DryFox Towel Set Review

The DryFox Towel Set has many uses, from wiping up your bag to drying off after a dip, and the largest model has a pocket to stow your gear at the beach.

Our Verdict

7.3 /10
Good info






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  • Easy-to-use button-and-loop system secures towels in small packages
  • Material soft and durable for travel
  • Three sizes well-suited for various tasks, from cleanup to bathing


  • Materials get drenched fairly quickly
  • Travel Pouch Towel pocket doesn’t feel durable
  • No pouch to hold wet towels

Technical Details

  • Weight (oz)

    8 oz (226.8 g)

    beach towel | 4 oz - Pack towel | 0.75 oz - Washcloth

  • Dimensions

    30 in x 60 in (76.2 x 152.4 cm)

    XL beach towel | 20 in x 40 in - Pack towel | 11 in x 11 in - Washcloth

  • Notable Materials


  • Manufacturing Country


  • Warranty Information

    DryFox Returns & Exchanges

Full Review

A towel is a towel, right? Well, yes, but some are better tailored for adventures, the beach, or drying off after a shower at your hotel or Airbnb. Depending on what you do most often, the DryFox Towel Set might be the best travel towel for you. Let’s dive in!

The Rundown

There are three sizes in the set. All three are 100% microfiber, which is soft and feels nice on the skin. There’s a Travel Washcloth, which works well for drying your face or cleaning up your pack. Then we’ve got the Travel Pack Towel, sized for drying off after swimming or showering. Last, there’s the Travel Pouch Towel, which is beach towel sized so you can lie on it.

DryFox Towel Set In Use
DryFox Towel Set | These things are soft!

There are a ton of fun colorways to choose from, and the sets are neat to peruse. We’ve got Nature on hand, which we like, but we dig the look of the Waves, Cosmo, and Paint Beach colorways.

Let’s learn a little more about each size.

The Travel Washcloth measures 11 by 11 inches, or 27.94 centimeters on each side. It weighs three-quarters of an ounce, which is lightweight and easy to work with. When packed up, you can slide it into your sling with ease. You never know when you might need to dry your face off!

DryFox Towel Set Flat
DryFox Towel Set | All three towels.

All three towels utilize a small button-and-loop system to stay folded and save space in your pack. For the Washcloth, fold it until it’s roughly an inch thick, then roll it up and snap the button around the towel.

Next, we’ve got the Travel Pack Towel. This one measures 20 by 40 inches, or 50.8 centimeters by just over a meter. It comes in at 4 ounces, still lightweight and small enough to fit into a larger sling or small daypack.

This towel secures the same way the Washcloth did—fold it until it’s a few inches thick and roll it up. Once rolled, secure it by unbuttoning the loop, wrapping it around the towel, and attaching the button.

Last, we’ve got the Travel Pouch Towel. This one measures 30 by 60 inches, or 76.2 by 152.4 centimeters. At 8 ounces, this one weighs more than double the Pack Towel, but we have some extra goodies to go over.

DryFox Towel Set Loop
DryFox Towel Set | Attaching the towel to a pack.

In addition to having two of the button loop systems we’ve gone over already, there’s a piece of fabric in the corner with a zipper. This pouch is a spot to stow your phone, wallet, or other goodies while at the beach or by the river so you don’t lose them and they don’t get sandy. It isn’t a dry bag, but it’s great for when you don’t have pockets.

The compartment is shaped like a triangle and secured on two sides so you can fold the towel and tuck the leftovers underneath it, like a colossal paper football. To do so, fold the towel hamburger style (short edge to short edge). Then, fold it hot dog style in a trifold towards the middle, leaving you with a long skinny shape. Fold it into a trifold again, and shove the excess material from the square underneath the pocket to form a triangle.

It can come out of the pouch and unravel if you jostle the towel around too much. If you will be on a more rugged adventure, it’s worth using the two-button and loop attachments we mentioned earlier instead. They aren’t as easy to do or as pleasant looking, but they’re a bit tighter.


We know what you’re thinking—they already talked about how to pack it up; what on earth will they go on about here?

DryFox Towel Set Loop Studio
DryFox Towel Set | The button loop system.

We’re glad you asked!

The materials are very thin and don’t take up much room, so the towels fold up quickly, making a more compact package to bring along for the ride. The button-and-loop system makes it easy to attach the towels to things, whether in your hotel room or outside your pack while hiking, to promote airflow so the towel will dry quicker.

The washcloth will fit inside your sling, pocket, or admin panel. The Pack Towel will slide into a larger sling and feels comfortable in a daypack or travel backpack. The Travel Pouch Towel will take up some room in your daypack yet works well in a travel backpack or checked bag.

Quick Comparison

The Nomadix Ultralight is another lightweight towel that comes in fun colorways. So, what’s the difference?

DryFox Towel Set Comparison
DryFox Towel Set | They’re a similar thickness.

The towel we have on hand from Nomadix measures 54 by 30 inches, or 137.16 centimeters by 76.2 centimeters. That’s 1,620 square inches. This compares reasonably well to the largest DryFox model, the Travel Pack Towel, which comes in at 1,800 square inches. That’s 11% larger, which might be a big deal if you are taller.

The two towels come in at the same weight, both of which are a light addition to your pack. However, you’re getting more coverage and a bonus pocket from the DryFox.

DryFox Towel Set Pocket
DryFox Towel Set | The brand.

The Nomadix model feels more durable and less like microfiber, which might be ideal for travelers who prefer rugged destinations. However, we haven’t had any issues with snagging or rips on the DryFox towels.

They both have a ton of fun colorways to choose from, but Nomadix has the upper hand in the choice department. There are more options, which makes finding a towel that’s as eccentric as you easier.

DryFox Towel Set Brand
DryFox Towel Set | Using the pocket.

You can’t go wrong with either towel, though the DryFox has the upper hand if you want extra space to sit on the beach or a pocket to stow your gear!

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Materials are soft but feel durable enough for the bumps and knocks of travel
  • The largest towel folds into itself, which we’re excited to try
  • They’re not terribly packable, but they’ll fit in most packs
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Microfiber is soft on your skin and feels durable enough for travel
  • All three models fold up relatively small to fit inside your pack or sling
  • Pocket on the largest model is handy for beach or camping situations
By Eric Hergenreder
Created April 11, 2023 • Updated April 11, 2023
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