TSA Friendly Belt for Breezing Through Security
TSA Friendly Belt for Breezing Through Security

There are so many things to consider when flying: How early should you get get to the airport? Where do you park? Is it too late to check a piece of carry on luggage? The last thing you want to think about is what to wear, but that’s important, too. If you’re not paying for a pre-screening service, you’ll have to take off your travel shoes (don’t forget to wear socks!) and remove any metal from your body. That means loose change, your phone, and your belt.

There is a way around that, though. Wearing a TSA friendly belt that won’t trigger the metal detector will mean your pants won’t have a chance to slip down, and you’ll save precious moments in line, too. If everyone kept their non metal belt on, think how much faster it would go!

If you want less to toss in the conveyor belt bin, you have some options: a carbon fiber belt, a belt with plastic buckle, and other non metal belts. While you could also just tie a rope around your waist, we think you can do better with some of these TSA friendly belt options.

1. Arcade Atlas Belt
Arcade Atlas Belt Review

Arcade is one of our favorite brands when it comes to TSA friendly belt options. With the Atlas Belt, they’ve taken a belt we already like—the Ranger—and updated the better buckle. It's contoured to be extra comfortable against your waist, and trust us, when you’re sitting on a plane for more than 12 hours, that’s important! The soft and flexible webbing belt is also made with recycled materials, including 85% post-consumer recycled polyester.

It’s stretchy enough for your next all-inclusive trip, even if you enjoy creme brulee with every meal, and they're machine-washable so you can clean it up if your drink spills during turbulence.

While the standard belts can be a bit tall, you can also get a slim width that’s a quarter inch shorter. Find a precise fit with the micro-adjustable buckle, and you won’t have to struggle when one hole is too loose while the next is too tight.

Why We Like It
  • You can get it in standard and long lengths, as well as different widths
  • It comes in a variety of neutral colorways to coordinate with any outfit
What You Should Know
  • Smaller users will have a lot of doubled-up belt due to tighter adjustment
  • Not ideal for super-dressy situations
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2. GRIP6 Forged Carbon Fiber Belt
Grip6 Forged Carbon Fiber Belt Usage 1

If you don’t want to mess with clicking a buckle, the simple two-piece design of the Grip6 may make it the carbon fiber belt for you. The “buckle” is a solid chunk of carbon fiber with a slit on the end that you slide the nylon belt through to tighten. It takes a little practice to get used to since you slide the belt in through the top instead of up from the bottom and then pull the slack facing toward your body tight. Nevertheless, it allows you to make micro-adjustments to the fit and stay put throughout the day. That’ll come in handy as you wine- and cheese-taste your way through France, that’s for sure.

This TSA friendly belt will stand the test of time, too. The high-tensile nylon can take up to 2,000 pounds before it breaks, yet it still feels soft to the touch and is flexible enough to curve around your waist nicely. Since carbon fiber is used in aircraft and fast cars, you can be sure it’ll last. In addition to the comfy strap, the slight curve of the buckle helps it sit better along the waist. And with no prongs, clips, snaps, or other fasteners, you won’t have to worry about catching your skin as you snap or digging in after a few hours in your airplane seat.

Why We Like It
  • It comes in lengths from 28-50 inches
  • You get the professional look of metal without setting off the detectors
What You Should Know
  • The standard width may dig into your waist
  • It’s rather slow to put on and take off
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3. 5.11 Tactical 1.5″ TDU Belt
5.11 Tactical 1.5” TDU Belt

When you have to dash to the restroom right before the last call for boarding, you want a belt that’ll go on and off in a flash. The TDU Belt is super easy to use since it has the same basic style as the belts that came on your shorts as a kid. Slide the nylon in and over the plastic bar in the middle of the buckle, pull it tight, and off you go. There’s no real way to hide the slack, so be sure to get the size closest to your waist if you can, but they run up to 4XL to fit a variety of body types.

This tactical-looking belt is super durable, so it’s unlikely to break while you’re halfway around the world. However, since it’s a belt with plastic buckle, it’s definitely better for more casual situations, not checking out the latest Michelin three-star restaurant. It's a little stiffer right out of the box, but we don't think that's a deal-breaker since it should get more flexible the more you use it. You can get it in one of three colors, from safari-style Kangaroo to Ranger Green and Black, to go with nearly any travel clothing. And while it definitely looks plastic, that makes it a great non metal belt for airport security.

Why We Like It
  • This belt can convert to be a tie down or carry strap in a pinch
  • Easy and intuitive to use
What You Should Know
  • Plastic buckle looks cheap
  • You may have to order up to two sizes larger than pants size as they run small
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4. WYUZE Nylon Tactical Belt
WYUZE Nylon Tactical Belt

If you can buckle the seatbelt on the airplane, you’ll have no trouble putting on this non metal belt. While there isn’t that satisfying metal click that gets you revved up for takeoff, the sturdy nylon strap similarly locks into place when you push down the top tab. You won’t have to choose between colorways or buy multiple belts to match your travel capsule wardrobe, either, since they come in packs of two or three with multiple colors.

Whichever you choose, the belts feature a black plastic buckle that looks pretty sleek and posh for something this budget-friendly. The belt is a little stiff, and there’s a bit of off-gassing right off the bat, but we like that there’s an included elastic strap keeper so you won’t have any dangling off your waist. Plus, the nylon has less shine than some other TSA friendly belt options and includes a nice leather-like material covering the end.

Why We Like It
  • You can get one budget-friendly pack to match all your pants
  • Micro-adjustment lets you find the perfect fit
What You Should Know
  • There are only two available sizes
  • The 1.5-inch width may be too tall for smaller users
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5. ITAY Metal-free Leather Belt
ITAY Metal-free Leather Belt

If you’re not a fan of the fabric look but still want a non metal belt, you have options! The ITAY Metal-free Leather Belt has a sophisticated and stylish look. The only difference between it and your typical belt is this one has a high-grade black plastic buckle, so you don’t get stopped by the metal detector. It’s great for business travelers and vacation packers heading out on a cruise or to an all-inclusive where you may have a fancy dress night.

It comes in cream, black, brown, and blue to match just about any outfit, and you can even get a two-pack with brown and black if you’re a frequent traveler. This TSA friendly belt buckles just like a typical one and comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit waists from 30-50 inches. This non metal belt is also great for those with nickel allergies who may get irritated by traditional belts.

Why We Like It
  • It looks just like a traditional belt, so you don’t have to sacrifice if you prefer that style
  • There are different colorways to match your travel wardrobe
What You Should Know
  • It looks so close to metal that TSA officers may still ask you to take it off
  • These aren’t the most durable belts
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6. Blue Alpha Low Profile EDC Belt
Blue Alpha Low Profile EDC Belt

If you’re looking for a super minimalist option for your TSA friendly belt, the Low Profile EDC Belt from Blue Alpha may be for you. This two-layer nylon webbing belt has a simple polymer buckle at the end that’s more like a loop than a click-in-place buckle. It’s easy to use: simply feed the end through the back of the loop and then affix the hook side of the fastener to the loop side. That’s right; this belt attaches using a hook-and-loop closure, not snaps or prongs, for a micro-adjustable fit and a sleek profile.

There are tons of size options to choose from in several dark neutral colors to match any aesthetic, and if you’re unhappy, they offer free size exchanges in the U.S. for the first 30 days. The nylon is so sturdy that it takes a little time to get the end of the strap bending the right way around the buckle, but we think you’ll like it so much that you’ll break it in pretty quickly.

Why We Like It
  • You can get a custom size if yours isn’t listed
  • This high-quality belt is made in the U.S.A.
What You Should Know
  • The doubled-up side can get rather thick
  • Make sure to order the right size to avoid excess strap hanging off the end
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7. Thomas Bates Bulldog 1-1/2″ Money Belt
Thomas Bates Bulldog 1-1/2″ Money Belt

There’s a good chance you’ll need to carry some cash the next time you travel, but depending on where you’re heading, you might not feel comfortable having it in your travel daypack. The Bulldog Money Belt looks like a regular belt, but it’s hiding a secret—a zipper pocket on the underside. The YKK zippered opening accommodates around 20 U.S. dollars along its 22-inch length; we find that stacks of about five folded bills work quite nicely, and you can line them up around your waist. Then you won’t have to worry about flashing all of your cash at once or about pickpockets.

The nylon blend strap locks into the ratchet-style buckle very easily and won’t slip when you pull, ensuring stability. While it only comes in two sizes, they include instructions to help you trim it to your perfect length to avoid a lot of extra dangling strap. Just be sure to leave enough room for all the strudel, pretzels, and beer you’re going to enjoy during Oktoberfest, or you’ll be sorry you trimmed it so tightly.

Why We Like It
  • The polycarbonate buckle is nickel and metal-free but looks and feels premium
  • It’s much softer and more flexible than some other options
What You Should Know
  • Some might find the simple, classic style a bit bland
  • There may be a learning curve to getting your money out without attracting attention
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8. Ginwee Nylon Military Belt
Ginwee Nylon Military Belt

Can’t decide what color to buy? Want to buy a TSA friendly belt for your entire travel party? This pack includes a non metal belt in eight colors so everyone can pick their favorite, or you can be sure to match any outfit you plan to pack. The flexible and soft nylon belt is pretty shiny, so it doesn’t look as premium as some other TSA friendly belt models. This belt with plastic buckle also looks pretty cheap, though it clicks nicely into place, and when you can get more than a half-dozen options for a great price, you may be willing to make a few concessions.

While this non metal belt only comes in one-size-fits-all, you can trim the end to fit your waist. Plus, each has elastic strap keepers to hold down any extra you leave. There are a lot of similar drop-shipped belts out there, but we think this one is a great value for how many belts you get.

Why We Like It
  • You can match every pair of travel pants you own
  • They’re very soft to the touch
What You Should Know
  • The plastic buckle feels very cheap
  • There’s no option for smaller or larger users
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Now that you have many options for a TSA friendly belt to wear on your next trip, it’s time to go shopping! Then you’ll have a non metal belt for airport security to breeze through the line and get to the fun faster.

September 26, 2023

Pack Hacker