8 Best Clear Stadium Bags For Game Day and Concerts
8 Best Clear Stadium Bags For Game Day and Concerts

So, you’re going to a stadium. Maybe you’re traveling across the USA to see your favorite NFL team play in a new, tax-payer-funded stadium, are finally seeing Taylor Swift after sitting on Ticketmaster for three hours and spending two months’ rent, or taking a dream trip across the United Kingdom to see the most historic soccer (erm … football) teams in the world play. Regardless of the destination, you’ll want to bring a few things into the stadium, and you’ll likely need a clear bag to do so.

Depending on where you’re going, there will be different rules to follow on what you are and aren’t allowed to bring inside and what you can put those items into to carry them. Don’t worry; this guide will help you understand how to prepare for your trip and find the best clear stadium bags for your needs.

Before You Go

Before you go, you need to look up the stadium where the event is being held, as each one has different restrictions and allowances. Most websites will have a section about security protocols, including prohibited items and what kinds of bags are permitted. Generally, clutch bags are okay, and smaller, sling-sized clear bags are fine.

Second, you need to look at the event that you’re attending. Just because the venue allows something doesn’t mean the show or game you’re attending does, so this step is crucial. For example, Ford Field near Pack Hacker HQ in Detroit is home to various events, not just Detroit Lions games. Some of our team members have been allowed in with a bag for one event and denied entry for another. By looking at the stadium guide and the guide for the event, you won’t be surprised when you get to security.

In addition to looking up what’s allowed inside, it’s best to know where you will enter the stadium, if there are lockers you can rent outside the stadium to store your belongings in a pinch instead of running back to the car, where the bathrooms are, and what to do in case of an emergency. After all, you have a clear bag to keep you safe, so you might as well know what to do if something happens.

How to Pack

Once you’ve found all of the best clear stadium bags for your needs, you need to pack them up. These bags often lack organization, as they’re crafted from PVC, TPU, or another synthetic material, so your order of operations is key here. The least essential items go in first, so they’ll be at the bottom, and the most important stuff goes last. Think phone, ID, and tickets. If you place them in last, they’ll be on top, so you can access them quickly when you want to take a photo, buy a drink, or get to your seat.

When entering the stadium, it’s best to put everything from your pockets into the bag, as it’ll be easier for the security guards to inspect your gear and, therefore, quicker for you to get inside. If you have a bunch of items inside your pockets, you’ll be slow taking them out, putting them into the tray that looks like it should have tater tots in it, and getting through the line. If everything is in one place, it’ll speed up the process, similar to why we recommend a travel sling at the airport.

Have a Backup Plan

Even if you plan accordingly, sometimes you run into a security guard who is having a bad day, or you happen to visit right when the rules change. If you have a backup plan, your match day, concert, or event experience won’t be hindered by security.

Give yourself enough time to return to the car if something you’re trying to bring in gets flagged, know where lockers or other storage options are beforehand, and be kind and courteous to the security staff. They’re only doing their job and want to keep you safe, so getting irate with them won’t help your cause.

That said, if you follow the instructions above, you should be able to find one of the best clear stadium bags for you from the list below and be well on your way.

How We Tested It

Test 1: In testing, we ensured that every bag on this list can fit your daily essentials. Some will fit more than others, but you’ll be able to empty your pockets (and then some) into all of these clear stadium bags.

Test 2: Next, we tested how easy it is to get gear in and out of these bags. After all, you’re bringing this bag to use, so we wanted to make sure it was easy enough to get your items when you need them.

Test 3: Last, we tested how comfortable the straps are when loaded with gear. They aren’t all as comfortable as a travel backpack or daypack, but we think each of these is the best clear stadium bag for a specific purpose, and we’ll explain why.

Why You Should Trust Us

We’ve been testing all kinds of travel gear, from backpacks to socks, for nearly a decade. We invest time and experience into every piece of gear that we test, including these clear stadium bags. In addition to daily use, we came up with the three unique tests above to ensure that the gear that we’re recommending will work for you, whether you’re going to a soccer match or seeing a rock group’s reunion tour. Over weeks of testing, we filtered through dozens of products to narrow our stock down to the ones listed below to ensure you don’t have to.

Let’s dive in!

1. Halemet Clear Handbag
Halemet Clear Handbag

Around Pack Hacker HQ, the Halemet Clear Handbag has been a fan favorite. It isn’t the most durable clear stadium bag on this list, but it has some perks, including its looks and price. The chain is unique, though it isn’t as durable as we’d hoped it would be when looking at the product online. It is crafted from cheap plastic, but it comes with a second strap if you want to switch it up, though while it’s much more practical and comfortable, it isn't nearly as fun. As for the bag itself, the top closure is just a button and leaves gaps, meaning water can get inside if you spill or it rains. That said, we dig the look of this thing enough to make it work for specific occasions, like a darty or music festival.

We were able to fit everything that would typically go in pants pockets inside here and then a little more. While we weren’t able to accommodate larger items inside alongside that gear, an extra pack of gum, phone, or wallet was fine. The top opening makes it easy to get gear in and out of quickly, though it doesn’t close all the way, as we mentioned.

Why We Like It
  • The plastic chain looks unique and adds a fashionable flair
  • Accessing gear is quick and easy because of the top clasp
What You Should Know
  • The top closure lets water in if it rains
  • The plastic chain isn't as durable as it looks—think plastic, not metal
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2. lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L Clear
lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L Clear

Wait, lululemon makes a clear version of their Everywhere Belt Bag 1L?! Why didn’t somebody say something earlier? End the list; it’s game over!

Jokes aside, we do love this thing. We’ve tested our fair share of lululemon slings and have rated many of them highly. This one lacks the organization some of those have had; however, we understand why—it’s clear! The transparent materials with the lululemon logo is hard to get used to at first, but it has grown on us. Plus, it utilizes YKK zippers and Duraflex hardware, which are two of the best brands in the business.

You can’t fit much more than what you’d generally put in your pockets inside this bag, as its capacity is just a singular liter; however, there is some room for extra goodies, like gum or a snack. Since the opening is wide and the sling is small, we had no issues getting gear in and out of the bag. The wide strap also helps spread the weight so that you can walk, dance, and sit comfortably all day, afternoon, or night. Plus, it’s a similar price to the standard Belt Bag, so you aren’t paying more for something you’ll likely use less!

Why We Like It
  • The materials and hardware are more durable than most other models on this list
  • It fits and operates similarly to other lululemon bags, so if you like those, you’ll probably like this
What You Should Know
  • It can get a little warm (and sweaty) for such a small sling
  • You may run out of room inside sooner rather than later because of its small capacity
See Details & Buying Options
3. Baggallini Stadium Clear Pocket Crossbody
Baggallini Stadium Clear Pocket Crossbody

Out of all of the clear stadium bags on this list, we feel that the clear materials on the Baggallini Women’s Stadium Clear Pocket Crossbody come together the best. The hardware isn’t anything special, but this bag is well-made and will likely last you longer than other bags at the same price point. Plus, it looks better than a lot of them, too, which is another bonus. It doesn’t feel cheap, and you won’t be embarrassed to wear it to the bar before or after the event, which we think is fantastic.

The interior works better for flat items than anything bulky because of its low-profile design, but you can still squeeze a lot inside. You’ll have no issue fitting your daily essentials inside—even a small tablet or a book. Getting your gear in and out is pretty straightforward; however, due to the tall nature of the bag, we found it challenging to get the items on the bottom without disrupting the gear on top of it. You might fare better if you’ve got small hands. To top it all off, the strap feels well made and is comfortable to wear, even if you’ve got it on all day long and the bag is full.

Seriously, this is a nice bag, even when compared to ones that aren’t transparent. The zipper is high-quality considering it’s unbranded, the strap is comfortable, and its size fits most stadium restrictions. What’s not to dig?

Why We Like It
  • It looks nice enough to use outside of stadium events
  • The materials feel more durable compared to other budget-friendly options we’ve tested
What You Should Know
  • It isn't very deep or wide, so we struggle to fit large items inside
  • The strap length leaves some to be desired, which may be an issue for larger users
See Details & Buying Options
4. Steve Madden Scarlet Crossbody Bag
Steve Madden Scarlet Crossbody Bag

One of the biggest perks of the Steve Madden Scarlet Crossbody Bag is that you can use it for more than just stadium gigs. It looks nice enough to be carried as a regular purse and can even be dressed up for a fancy occasion. The chain adds a nice contrast to the clear exterior, and the bag comes with a clutch-sized pouch. Neither bag has any organization, which is a bummer; however, the combo is handy for stadiums that allow a clear bag and a clutch. You can keep your wallet and anything you don’t want visible at all times inside the pouch, like an ID or feminine products, and throw the rest in the bag.

This two bag combo provides enough space to carry everything we’d normally throw inside a small sling. It can’t handle large items, like a larger travel jacket or foot long submarine sandwich, but we didn’t expect it to, considering the size. In testing, we liked the wide opening, as it made it easier to get to things on the bottom of the bag so that we didn’t have to dig out everything on top first. It’s also comfortable to carry, as the chain has a synthetic leather portion in the center that sits on your shoulder while carrying it. It’s comfortable, stylish, convenient, and might be the best clear stadium bag you read about today.

Why We Like It
  • You can dress it up or down
  • The included pouch gives you a spot to store gear you don’t want everyone seeing
What You Should Know
  • The chain is a little loud when moving quickly
  • You may have to show security what’s inside the wallet since it’s not clear
See Details & Buying Options
5. HULISEN Clear Sling Bag
HULISEN Clear Sling Bag

So, the venue you’re going to allows a clear bag but no backpacks. As backpack experts here at Pack Hacker, we can confirm that the HULISEN Clear Sling Bag is not a backpack. In fact, it’s more of a sling with the spirit of a backpack, as it only has one strap but still has a similar capacity to larger bags. That way, you can still go hands-free without breaking the rules.

Jokes aside, there’s a chance that security will still consider it a backpack, even if it technically isn’t. However, it’s a cheap option that we were willing to try anyway, and we’re glad we did. There’s ample space, with three compartments to work with. There’s one for your travel water bottle, a smaller one for a phone or travel wallet, and the main compartment for everything else. Getting into the far corner of the main pocket can be challenging, especially once the bag is fully loaded with gear, but we think having more space is a perk worth packing around.

The strap is soft and comfortable, making it a solid choice for days when you’ll be out and about in the city before or after the show that you’re going to. It works well on a bicycle, too, without feeling too claustrophobic or getting your back too sweaty. You’ll likely still get warm because of the clear material,, but we’re digging the style of this thing and think it’s a worthy trade-off considering most clear bags produce the same result. Plus, we love that the bottom is made of regular material, so it’s easier to fold the bag flat when you aren’t using it.

Why We Like It
  • It’s as large as a backpack without (technically) being a backpack
  • The strap is soft and comfortable to wear even when the bag is full
What You Should Know
  • It can be challenging to access gear in the bottom corner
  • The water bottle pocket can't handle larger bottles
See Details & Buying Options
6. lululemon Clear Backpack Mini 10L
lululemon Clear Backpack Mini 10L

The lululemon Clear Backpack Mini 10L won’t work for stadiums or events that have banned backpacks altogether, but for venues with more lax regulations, it’s a sure thing. We love how much space there is inside and that you can wear it on your back instead of carrying it with your hand or shoulder. Moving hands-free is essential for those trying to boogie the night away.

Because of how much space there is for gear, it easily fits larger items like a packable rain jacket, tech pouch for charging devices (if they’re allowed), and food and snacks. There are two openings to get inside, which is handy for organizing your gear. The bottom opening makes the pack look like a Canadian from South Park and can be awkward to use when you’ve got gear loaded inside, but it is convenient for getting to items on the bottom of the pack, which has been an issue for other bags on this list, namely the totes. We like that you’re not forced to dig around in a big bag every time you need to grab something. When it comes to carry comfort, the straps aren’t as padded as you’d expect from a travel backpack or daypack; however, they’re capable enough to be comfortable all day long, even with a full load.

If you can bring in a backpack, this might be one of the best clear stadium bags for your next event!

Why We Like It
  • You get all the storage benefits of a tote but with a more comfortable backpack carry
  • There's a ton of space for stowing gear, which comes in handy on long days when you need to carry more
What You Should Know
  • You won't be able to take it into venues that ban backpacks
  • The logo is a little overkill for our tastes
See Details & Buying Options
7. Juvale Stadium Approved Clear Tote Bags
Juvale Stadium Approved Clear Tote Bags

The Juvale 2 Pack Stadium Approved Clear Tote Bags have a pretty simple design. The bags are shaped like a rectangular prism with a zipper on the top and two straps like a reusable shopping bag. They come in a pack of two, which is handy for you and a friend or partner, and compress down easily to fit inside your closet or car when you aren’t using it. They’re larger than some stingy stadiums will allow, but you can take this bag inside at most places.

In testing, we found that there was ample space to fit your daily carry and a wide array of larger gear inside, too. If you’re going to an event you aren’t that amped about with your partner, bring a book. If rain is in the forecast, bring a travel rain jacket. However, when packing, it can be challenging to utilize all the space, as there are four tight corners on the bottom that are challenging to get gear into efficiently. This leads to wasted space, but these totes are so large that we don’t mind.

However, it’s worth noting that carrying these bags around isn’t the most comfortable time. If you have a larger frame, it is challenging to get the straps all the way up to your armpit to carry it on your shoulder. For holding like a grocery bag, it works well, but the material digs into your hand. The bottom is flat, which is handy, as you can set them down easily and they stand up on their own. Regarding comfort, these aren’t top dog, but you can fit a lot inside them, which is a good selling point if you find yourself attending day-long events.

Why We Like It
  • You get two for a budget-friendly price
  • The large capacity fits a ton of gear inside
What You Should Know
  • The materials and hardware don't feel that durable compared to other bags we tested
  • It can be challenging to pack gear into the corners, which means you’ll have to watch out for wasted space
See Details & Buying Options
8. Steve Madden Playa Tote & Wallet
Steve Madden Playa Tote & Wallet

This is one of the largest bags on this list and won’t work for every stadium or venue. This is technically a beach bag, but it will work for events with more lax rules and regulations. Because of its size, you can fit a ton of gear inside, from beach towels to snacks and drinks. Plus, it’s Steve Madden, so it’s stylish and affordable.

Though you can fit a ton of gear inside, this bag is so big it can be hard to transport the essentials without some kind of segmentation device. If you throw your phone, wallet, and keys inside by themselves, they’ll likely get lost in a myriad of other gear. Because of this, we recommend some crafty organization. The opening is huge, so grabbing your gear is quick and easy, and the straps are comfortable enough to carry all day long.

This bag comes with a small wallet, which many stadiums will allow. You can keep the daily use items we mentioned earlier here to keep them organized and throw the rest of the extras inside. We had an issue with the wallet’s zipper getting caught on the liner material because it was too loose; however, we think ours may have been defective. That said, it’s worth giving yours a try before you head out for the day and realize you can’t get to your credit card to buy a soft pretzel.

Why We Like It
  • You can use it for the beach or shopping, too
  • The clear tote comes with a pouch so you can keep small gear from getting lost inside the big bag
What You Should Know
  • It is too large for many events, so you’ll likely only need it for special occasions
  • You'll probably end up carrying everyone's stuff
See Details & Buying Options

Others We Considered

We wanted to get the Jon Hart Clear Backpack for its modern look and comfortable carry; however, delivery time can exceed two weeks and there were other options that accomplished the same thing.

The I Love Dooney It Lunch Bag was an option we liked because you could use it for multiple things, but there aren’t free returns, so you’re losing money if you want to see if it works for you. There were other, similar options that have the same function, so we went with those instead.

So there you have it: some of the best clear stadium bags for your next concert, sports game, or monster truck rally. Hopefully, you’re ready to roll without any hiccups at security. Enjoy the show!

May 15, 2024

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