Best Travel Toothbrush For Your Next Trip
Best Travel Toothbrush For Your Next Trip

Whether heading to Toronto or Turin, you’ll want to bring a toothbrush along for the ride. There are many options, from tiny models that fit in your pocket to behemoth Bluetooth-enabled models that will help you brush better. From end to end, this list will cover the whole spectrum.

Before diving in, you should ask yourself what you want from a travel toothbrush. Do you want the exact coverage you get at home or something that fills the gaps until you return? Or, are you after a toothbrush that can be used at home and abroad? Many sizes, features, and combos will work for all of these situations, but it’s best to know which you fall into before diving into the list.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s dive in, dental hygiene style!

1. GUM Travel Toothbrush
GUM Travel Toothbrush Review

Why We Like It: Super small when folded.

What You Should Know: It feels cheap.

If you’re looking for the best travel toothbrush to save space and cash, look no further than the GUM Travel Toothbrush. You can pick up two brushes for less than $15, so you’ll have another ready if one gets lost. If you buy online, you might not be able to choose the color. However, for the price, it’s hard to beat!

The brush folds into itself, roughly half the size of a regular toothbrush. When folded, the brush is contained, so it won’t get the rest of your toiletry pouch wet. Apart from the hinge apparatus, this brush operates like the model you have at home because the container section acts as an extender. It feels a little cheap; however, it works as you’d expect it to. It even has a tongue scraper opposite the brush. What else could you want?

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2. Philips One Battery Toothbrush by Sonicare
Philips One Battery Toothbrush by Sonicare Usage 5

Why We Like It: One of the best electric brushes out there.

What You Should Know: Somewhat large for smaller pouches.

Sometimes the best travel electric toothbrush is the model you use at home. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the Philips One Battery Toothbrush by Sonicare. It doesn’t have all the features of a more expensive model; however, as far as travel toothbrushes go, it’s better than most.

The brush is powered by a single AAA battery, readily available globally. However, with 90 minutes of battery life, you’ll be set for most trips. While brushing, it has a two-minute timer with a pause every 30 seconds so you know when to transition between tooth areas.

At the time of writing, there are a handful of colorways to choose from, so you can snag one that matches your toiletry kit! For the price, this might be the best travel electric toothbrush for you.

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3. Aurelle TOOB Brush
Aurelle TOOB Brush Toothbrush Outdoor

Why We Like It: Container combines brush and paste.

What You Should Know: Length will be too much for some dopp kits.

The Aurelle TOOB Brush combines sustainability and packability into a toothbrush capable of handling any trip. One side of the container holds the brush, and the other has a reusable toothpaste tube. The brush is roughly the same length as your toothbrush at home, making it easier to use. The refillable tube makes loading your toothpaste from home easy, so you don’t have to waste money or materials with a tiny consumable.

Although this isn’t a folding toothbrush, it still feels relatively cheap while holding it. However, it’s easy to use and contains everything you need (except floss) to maintain your dental hygiene while crossing the globe. Plus, the container design ensures that no toothpaste or water from the brush escapes into your toiletry pouch. Sustainable, packable, and waterproof—what’s not to dig?

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4. quip Electric Toothbrush
quip Electric Toothbrush

Why We Like It: The smallest and lightest electric toothbrush we’ve seen to date.

What You Should Know: Doesn’t vibrate as much as other models.

If you’ve browsed the internet for the best travel toothbrush, you’ve probably stumbled upon the quip Electric Toothbrush. It’s one of the most petite and lightweight electric models we’ve come across, making it a shoo-in for one-baggers and ultralight travelers alike. However, every pro list is inevitably followed by a few cons.

If you’re used to a standard electric toothbrush at home, you may find that the quip doesn’t clean as well because it isn’t as powerful and vibrates as compared to most electric toothbrushes, which rotate bristles. Don’t get it twisted—this thing cleans your teeth; it’ll just take a bit longer to get the same clean feeling you can achieve in a shorter period. However, the size and weight are the big selling point when using it for travel.

There are multiple colorways, and the back end doubles as a case. We dig the black-on-black model because it’s sleek and doesn’t show signs of aging as quickly as a white toothbrush. If you want to save weight and space, this might be the travel electric toothbrush for you.

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5. Alpine Provisions Plastic-Free Bamboo Toothbrush
Alpine Provisions Plastic-Free Bamboo Toothbrush

Why We Like It: Sustainably sourced.

What You Should Know: Somewhat large for a manual brush.

The Alpine Provisions Plastic-Free Bamboo Toothbrush debuted on our Sustainable Packing List V2 for a reason—it’s an environmentally-friendly option that functions well no matter where you’re brushing your teeth.

The bristles are crafted from castor oil beans, the brush’s body is bamboo, and the entire toothbrush is plastic-free. However, the sustainability angle doesn’t mean it can’t play with the big buys when cleaning your teeth. It’s not the tiniest toothbrush out there; however, it feels more sturdy than most travel toothbrush options on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Plus, Alpine Provisions donates a percentage of their sales to the Colorado Outward Bound School Scholarship Fund, which we think is rad.

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6. Lingito Travel Toothbrush
Travel Toothbrush In Valencia, Spain

Why We Like It: One of the cheapest options out there.

What You Should Know: Breaks fairly easily on rugged adventures. While doom-scrolling the depths of Amazon, you may have encountered the Lingito Travel Toothbrush. It’s a popular folding model that takes up little space but feels like a standard offering you might have in the cabinet at home. Coming in at a hair over $5 for two, it’s hard to go wrong for your next trip.

This portable toothbrush feels more durable than other folding models we’ve tested, but it feels fairly cheap overall. However, it is cheap, so we can’t knock it for that. When collapsed, it’s four and a half inches (11.43 cm) and extends to nearly eight inches (19.69 cm), saving space but feeling like a regular toothbrush in use.

There aren’t color options at the time of writing, which is a bummer. For $3 a pop, it’s hard to go wrong with this travel size toothbrush.

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7. SURI Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush
SURI Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush Review

Why We Like It: Sustainably sourced and durable.

What You Should Know: It’s heavy and large.

There’s a lot to love about the SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush. Before we dive into the good, let’s tackle the not-perfect aspects of this travel toothbrush. One of the primary materials is aluminum, which isn’t as light as most plastic models. It’s pretty large, too, which won’t work for every toiletry kit, primarily if you use a toothbrush travel case.

However, this is one of the most sustainable options on the market, which is worth commending. The brush uses recycled plant-based materials, the aluminum body is more durable than plastic, so it’ll last longer, and the entire device is meant to be repairable, so you can fix it rather than throw it away. Plus, you can ship the heads back to SURI for recycling for free.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s an electric toothbrush? For those looking for a sustainable travel toothbrush, look no further!

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8. Crest Scope Minibrush
Crest Scope Minibrush

Why We Like It: Fits in tight places and comes with toothpaste.

What You Should Know: Not sustainable.

If you already have a travel toothbrush, you might still want something portable to bring to a meal or on long journeys as a just-in-case stinky breath extinguisher. The Crest Scope Mini Brushes are perfect for that and come in a handy two-pack to leave in your sling, purse, or daypack.

The brushes are super small, which can be cumbersome, but the bristles feel like a standard brush and have toothpaste on them. The back end has a pick to get stringy foods or popcorn kernels out of your teeth, which is handy. These aren’t the most sustainable option on this list; however, this mini travel toothbrush is ideal for those who suffer from bad breath or love foods that are a little stinky.

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9. RADIUS Tour Travel Brush
RADIUS Tour Travel Brush

Why We Like It: Budget-friendly and small.

What You Should Know: Can be awkward to use.

Regarding budget travel models that include a travel toothbrush holder, the Radius Tour Travel Brush has you covered. Its folding design is easy to use and ensures that your toothbrush stays clean and everything around it stays toothpaste free.

At the time of writing, you get one brush for less the $5—what a deal! When it’s time to clean your teeth, it expands from its case to be roughly the size of a standard model. However, when you’re down, it stows away approximately the length of an eyeliner tube. It feels a little cheap, but the bristles work well. It works well for adults, but it might be the best travel toothbrush for kids because of the price and size.

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10. Oral-B Clic Manual Toothbrush
Oral-B Clic Manual Toothbrush

Why We Like It: Standard brush with replaceable head.

What You Should Know: A bit large for what it offers.

If you don’t think electric toothbrushes live up to the buzz, the Oral-B Clic Toothbrush is the manual option you’ve been looking for. Upon first inspection, it looks like an electric model—even the tips are replaceable. However, it’s smaller and doesn’t have electronics. The replaceable heads are better for the environment than standard brushes because when it’s time to replace the bristles, it’s much less plastic.

The box comes with a magnetic brush holder, which comes in handy more at home, but might strike your fancy for a longer trip where you’ll stay in one place for an extended period. Although the Clic is roughly double the price of a standard travel toothbrush, it feels more premium and durable.

It isn’t the smallest option, but it’s cheaper than the electric options and does the job manually, no matter where you end up.

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11. Colgate hum Smart Electric Toothbrush
Colgate hum Smart Electric Toothbrush

Why We Like It: Has a Bluetooth app to track your brushing.

What You Should Know: It only lasts roughly ten days.

If you’re all in on dental hygiene, the Hum by Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush Kit is the best travel toothbrush for you. Although it’s one of the priciest items on this list, it’s also one of the most comprehensive. The kit includes a toothbrush, two heads, a charger, and a carrying case.

The battery will last around ten days, which isn’t ideal for longer trips unless you bring the charger. The toothbrush travel case is handy and makes carrying the system on the go easier. The toothbrush connects to an app that tracks brushing and informs you on how you can brush better, no matter where you’re spitting in the sink.

This is the perfect brush you can use at home and on the road without worrying about compromising your dental health.

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So there you have it; some of the smallest, most powerful, and packable travel toothbrushes on the market! Whether you’re going camping, on a weekend trip, or across the globe for a few months, hopefully, you’ve found your pick!

May 23, 2023

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