Best Travel Yoga Mat For Fitness
Best Travel Yoga Mat For Fitness

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, we all need to slow things down now and then. Bringing along a travel yoga mat is an excellent way to wind down after a long day, get ready in the morning, and keep up your daily routines while traveling to avoid getting out of sync with your body’s needs.

Before diving too far into what mats you should consider, we should discuss what to look for. There are two primary kinds of portable yoga mat models: folding and rolling. Some foldable yoga mats can be rolled and vice versa; however, just because it goes one way doesn’t mean it goes the other. When choosing your yoga mat, first decide what you have space for in your bag.

Regarding thickness, most travel mats are between 1.5 and 2mm, but there are a few exceptions to that rule. A standard yoga mat is typically between 3 and 5mm, so you should expect to feel more through the surface than you’re used to. However, that doesn’t mean you should be uncomfortable. Some mats have unique or rugged materials to combat this.

Depending on what kind of travel backpack or daypack you have, you might have to get a certain type of yoga mat. Bringing a long rolled travel yoga mat without external attachment straps will be difficult. However, a folding mat will fit inside most packs without issue, so long as you’ve left enough space.

Now you’re ready to look for your next travel yoga mat! Let’s dive in.

1. JadeYoga Voyager Mat
JadeYoga Voyager Mat

The perfect mat doesn’t have to be overly synthetic. The Jade Voyager Mat uses natural materials without PVC, EVA, or other synthetic rubbers and is made in the United States of America. We rarely find a lightweight yoga mat without synthetic materials, so we’re here for it. Plus, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold. Yay, foliage!

There isn’t a ton of padding to speak of on this portable yoga mat; however, at 1.59mm thick, it’s a more than capable contender for your next trip because of its packability. It's surprisingly comfortable, even as you Downward Dog on the rough ground of the shores of Lake Huron, and the natural rubber is super grippy, so you won't slip out of your pose. With several colorways available, you can get one that matches your travel gear.

It rolls up tightly, or you can fold it into a block when you’re ready to store it, making it one of our favorite foldable yoga mat models on the market.

Why We Like It
  • Uses natural materials instead of synthetic, which feel good on your body
  • Rubber provides better traction than some other materials
What You Should Know
  • The strong rubber smell dissipates fairly quickly
  • The grippy texture can attract dirt and pet hair
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2. Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat
Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

The GAIAM Foldable Yoga Mat is latex-free for users who are allergic or don’t like the feel. It also has ample padding compared to other travel mats. Plus, it folds into a ten by 12 inch (25.4 by 30.48 cm) rectangle so that it won’t take up much room in your pack.

Although this mat doesn’t have latex, it has a sticky texture so that you (and it) stay in place while using it. When unpacked, it measures 68 by 24 inches, or 172.7 by 60.96 cm, which is large enough for most uses.

It folds down easily but still comes in at 3 pounds, which isn’t the lightest option on this list. If you’re looking for a 2mm mat that’s comfortable and somewhat packable, this might be the best travel yoga mat for you.

Why We Like It
  • It’s latex-free
  • The materials are sticky enough to stay in place when in use
What You Should Know
  • It isn’t as lightweight as it looks
  • Materials can wrinkle after cleaning
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3. Gaiam Soft-Grip Travel Yoga Mat
Gaiam Soft-Grip Travel Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for a larger mat to take with you on your next adventure, look no further than the GAIAM Soft-Grip Travel Yoga Mat. When unrolled, it measures 72 by 26 inches (or 182.88 by 66.04 cm), which is more than adequate, we think. The 2mm padding feels ample, and it has a microfiber surface that’s comfortable to work on.

All that surface area and comfort comes at a cost. This thing isn’t terribly pricey, but it is heavy. It’s more durable than many of the options on this list, which makes it one of the best travel yoga mat models for longevity; however, its large size and weight might not be suitable for every trip.

Why We Like It
  • Ample padding for a travel mat
  • Microfiber lining adds comfort
What You Should Know
  • Doesn’t fold up like other GAIAM models
  • Not very small when rolled up due to thick materials
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4. Manduka eKO SuperLite Yoga Mat
Manduka eKO SuperLite Yoga Mat in the Aer Travel Pack 2 Compression Straps

As calming as yoga can and should be, some mats aren’t made ethically and utilize materials that aren’t great for the environment. The MANDUKA EKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat 1.5mm is ethically made, and you can recycle your mat when you’re through with it, too, which we dig. After all, how can you get closer to the outdoors with your portable yoga mat if its construction harms Mother Nature?

The mat measures 68 by 24 inches, or 172.72 by 60.96 cm, which feels large enough for most uses. The materials are slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally sprawling out over the gaff while practicing your downward-facing dog or triangle pose. We’ve noticed that the materials scratch up reasonably easily; however, this is cosmetic and shouldn’t affect usage.

If you’re looking for the best lightweight yoga mat that you can feel good about from Mother Nature's perspective, this might be the portable yoga mat for you. Plus, it's an excellent addition to any sustainable packing list.

Why We Like It
  • Made with ethical manufacturing methods
  • Materials are slip-resistant
What You Should Know
  • There isn’t much padding
  • It scratches up fairly easily
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5. JadeYoga Travel Yoga Mat
JadeYoga Travel Yoga Mat

If you’ve used Jade foldable yoga mat models in the past, their Travel Yoga Mat is calling your name. In addition to not using EVA, PVC, or other synthetic rubbers like some brands, this mat comes in two sizes to find the perfect length for your needs. If you’re shorter, go with the 68-inch (172.72 cm) model; if you’re taller, go with the 74-inch (187.96 cm) model. These models are 24 inches (60.96 cm) wide.

Unlike other Jade models, this one isn’t foldable. We know what you might be thinking: what gives? Although this is a travel yoga mat, it’s 3.175 mm, which is one of the thicker offerings on this list. This adds comfort but makes it so you can’t fold it up. It takes up more real estate, but we think the extra comfort is worth the space.

Why We Like It
  • Two lengths for folks of different heights
  • It’s thick, which adds comfort
What You Should Know
  • Doesn’t roll up as small as others on this list
  • Weight might be cumbersome to use with specific backpacks
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6. primasole Folding Yoga Mat
primasole Folding Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly mat that’ll make you a comfortable yogi on the road, look no further than the Primasole Folding Yoga Mat. With a budget-friendly price point and numerous colorways to choose from, this is an excellent entry-level portable yoga mat for those thinking about trying to stretch away from home.

The mat is crafted from PVC, which isn’t everyone’s favorite, but it is durable and lightweight. It's 4mm thick, which is quite wide for a travel mat, which may be why it weighs 2 pounds (just over 900 grams).

Although this isn’t the best mat on this list, its budget-friendly price point and multiple colorway options will make it the choice mat of many yogi explorers.

Why We Like It
  • Numerous colorways to choose from
  • PVC materials are durable
What You Should Know
  • Not crafted from natural materials
  • It weighs more than you’d expect
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7. Aurorae Synergy Foldable On-The-Go Travel Yoga Mat
Aurorae Synergy Foldable On-The-Go Travel Yoga Mat

If you aren’t fully on the travel yoga mat train yet, that’s okay, and you have options. The Aurorae Synergy Foldable On-the-Go Travel Yoga Mat is more towel-like than mat-like; however, it does the job for your stretching needs and can be used for other activities while traveling. You could argue that any mat could be used for more than just yoga; however, the materials used here are better suited to sitting in the park or making a bench more comfortable.

The top of this mat is comfortable microfiber, and the bottom is PER (polymer environmental resin), which adds durability and grip. It’s quite thick and takes up a fair amount of space in your back, even when folded. However, its versatility and comfort make it a solid choice.

Why We Like It
  • It’s thick, which is comfortable on most surfaces
  • It can be used for more than just yoga
What You Should Know
  • It’s not the smallest when packed up
  • Doesn’t feel like a traditional yoga mat
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8. WeMe Yoga Mat
WeMe Yoga Mat

If you aren’t looking for a mat to take up above 30,000 feet but want one to keep in your car on the road or on business trips, the WeMe Yoga Mat is a good shout. Not only does it include a carrying case, but this folding yoga mat is a quarter-inch (6.35mm) thick for added comfort, which isn’t typical among travel yoga mats. At 1.65 pounds, it isn’t overly heavy, which we dig.

The carrying case isn’t very small, so you won’t be able to stow it in most backpacks. However, this makes it easier to carry it from one location to the next. The mat is crafted from a durable thermoplastic elastomer, which helps ensure you don’t slip around too much.

For those not looking to take their yoga mat on a plane, the WeMe model is an excellent option!

Why We Like It
  • It’s relatively light for how much padding it has
  • Comes with a carrying case
What You Should Know
  • Thermoplastic elastomer isn’t proven to be a good alternative to natural materials, environmentally speaking
  • Case won’t fit in most travel backpacks
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So there you have it: some of the best travel yoga mat models on the market. Hopefully, by this point, the yogi in your heart is ready to balance your way to new and exciting destinations. Happy travels!

September 5, 2023

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