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memobottle A6 Stainless Steel Review

The memobottle A6 Stainless Steel’s flat and boxy profile pairs well with similarly slim bags, though its lack of insulation feels like a missed opportunity.

Our Verdict

7.5 /10
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  • Powder coating is relatively resilient
  • Packs well into similarly slim bags
  • Won’t show stains and discoloration like plastic bottles


  • Cap’s gasket can fall out by accident
  • Small opening and wide body can make deep cleaning tricky
  • Non-insulated

Technical Details

  • Capacity


  • Weight (lb)

    .7 lb (0.3 kg)

  • Dimensions

    7.125 in x 4.13 in x 1.456 in (18.1 x 10.5 x 3.7 cm)

  • Notable Materials

    Stainless Steel

  • Manufacturing Country


  • Warranty Information

    memobottle Manufacturing Warranty

Full Review

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The memobottle A6 holds a special place in our packing list-oriented minds because of how easy it is to pack. Sometimes we find ourselves working around a slim bag’s constrained proportions where stashing a round bottle isn’t optimal. Sure, we can fit an 18-ounce Hydro Flask inside the Targus Newport Ultra Slim Backpack, but we run the risk of making it seem like a Chestburster is about to burst out of it Alien-style—not a good look, at least to us. Yet, the A6’s PET construction has its limitations, especially when it comes to stains. Being transparent, you can see the residue drinks leave behind.

memobottle A6 Stainless Steel Hands
memobottle A6 Stainless Steel | A change of material can make all the difference.

That’s where memobottle’s Stainless Steel collection comes in. Trading in PET for stainless steel gives you a stealthier look in a slightly heavier package. Make no mistake, this is more of a cosmetic variance than an evolution of memobottle’s design. Still, it’s worth looking at how it performs in day-to-day use, so let’s jump in.

The Rundown

Okay, so plastic may not be everyone’s favorite material, regardless of whether it’s PET or other types. Some may say it feels cheap, others will say it’s not environmentally friendly, and others point to durability issues. With that in mind, is an A6 in stainless steel any better? The short answer is yes.

memobottle A6 Stainless Steel Brand
memobottle A6 Stainless Steel | Stylishness aside, stainless steel is also more environmentally friendly than PET.

The long answer is also yes, and here’s why. Firstly, it has a slightly heftier feel with less flex when pressing on it. Secondly, stainless steel is environmentally friendly because it’s easier to recycle than plastic. Lastly, yes, the A6 Stainless Steel is more durable than its plastic counterpart. In addition to less flexibility, the satin-textured powder coating on our black colorway sample is fairly resilient. We’ve had powder-coated gear get randomly scratched in the past by bags’ zippers, buckles, and textured fabric.

However, the A6 Stainless Steel still looks quite pristine after a few weeks in and out of various bags. Plus, we think a black and rectangular bottle like this is eye-catching and sleek. It’s like the digital nomad’s idea of a bottle from the future, at least in terms of looks.

Despite the stainless steel construction, this isn’t an insulated bottle. That’s a notable missing feature highlighting the cosmetic nature of switching from PET to stainless steel. This means hot drinks won’t stay hot for long, and cold drinks cause condensation. In our experience, the A6 Stainless Steel works the best with lukewarm drinks because you can hold it comfortably while keeping your hands warm.

memobottle A6 Stainless Steel Interior
memobottle A6 Stainless Steel | It’s dishwasher safe, so you can rest easy there.

The A6 Stainless Steel also isn’t finicky as to maintenance. It’s dishwasher, boiling water, and freezer safe, unlike other bottles that are sensitive to one or more of those three. The trickiest part you’ll have to deal with is the small opening. It’s difficult to scrub the corners with a brush, not to mention that you can’t see where you’re washing since steel isn’t transparent.

Fortunately, memobottle also sells cleaning tablets. Simply fill the A6 Stainless Steel with hot water, drop one tablet, and let it sit for a while. That said, it is an additional purchase, so we’ll let you decide if that’s a practical solution.

From a usage perspective, the A6 Stainless Steel’s opening is comfortable to drink from, though very barebones. It lacks sophisticated design elements like a built-in straw, a spring-loaded latch, or a vent to allow air inside and prevent vacuuming. It’s just a capped spout sticking out of the A6-sized body. As an aside, keep an eye on that cap since it’s not tethered to anything.

memobottle A6 Stainless Steel Rubber
memobottle A6 Stainless Steel | The cap is untethered and its gasket can fall out

Also worth noting is the rubber gasket in the cap. It can occasionally pop out of the cap, despite being located deep inside it. To push it back in, you have to re-insert it and screw the cap back on. At the very least, this makes it possible to clean the gasket when you want to.

It’s also quite tricky actually pouring drinks into the A6 Stainless Steel because of how small the opening is. We have to get it very close to the faucet for water and stick the pitcher’s spout directly underneath to avoid spills if it’s other drinks. We recommend using a small funnel if you have shaky hands or bad aim.

memobottle A6 Stainless Steel In Use
memobottle A6 Stainless Steel | There’s no insulation so drinks don’t hold their temperatures well.

As for what kinds of drinks you’d want to have in the A6 Stainless Steel, it’s relatively limited. You can have tea and coffee, though you’ll have to settle for cooler temperatures since it’s not an insulated bottle. Cold drinks are more suitable. However, we wish the opening was bigger to accommodate ice cubes to keep drinks cool longer. As you can imagine, chilled water is the most optimal use case for non-insulated bottles, as it still tastes fine even at room temperature.


In case you haven’t caught on by now, memobottle patterns their bottles’ sizing with that of the international standard for paper sizes. You know, the one that A4 belongs to? As its name suggests, the A6 Stainless Steel is the same size as A6 paper, except for thickness and the spout. This makes it easy to slot into pockets designed to hold A6-sized items. For example, the Aer Travel Pack 3 has plenty of these pockets in its front compartment, and the A6 Stainless Steel slots into those comfortably.

memobottle A6 Stainless Steel Bag
memobottle A6 Stainless Steel | It’s a snug fit for slim liner pockets like these.

That said, a large travel backpack like that isn’t where the A6 Stainless Steel shines. Instead, it’s optimized for bags with slim interiors and no external bottle pockets, like Targus’ Newport Ultra Slim Backpack or the Day Owl Slim Backpack.

Quick Comparison

You can see what we mean when you put the A6 Stainless Steel next to the 12-ounce Hydro Flask Coffee with Flex Sip Lid. Of course, you get perks like insulation and a bigger opening with the Carter, but its round shape is more likely to bulge out and disfigure the otherwise sleek and slim profile of a petite backpack. If that sounds too subjective and hyper-focused on looks, then the A6 Stainless Steel may not be the bottle for you. But those with small bags will understand.

memobottle A6 Stainless Steel Comparison 2
memobottle A6 Stainless Steel | The boxy and flat shape has its perks for bags without an external bottle pocket.

Alternatively, there’s also the PET version of the A6. It’s the same size and shape with a transparent body. It’s a handy feature when cleaning the bottle and tracking how much water you have left. On the other hand, everyone will know what drink you’re having, and some users may not like that lack of privacy. Imagine if others knew you drank orange juice with pulp—we won’t judge, but they might.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Dig the sleek design and matte finish
  • Interested to see if the style is worth the added weight since it’s not insulated
  • Feels sturdy in hand
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Powder coating is still in great shape—no scratches, which we’ve seen on other coatings after the same testing period
  • Gusset came out of lid on its own, which could lead to losing it on the go
  • Easy enough to clean if you do it regularly
By Lauren Maternowski
Created March 22, 2023 • Updated March 22, 2023
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