Moment MTW Tech Organizer Review

The discreet Moment MTW Tech Organizer features large elastic loops that can be tricky to make the most out of, but good accessibility and spacious pockets make it a more than capable pouch.

Our Verdict

6.8 /10
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  • Zippered compartment has good depth
  • Clean, bright interior
  • Opens wide while standing upright


  • Six elastic loops lack variety in size
  • Using the pen loop can interfere with items below it
  • The fabric picks up visible fluff over time

Technical Details

  • Notable Materials

    Kodra Nylon, YKK Zippers, Polyester, Polyethylene

  • Manufacturing Country


  • Warranty Information

    Moment Warranty

Full Review

Wherever a digital nomad goes, their gear goes with them. If you count yourself as such, you’ve probably built up an ecosystem of tech necessities to complement your on-the-go work life. Keeping things organized goes hand in hand with keeping things efficient; thus, having a dedicated pouch is a good way to go.

Moment MTW Tech Organizer | Using the pouch in the lounge
Moment MTW Tech Organizer | Using the pouch in the lounge

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at Moment’s MTW Tech Organizer. It has a healthy amount of organization inside, superb visibility, good volume, and it stands! However, we found the elastics loops’ uniform size to be not as versatile as on other pouches unless you have the right-sized gear. So take a moment (get it?) and read on to see if the Tech Organizer is right for your gear or not.

Materials & Aesthetic

If you’re like us and travel with your laptop and smartphone’s entourage of handy-dandy accessories, you’ll know that things can get a bit crowded—expensively crowded. Between the expensive multi-device compatible adaptors and enough memory cards to film a modern remake of Ben-Hur, we dare not look at the final receipt.

Moment MTW Tech Organizer | Logo, fabric, and zipper
Moment MTW Tech Organizer | Logo, fabric, and zipper

We’d like to think that the designers at Moment had security in mind when they came up with the stealthy MTW Tech Organizer. From all angles, there are no throwaway hints that it contains precious tech goodies. It’s just a black rectangular pouch with a tiny M-TW logo that won’t draw any unnecessary attention wherever you take it.

As far as pouches go, the Tech Organizer is also on the bigger side of the spectrum. In fact, once you have it loaded up and in your hands, it can pass off as a mini travel pillow. Not that it’d be comfortable to use as one with all the hard electronics inside, but the size does translate well into interior volume, as you’ll see later on.

Moment MTW Tech Organizer | The pouch from the side
Moment MTW Tech Organizer | The pouch from the side

At the time of writing, there’s only one colorway available: black. You can never go wrong with a black aesthetic, and the Kodra Nylon has more than enough substance to back it up durability-wise. The fabric can pick up some fluff along the way, but nothing too major or distracting. We’ll get more into the pouch later, but Moment’s choice of white interior fabric looks good, and we kinda wish there was a white colorway option to go with it.


What’s a good pouch if you can’t get to the sweet stuff inside? No, seriously, the last thing you need in a productive environment is something that gets between you and your tools. That’s why we don’t take YKK zippers for granted because they’ve always been reliable wherever we found them installed. These ones on the Tech Organizer are no exceptions, sliding along the elements without a hitch, and they have simple knotted pulls for better grip.

Moment MTW Tech Organizer | White interior fabric
Moment MTW Tech Organizer | White interior fabric

The zippers go all the way to the sides and near the bottom of the pouch. Once opened, you’ll find gussets at each side that prevent the Tech Organizer from fully opening flat. That sounds like a negative, but the gussets help keep the pouch standing upright while still having a wide opening at all times. We think this is a great compromise between having a flat laying organizer that takes up a lot of space on your desk and a standing pouch with a standard top opening.

As for the interior itself, you’re greeted by a clean one courtesy of that white polyester that we brought up earlier. It’s another feature that we’re fans of because not only is it pleasing to look at, but it also helps keep everything visible and easy to find.

Moment MTW Tech Organizer | Liner pockets and elastic loops
Moment MTW Tech Organizer | Liner pockets and elastic loops

The first thing you’ll notice is the mid-section divider that’s lined on each side with an array of elastic loops. These loops are relatively large and can accommodate typical smartphone wall adapters and wireless earphone cases. There’s also a top horizontally-oriented pen loop in case you need to go analog with your writing.

The loops have good stretchiness and will generally hold aptly-sized gear well. The key term is “aptly-sized” because we struggled to fully utilize all six loops as we don’t typically carry around that many items of that size. Your mileage may vary depending on what gear you use, but these loops go best with small power banks, an Apple Magic Mouse, or USB cables, especially if you want to keep the pen loop above unobstructed.

Moment MTW Tech Organizer | Zippered mesh pocket
Moment MTW Tech Organizer | Zippered mesh pocket

Towards the front are liner pockets, also large enough for adapter-sized items, though these are much larger. The elastic on these pockets don’t quite hold very tightly against the wall, so they’re fairly open pockets. Small items like thumb drives and memory cards could spill out of these if you shake the pouch.

So for small items, that’s the elastic loops and liner pockets out. But don’t fret because the final third of the Tech Organizer is here to fulfill that need. At the rearmost end of the pouch is a zippered compartment with a good amount of depth. Additionally, the mesh material at the front makes it so that items inside can still bulge out to maximize the interior space even more.

Wrap Up

With a good combination of liner pockets, elastic loops, a zippered pocket, and the ability to stand, Moment’s MTW Tech Organizer is a capable pouch. Though it’s not as big as something like the Peak Design Tech Pouch, there’s enough space for tech accessories, provided that they fit well enough to maximize the six elastic loops.

We’d prefer something with a bit more variety in size when it comes to loops—like what you can find inside the Bellroy Tech Kit—as it gives more flexibility to fit smaller items. That said, the Tech Organizer’s other pockets more than pick up the slack, so it’s still a solid choice overall.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Clear white interior keeps all your stuff viewable and easy to find
  • Lots of inner dividers and compartments to keep things separated
  • Mesh pockets have good stretchiness
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

This is a solid tech pouch, but we had a hard time utilizing all the organization. The middle flap has six elastic straps for assorted tech items and cords but we didn’t have the right size gear to use all of them. Our small gear slid through the elastic and our bulkier items couldn’t fit. This style could come in handy if we traveled with more cords but the organization is not as versatile as other pouches we’ve used. The rest of the organization was good with multiple-sized sleeves for bigger and smaller gear alike, and the zippered pocket was great for keeping track of all our smaller gear that might otherwise get lost.

By Pack Hacker Team
Created April 27, 2021 • Updated December 13, 2022
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