Chums Duckie Wallet Review

The Chums Duckie Wallet is a budget-friendly, eco-positive, and durable minimalist wallet with saturated colors that will brighten your mood when you use it.

Our Verdict

7.9 /10
Good info






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  • Small footprint fits in small pockets
  • Durable materials protect cards
  • Saturated color options are unique


  • Extra cards cause material to stretch with extended use
  • Can’t fit everything from a standard wallet
  • No dedicated cash pocket

Technical Details

  • Weight (oz)

    .6 oz (17 g)

  • Dimensions

    2.75 in x 3.875 in (7 x 9.8 cm)

  • Notable Materials

    PVC, Polyurethane

  • Manufacturing Country

    United States

  • Warranty Information

    Chums Shipping/Returns

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Full Review

Upon first inspection, the Chums Duckie Wallet is a deep breath of fresh air. We see a ton of minimalist wallets that come in grays and blacks, so it’s nice to see colorful options. However, it has to perform as well as look fun. Let’s see how it does!

The Rundown

Chums uses 100% discarded raft scrap material for the Duckie Wallet, so if you ever had a mishap while white water rafting, this wallet could have come from that! Jokes aside, we dig seeing companies use scraps they may have otherwise thrown out.

Chums Duckie Wallet Pocket
Chums Duckie Wallet | This thing is small!

At the time of writing, there isn’t a list of colorways, although the photos show a few different options. Considering their origin, Chums doesn’t have as much control over the materials they get in. Because of this, each wallet is unique.

The exterior is extraordinarily durable and waterproof, which is not to say the wallet will keep your cards dry if you throw it in a river.

If you aren’t familiar with rafts, the material feels like a budget-friendly football (er…soccer ball) you had when you were a kid. You know, the kind with brand names that were fun to say. It’s rough and rigid when there’s enough force behind it—like when your dad took a game with 6-year-old you a little too seriously and left the imprint of the fabric on your face. Yes, that was a roundabout way of telling you that the exterior has a unique texture. Luckily, it won’t give you PTSD from your football woes, and it’s awful fun to fidget with.

Chums Duckie Wallet Full Studio
Chums Duckie Wallet | The colors pop.

Chums makes the Duckie wallet in Hurricane, Utah. While this isn’t the first minimalist wallet we’ve seen made in the United States, it’s still a rarity as far as travel products go.

It has a slim profile; it’s barely larger than a stack of cards. There are three slots for your cash goods—two at the front and one at the back.

The front has two diagonal pockets. You can fit roughly five cards between them, but if they’re thicker or you try to go with six, the material starts to flex.

Chums Duckie Wallet Full Other Side
Chums Duckie Wallet | The back side.

The back has one diagonal pocket. While three cards can fit here, that’s pushing it. Two fit nicely, or you can opt for one ID or frequently-used card for quick access. This side has a rim around the edge, which offers more security. And this is another reason to stow your ID here—the rim protects it from falling out should the terrain get rough.

That said, seven cards is a reasonable maximum number for this wallet without stretching it too much. If you opt for fewer cards, you can stow additional cash, a small key, or another piece of gear.

Chums Duckie Wallet In Use 1
Chums Duckie Wallet | You can fit this thing just about anywhere.

If you overstuff it, the material will start to stretch. It snaps back, though we worry that eventually, this won’t be the case. At the time of writing, the Duckie is only $15, so if it stretches out after a while, you won’t be out much cash.


As mentioned above, the Duckie is barely larger than the footprint of a credit card. Even when fully packed, it’s still incredibly thin and hardly deeper than the cards when stacked on top of the other.

Chums Duckie Wallet In Use 2
Chums Duckie Wallet | Cash is easy to slot inside.

Given its size, it’s challenging to find a front pocket the Duckie won’t fit inside. It feels at home in a sling or daypack, though there’s no way to attach it with a carabiner or strap. It’s probably even small enough to fit into a zippered pocket on the admin panel inside your travel backpack.

Quick Comparison

Another minimalist wallet with a similar footprint is the Pakt Mojito Wallet. It’s a bit thicker but isn’t as tall, and it only fits six cards comfortably. It’s a bit sleeker than the Duckie due to its PU leather construction and has a dedicated cash spot on the exterior.

Chums Duckie Wallet Comparison
Chums Duckie Wallet | Different styles, similar sizes.

The Duckie is more minimalistic in its design, though it’s a lot louder because of the color choices. The recycled materials are excellent from a sustainability standpoint, although they might not last as long as Pakt’s PU leather. There’s no dedicated cash spot, but you have three places to put it, which is more.

Overall, the Duckie is an excellent budget-friendly option crafted from durable and recycled materials. Plus, it’s saturated as it could be, which is great if that’s your thing.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Recycled raft scrap material feels durable and has fun colors
  • Stitching is tight and doesn’t have any loose threads
  • It fits into a front or back pocket comfortably
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • No issues with the materials or stitching
  • Material stretches a bit but always pops back into place (so far)
  • The recycled materials are durable and have held up well
By Eric Hergenreder
Created February 10, 2023 • Updated July 10, 2023
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