren’t going to properly communicate how a pair feels and performs.

Test 1: We wore each pair of pants while sitting for at least 45 minutes. This isn’t glamorous; however, a lot of time spent while traveling is sitting down. Whether you’re on the airplane, taking public transit to the city center, or enjoying a good meal, you’ll be sitting down a lot, and it’s good to know whether you’re going to have a sweaty bottom if the crotch rides up too far, or how the waistline feels after eating a big meal.

Test 2: We took a long walk in every pair of travel pants and did a very rigorous squat test, bending over in every imaginable way to better understand how comfortable the pants are when you’re active. By bending, twisting, and folding our bodies in each pair of pants, we have a better understanding of how they’ll perform in the field.

Test 3: We washed every pair of pants on this list. Each pair was washed in cold water and line dried, and, to our surprise, there weren’t any issues with a single pair of pants tested. Even those with jean material did well, but we always recommend following the instructions when you can.

Travel pants at the laundromat.
Best Travel Pants for Men | Travel pants at the laundromat.

Other things we look for: In testing, our peripheral vision was constantly looking for hidden pockets, two-ply areas for extra durability, and drawstrings, which help keep your pants up. Small details like those can set a pair of pants apart from the pack, and we think they’re worth mentioning when possible!

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that every pair of pants will fit your body differently. We highly recommend trying pants on before taking them on a trip. Not all of these travel pants are sold in brick-and-mortar stores, so it might take some buying and returning. However, the feeling of finding the perfect travel pants isn’t one you’ll soon forget!

1. Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants
Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants Outdoor 2

Zipper Fly: YKK

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants are a standout choice for your next pair of travel pants for a few reasons. First, the materials are bluesign® approved, which is a solid shout from a sustainability perspective. The recycled nylon, nylon, and spandex blend is comfortable and has enough stretch for strenuous activities like hiking and cycling. In testing, the Ferrosi Pants went on cycling trips over 50 miles and didn’t get too warm and protected our tester’s legs from the sun’s rays. Next, the pants have an elastic adjuster on the bottom of the legs, which is handy for keeping you warm and keeping creepy crawlies, like ticks, out while hiking. Last, the waist has a drawstring so that you can secure the pants without a belt.

Due to the stretchy and comfortable materials, these pants score 8/10 on the squat test. There’s no bunching, and it almost feels like you don’t have pants on when you bend over to pick something up. Seriously, these things are a breeze to wear! The lightweight materials do well in warm weather but get a little swampy if you sit for an extended period. This isn’t more than other pants we’ve tested, but it is an issue. These pants aren’t ideal for winter weather, though we did our initial testing when it was cold out, and they handled most situations well. In wicked wind, you may want another layer to stay warm. The right pant leg has a zippered leg pocket, which is handy for snacks and other travel goodies. The rear right pocket is zippered, which offers extra protection for a wallet or phone.

Why We Like It
  • The materials are sustainable, with bluesign® certification
  • There’s an elastic adjustor on the cuff, which is handy for staying warm and creepy crawlies
What You Should Know
  • They aren’t the thickest pants, so they’re not super warm in cold weather
  • Some of our testers find the elastic adjustor annoying, though it’s easy to ignore it
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2. Outlier Slim Dungarees
Outlier Slim Dungarees

Zipper Fly: YKK

For years, the Outlier Slim Dungarees have been one of the highest-rated travel pants on Pack Hacker, and for good reason. The pants feature an 82% nylon, 16% polyester, and 2% elastane blend, which is incredibly comfortable on your legs and offers good stretch. One of our testers said they feel like pajamas, which is a solid compliment, especially considering they look like jeans! These are designed like most standard pants but have added comfort and durability to last and stay comfortable for the duration of your trip. They are resistant to oils and spills; however, you’ll have to retreat the pants over time to ensure these qualities stay intact.

Thanks to the material blend, these pants squat well, scoring a 7/10 on our scale. There’s a little bunching, but seriously, these pants are comfortable whether walking across a new city or lounging on the couch. Though they most resemble jeans, they can also be dressed up to work with a button-down. Tom, Pack Hacker’s founder, has been wearing these pants for over three years and swears by their longevity, especially when maintained properly. The front right pocket has a money compartment, similar to a classic pair of jeans. Though you might not understand how comfortable these pants are from the photos, you’ll know what we’re talking about once you put them on!

Why We Like It
  • The material blend is comfortable on your legs and is often referred to as comfy as pajamas
  • Though they resemble jeans, you can dress them up or down for the occasion without a hiccup
What You Should Know
  • To maintain their protective shell, you’ll need to buy a product to add to your washing machine
  • They’re nearly $200, which is pricy for a single pair of slacks
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3. lululemon ABC Pant (Slim Warpstreme)
lululemon ABC Pant Slim Warpstreme In Detroit

Zipper Fly: YKK

The lululemon ABC Pant is one of the most popular men’s pants, period, and we’re here to test them for travel. The 53% elastomultiester, 47% recycled polyester blend offers solid stretch, which is expected from a company like lululemon. Still, they bunch in the corners slightly, scoring a 6/10 on our squat scale, which is par for the course on this list. The materials are wrinkle resistant, which comes in handy when stuffing them inside packing cubes or if there’s little turnaround between your flight landing and your big meeting. These pants were designed with an active lifestyle in mind, and there’s a reflective material on the inside of the pant leg. So, if you cuff the pants, you’ll be more visible in the early morning or at night.

The back right pocket is zippered, making it a solid shout for wallet storage. In terms of standard comfort, these are likely near the top of the rankings on this list. Still, the bunching leaves something to be desired, and they don’t do well odor-wise with long periods between washes. They don’t smell, but the materials hang onto your smell, and that’s often not a good thing after a few long days of walking. Still, for a short trip or if you’re looking for something comfortable to wear on the flight, look no further than the lululemon ABC Pant!

Why We Like It
  • These pants have a lot of stretch, which is comfortable for standard use
  • The material is wrinkle-resistant, which is handy for looking slick while traveling
What You Should Know
  • The material bunches up when you move a lot, which isn’t super comfortable
  • You only get the reflective material when you flip the cuff
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4. Ministry of Supply Kinetic Twill 5-Pocket Pant
Ministry of Supply Kinetic Twill 5 Pocket Pant

Zipper Fly: YKK

The Ministry of Supply Kinetic Twill 5-Pocket Pant is one of the dressier options on this list, but you can use it for more than when you’re meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. The pants are crafted from 50% Primeflex™ polyester and 50% standard polyester, which gives them a little extra stretch compared to a pair of your dad’s dress slacks from back in the day. These pants are super breathable, so we’re able to wear them around the city all day and keep them on to tear up the dance floor at the local disco when the sun goes down. Or, you can wear them to a wedding on Saturday and take a short hike around a city park the following day before heading to the airport to fly home. The pants have a drawstring, so you can ensure your pants don’t slip, with or without a belt. The exterior isn’t DWR-coated, so these aren’t ideal for rainy days. Still, they’re so lightweight that they dry quickly enough.

When it comes to pockets, things are pretty standard here. The back right pocket has a zippered compartment inside, handy for locking down gear you don’t want to be as visible. The front right pocket has a smaller one inside it. This isn’t really a money pocket but is handy for smaller gear or a minimalist wallet. Regarding sitting comfort, these pants perform well. They aren’t the most comfortable pants on this list; however, most entries don’t look this stylish, either. You could wear them all day without issue, but you might be more comfortable in something else if you do a lot of walking. We’d give their squat rating a 6/10, which isn’t terrible but could be better. These aren’t hiking pants, but you can walk around in them, dance at a wedding, and commute to work, looking great in the process.

Why We Like It
  • They look like dress pants but wear like travel pants, ensuring you look stylish at the board meeting or the bar
  • The materials stretch more than a standard set of dress slacks, so they’re more comfortable
What You Should Know
  • There’s no DWR coating, so they aren’t great in the rain
  • They aren’t very thick, so they are chilly in cold weather
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5. prAna Stretch Zion Pant
Prana Stretch Zion Pant

Zipper Fly: YKK

Compared to other 33-inch waist pants we’ve tested, the prAna Stretch Zion Pant is a little tighter around the hips. Still, they fit and would be a dream if we had gone a size up. These pants have a lot of features that make them work well for travel, including a built-in belt, so you don’t have to worry about wearing one all the time, double-ply fabric on the back-side on the bottom of the pants for added durability, and a snap-button system to roll up the legs when you need more fresh air or need to cross a pesky babbling brook that got in your way. Additionally, the crotch has small ventilation holes for airflow and breathability, which makes these a much more comfortable pair of pants in warm weather. They’re crafted from 97% Nylon and 3% Elastane, which isn’t the best in extreme heat, but the crotch holes and snap buttons significantly alleviate sweating. The material has a DWR coating (without PFAS), which is solid for rainy destinations, too.

The back right pocket has a fabric welt to protect it from water, which is handy for the back pocket wallet gang. There’s a zippered side pocket on the left pant leg with a similar awning to protect from rain, which we appreciate, too. This is a stellar place for snacks, a wallet, or other gear you always want to keep with you. While wearing the Stretch Zion, we aren’t afraid to admit that butt sweat was present. However, it wasn’t a swampy mess but more of a fluid situation, thanks to the crotch holes. The material is stretchy, so we gave the pants a 6/10 on the squat test. Though the fabric doesn’t pinch, there is some bunching behind the knees. This isn’t uncomfortable, but it is noticeable.

Why We Like It
  • The cuff has double-ply material for added durability
  • There’s a built-in belt on the waist to ensure the pants don’t fall off
What You Should Know
  • They run warm when the weather gets hot, even with the crotch ventilation
  • You can feel the zippered pocket on your right butt cheek, which isn’t the case for all the zippers we’ve dealt with in testing
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6. Bluffworks Ascender Chino
Bluffworks Ascender Chino In Detroit

Zipper Fly: YKK

If pockets are the name of your game, welcome to the championship. The Bluffworks Ascender Chino has ten pockets, but we’ll get to that later. First, let’s talk about functionality. The Ascender Chinos are crafted from a comfortable polyester fabric, which breathes pretty well and is soft on your skin. Their style works in the office, at the bar, or on a European trip. For travel, we like that you can dress them up with a button-down or wear them casually at a Premier League matchday filled with pints and meat pies.

It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for: let’s talk pockets! Similar to other Bluffworks pants, there’s a semi-hidden pocket above the right rear pocket, which is handy for flat items like a phone. The left rear pocket is zippered, which enables you to lock gear down. The front pockets each have a zippered pocket inside them, and the right side has a smaller one further down and a pen slot, too. There's another small pocket in the left front pocket’s zippered area. If you didn’t notice how often we said pocket in this paragraph, you might have an obsession! That’s ten, though.

The Ascender Chino's sitting comfort is stellar, but we did notice some sweat after an hour or so. Still, this is common for a polyester pant, and it was better than usual. The squat test yielded a 6/10, which is pretty solid. You can get around in these pants, but they aren’t the best pair to try and get low when the whistle blows. Still, their versatility makes them an excellent choice for travel.

Why We Like It
  • There are ten pockets for stowing gear of all sizes
  • The polyester fabric breathes better than expected
What You Should Know
  • Some users feel that the pockets bog them down and can be confusing if you don’t have a lot of small gear
  • The materials aren’t best for a ton of movement, so choose something else for yoga
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7. Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans
Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans In Detroit

Zipper Fly: YKK

Have you ever had two friends who you could never imagine hitting it off, but when it finally happens, it goes so well that they get married? That’s a good way to think about the Bluffworks Departure Travel Jeans. Seriously, a travel pant that resembles jeans? Surely you can’t be serious! Well, Bluffworks are, and don’t call them Shirley.

The Departure Travel Jeans are crafted from 68% Cotton, 22% COOLMAX Polyester, 9% Rayon, and 1% Spandex blend, which offers more versatility as pants. They’re stretchier, bounce back quicker, and are more comfortable than a standard pair of jeans. This makes them a better fit for travel activities. That said, they are roughly the same size as a standard pair of jeans, which isn’t great for packing, as the material isn’t exactly the smallest out there. Still, in a compression packing cube, they aren’t much more significant than any of the other pants on this list—not enough to warrant leaving them behind, at least.

The waist on these pants is tighter than others that we’ve tested, and considering jeans are known to shrink over time, you might want to go a waist size up. The pants have five pockets, including a semi-hidden pocket above the rear right that works well for your phone. Most Bluffworks pants have this pocket, so if you already own some, you might know what we’re talking about. In the squat test, these travel jeans didn’t do so well, scoring a 4/10. They don’t slide over your legs well, and there’s some material bunching. Still, these are capable pants that can be worn for various activities; just don’t try to do the splits! The sitting comfort of these pants is similar to other jeans that we’ve worn in the past. In warm weather, they’ll get a bit sweaty. Still, these are likely your best option if you want to bring jeans on your next trip!

Why We Like It
  • They’re stretchier and more versatile than standard jeans
  • The phone pocket is handy for those who travel without a sling
What You Should Know
  • They aren’t very flexible, leading to a low squat score
  • Over time, they’ll fade and shrink with washing
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8. Western Rise Evolution Pant
Western Rise Evolution Pant In Detroit

Zipper Fly: YKK

The Western Rise Evolution Pant 2.0 aims to create a single pant that works as your jeans, hiking, and dress pants. Whether it’ll accomplish that will heavily depend on how you wear the three pants on that list; however, we think that the Evolution Pant is one of the most versatile on this list. Thanks to a simple design and high-quality materials (90% Nylon and 10% Elastane), you can wear these with a button-down to a dinner with the family or out on the trail with friends the morning after. At the time of writing, there are eight colorways to choose from, so you can pick the one that best matches the rest of your travel clothing. The exterior feels technical but looks stylish, so you get the best of both worlds when you slide the Evolution Pant 2.0 on.

The front right pocket has a divider to stow multiple items inside, including your passport and phone for safekeeping. The back right pocket has a zippered compartment inside, adding an extra security layer for sensitive gear. The materials are stretchy and don’t bunch up much, scoring 7/10 on the squat scale. Whether you’re at the bar or the board room, these pants will keep you comfortable and looking stylish.

Why We Like It
  • They work for the trail, the bar, and the boardroom thanks to their classic styling
  • The material stretches and is odor-resistant
What You Should Know
  • You can feel the rear zippered pocket when sitting on hard seats
  • They cost nearly $130, which is high for a single pant
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9. KUHL Renegade Rock Pant
KUHL Renegade Rock Pant

Zipper Fly: YKK

The KUHL Renegade Rock Pant can do it all, from exploring new cities to hitting the trail, but it looks more tailored to the latter, which may deter some travelers. Still, we think this is a solid one-stop-shop for travelers who like to get after it, from urban exploring to rock climbing. The pants are a nylon spandex blend, which is comfortable and has some stretch for activities that require more flexibility. Due to the lightweight materials and the fabric's flex, these pants earned an 8/10 on the squat scale. Seriously, no matter what you’re doing, you can do it in these pants, and they won’t bunch up or cause friction. From wandering around the Vatican to climbing up a mountain, you’ll be comfortable.

The waist on these pants feels a bit more snug than other 33-inch models we’ve tested, but they’re still comfortable enough to wear. We recommend going one up if you’re on the cusp of a size. The back right pocket is zippered, which is handy for stowing sensitive or small items, like climbing chalk. There are two side pockets on each leg, one that’s small and another with a zippered closure, which works well for snacks or other things you want quick access to on the journey. These pants are breathable, too, and in testing, we found they performed well when sitting for an extended period. There was some sweat on the bottom of our thighs; however, it wasn’t more noticeable than in other pants we tested. As mentioned, these look like they’re meant for the trail, but they can do so much more than that!

Why We Like It
  • The materials are breathable and versatile, allowing for outdoor activities without getting too sweaty
  • There are multiple zippered pockets, which offer an added layer of security
What You Should Know
  • They aren’t very warm, so you’ll need another layer on particularly cold evenings
  • The design looks outdoorsy, which isn’t everyone’s vibe
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10. Vuori Meta Pant
Vuori Meta Pant

Zipper Fly: YKK

The Vuori Meta Pant is comfortable enough for lounging around the house, casual enough for hanging out with friends at the bar, and stylish enough to work with a button-down shirt. They’re crafted from 100% polyester, which doesn’t offer the best breathability; however, we’ve found them airy enough for light hiking and walking all day. The material is durable, too, so it can handle the bumps and knocks of travel, no matter where you wear them.

The Vuoris scored 6/10 on the squat test, roughly par for the course. There isn’t any significant bunching; however, it doesn’t slide when you move or squat as well as some other models on this list, so we wouldn’t recommend doing yoga in them. Because they’re 100% polyester, these pants get a bit warm when sitting for an extended period, but the waistline is comfortable, and the legs aren’t suffocating. The back right pocket has a zippered compartment inside, so you can lock down a few smaller items for safekeeping while traversing city streets or bouncing along the trail. These pants aren’t the master of anything; however, they can do most things well, and that’s often what makes for great travel gear!

Why We Like It
  • The material is comfortable enough for lazy days and durable enough for hiking
  • There’s a hidden zippered compartment in the back right pocket, which is handy for stowing sensitive gear
What You Should Know
  • The material isn’t the most breathable or flexible
  • There aren’t any non-muted colorway options
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11. Wrangler ATG Synthetic Utility Pant
Wrangler ATG Synthetic Utility Pant

Zipper Fly: TAT

The Wrangler ATG Synthetic Utility Pant is a budget-friendly option in a sea of pricey pants, but do they hold up? Short answer: yes. Long answer: most of the time! The 96% Nylon 4% Spandex combination is cozy on your legs and will work for three seasons, though you’ll want something a bit warmer in the winter. Our primary tester has owned numerous pairs of these and said that loose threads are common, but the pants hold up over time. They’ve only had one pair rip, and that was from a nasty fall while hiking to a waterfall in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. At first, they were upset that the pants had ripped. However, after closer inspection (and realizing how torn up their leg was, too), it was apparent that most pants would have met the same fate. The bottom of the pants has a doubled-up section on the back for extra durability while exploring, which is a bonus.

Surprisingly, considering the price, these pants did well on the squat test, scoring 8/10. They don’t bunch up, aren’t tight in the wrong places, and are comfortable to move around in. Even falling down a cliff towards a waterfall was comfortable until the blood started flowing! There’s a zippered pocket on the left pant leg; however, it used to be on the right, so this may change again. Another new addition is the divider in the front right pocket, which is handy for stowing multiple items. These pants breathe fairly well but get swampy after sitting for a while. The waist is comfortable and stretchy, which is helpful for a trip when you plan to eat a lot of food. Though these pants may come with a few loose threads and aren’t as durable as some of the other options on this list, for most uses, they’ll work adequately and help you save money for the rest of your trip.

Why We Like It
  • They’re budget-friendly and widely available
  • The material is stretchy and doesn’t bunch up, making it a solid outdoor adventure pant
What You Should Know
  • There are some loose threads from day one, though they don’t get worse
  • These aren’t the most durable pants on this list and will tear if pushed to the limit
See Details & Buying Options
12. Baleaf Lightweight Jogger Pants
BALEAF Lightweight Jogger Pants

The BALEAF Men's Joggers Pants has a few things in spades, most notably comfort and price. BALEAF makes budget-friendly workout and casual wear, and its durability and price point make it a solid choice for travel. These joggers are a nylon-spandex blend, offering solid stretch for the most active travelers. Still, there’s some bunching and pinching when you get down with things, leaving the squat rating at 6/10. That’s not bad, but we expected better from joggers. The waistline has a drawstring, so you can ensure they don’t shift around too much, and the cuff at the bottom is helpful for rainy days and areas with creepy crawlies. When hiking in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, our primary tester tucks their pants into their socks to prevent ticks from easily reaching their skin, and joggers, like this model from BALEAF, make that easy with the cuff at the bottom.

Finding the right size is trickier than with some other pants, as they’re lumped into small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, and 3x-large; however, we’ve found BALEAF’s sizing guide to be mostly correct through numerous pieces of clothing. Still, these pants are primarily available on Amazon Prime, so you’ll get free returns if they don’t fit. The front pockets have zippered closures, which are handy for hiking, running, and other active pursuits. These joggers are some of the cheapest travel pants around, making it easier to get rough and rowdy in them. If something happens to them, you’re only out around $30 instead of $100+, like many of the pants on this list will run you. What’s not to like about that?

Why We Like It
  • They’re available on Amazon and are budget-friendly
  • The cuff at the bottom is tight without being uncomfortable
What You Should Know
  • The material bunches and pinches slightly, though it isn’t that noticeable
  • The material blend is a bit warm, especially when sitting inside
See Details & Buying Options

Others We Considered

When price isn’t an issue, we like the 686 Everywhere Pant because of how versatile it is. You can wear them to the bar or on a day-long hike. Still, we felt there were similar-performing options at significantly lower price points, so it wasn’t included in the final list. Additionally, we dig the Public Rec Gameday Joggers; however, they felt a little too casual yet not athletic enough to be considered solid travel pants. They’re incredibly comfortable, which is worth commending. Both of these are worth a second look if you haven’t found the best travel pants for you yet!

So, there you have it: some of the best travel pants for men currently on the market. Hopefully, you’ve found a pair that works for you and your body type. Once you have, order extras because you never know when your favorite pants will be altered slightly in a way that makes you like them less! Happy hunting.

June 21, 2024

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