Proof 72-Hour Tee Review

The Proof 72-Hour Tee's Merino wool fabric offers a practical choice for travel thanks to its softness, lightweight feel, and moisture-wicking properties.

Proof 72-Hour Tee
Proof 72-Hour Tee

Our Verdict

7.3 /10
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  • Easy to compress and pack into tight bags
  • Dries fairly quickly after washing
  • Light weight makes it easy to layer


  • Branding eventually washes out
  • Has a distinct shininess that we don’t see on other Merino wool-based shirts
  • Pilling has surfaced in some spots

Technical Details

  • Notable Materials

    Nylon, Merino Wool

  • Manufacturing Country


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Full Review

Merino wool is hyped by many as a somewhat magical fabric, and who can blame them? It keeps you warm when it’s chilly and cools you when it’s warm. It’s also lightweight, wicks away moisture, and—arguably most importantly—lacks much of the itchiness associated with regular wool clothing.

Proof 72-Hour Tee With Bag
Proof 72-Hour Tee | Merino wool is almost magical because of its many pros.

Properties like those make Merino wool-based clothing suited for travel. One such example we’ve tested is the Proof 72-Hour Tee, named as such because it claims to pass the smell test even after three days of constant wear. Does it, though? Let’s find out!

The Rundown

So, what’s this shirt made of? Yes, there’s Merino wool, but Proof also includes nylon to make the shirt more durable. The Merino wool is spun around nylon cores, resulting in a fabric you can confidently toss into the washing machines without turning it into a regurgitated mess afterward. On the one hand, other brands like Wool & Prince use nylon cores with their Pocket Tees, too. On the other hand, Unbound Merino’s Crew Neck T-Shirt is 100% Merino wool, and it survived just as well when we machine-washed it.

Unfortunately, nylon core or not, the 72-Hour Tee isn’t immune to pilling. We’ve seen spots where threads are pilling, though it’s not too bad compared to cheaper shirts we’ve used in the past. All of our samples are still presentable and usable after months of wear, with washed-out logos being the most obvious signs of wear. That said, the hands-on feeling of the fabric is not as good as other Merino wool-based shirts.

Proof 72-Hour Tee Brand
Proof 72-Hour Tee | The logo may eventually fade after multiple washes.

Additionally, the 72-Hour Tee has a distinct shininess that we don’t see on other Merino shirts, and we’re not sure why that is. Admittedly, we don’t love the shininess purely based on aesthetics. Fortunately, that con is balanced by the sheer number of available colorways, which we like so that we can mix it up once in a while. There are 17 hues at the time of writing, though they are mostly on the subdued and darker side.

Look closer; you’ll notice visible stitching as part of the shirt’s aesthetic design. We’ve seen this on a variety of shirts and clothing in general. Notably, Unbound Merino initially used it in earlier versions of their Crew Neck T-Shirts. Later versions (at the time of writing) lack the stitching, resulting in a cleaner design, which we prefer. Mind you, we do like the robust vibe of the visible stitching, like when you see rivets on a ship. However, when combined with the shiny fabric, it’s not plain or minimalist.

That said, you’ve come to Pack Hacker because you want to know if this is a good shirt for travel. So, is it? It sure is, and that’s mainly to do with Merino wool.

Proof 72-Hour Tee Tag
Proof 72-Hour Tee | There’s also nylon involved.

Firstly, it’s lightweight and very soft, making it easy to pack and compress into packing cubes, which we then stuff into a travel bag. We can pack a lot of these for lengthy trips, though we don’t necessarily have to.

Proof made a video of them using the 72-Hour Tee for a three-day overlanding trip, which ends with them attesting that it still smells fresh. We can wear it a handful of times before washing it, and while it’s not a full three days of constant use, our standards for what still passes the smell test may be stricter. That said, it dries out relatively quickly when you eventually need to wash it.

Proof 72-Hour Tee Packed 3
Proof 72-Hour Tee | It’s a very packing-friendly shirt.

As for how the 72-Hour Tee wears, you get the usual benefits of Merino wool. Since it’s very light and soft, it’s also quite easy to move around in and works well for layering. Even if you’re not planning any outdoor activities on your trip, you may have to move in ways you can’t predict as you travel to your destination. Just imagining how tight it can get in economy class will give you an idea, and the last thing you want is stiff-feeling clothing.

Proof 72-Hour Tee Desk
Proof 72-Hour Tee | It’s comfortable to travel in.

Since Merino wool is wool, you’d expect the 72-Hour Tee to keep you warm, and it does. Insulation (to a limited degree) is a key strength, but it’s also surprisingly breathable and is not overly warm when the weather heats up. Moisture (i.e., sweat) is also kept to a minimum since it’s being wicked away, which helps keep you smelling fresh.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Digging the soft, stretchy fabric (merino-nylon blend)
  • Lightweight, which is great for breathability and packability
  • Merino wool is one of your favorite materials for travel
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

It doesn’t feel quite as high quality as some of the other Merino shirts we’ve tested, but it’s lightweight, soft, and stretchy. And it has those magical Merino wool properties we love.

1 Month of Use

Condition: Good

Been noticing some pilling around the shirt. Plus it seems to pick up lint and hair.

Proof 72-Hour Tee Pilling and Lint
Proof 72-Hour Tee Pilling and Lint
2 Months of Use

Condition: Good

Been able to get a handful of wears in between washes (when we do wash, it dries quickly). More with some air-out days in between. Pretty good, but not as long as some other Merino we’ve tested.

3 Months of Use

Condition: Good

Still have this shirt in our weekly rotation. And we’ve taken it on multiple trips including one to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Having Merino wool clothes while traveling is great.

6 Months of Use

Condition: Good

The heat-pressed label is starting to come off and multiple wears and washes. Not a big deal, just something to note. Nothing new to report otherwise—it’s still going strong.

Proof 72-Hour Tee Tag
Proof 72-Hour Tee Tag
By Tom Wahlin
Created January 16, 2024 • Updated January 16, 2024
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