Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer Review

The Ultralight Roll Organizer from Osprey isn’t 3-1-1 friendly but is a great contender for non-flight trips that require extra toiletry or personal items.

Our Verdict

7.6 /10
Good info






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  • Four pockets to stow and separate gear
  • Tri-fold is easy to open and close, even when fully packed
  • Easy to find items inside pockets


  • Hanging hook doesn't have a clip and can fall off
  • Not 3-1-1 friendly for airport security
  • The materials aren’t waterproof, so toiletries can seep through

Technical Details

  • Weight (lb)

    0.29 lb (0.1 kg)

  • Denier


    Main and Bottom

  • Denier



  • Dimensions

    15 in x 9 in x 3 in (38.1 x 22.9 x 7.6 cm)

  • Notable Materials

    Ripstop Nylon, YKK Buckles, YKK Zippers

  • Manufacturing Country


  • Warranty Information

    All Mighty Guarantee

Buying Options

Osprey Logo
Backcountry Logo

Full Review

The Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer looks like a typical piece of Osprey gear—it uses quality materials, and although it seems like camping equipment, it can be used off the trail. Will this organizer find its way into our typical pack-out, or will it be for rugged adventures only? Let’s find out.

External Components

The organizer utilizes a trifold design and, when folded, fits into your hand. From a footprint perspective, it’s roughly the size of a large envelope when secured. The design is two-toned—with the primary pack material using 40D nylon ripstop. The accent material is 210D nylon double diamond ripstop, which has more durability but less mobility. Both materials are durable and somewhat water resistant, but if you had a liquid toiletry open mid-journey, it would soak through them eventually.

Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer Carry
Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer | Even when stuffed full, you can hold onto it.

To stick with the letter analogy, the front side is similar to the part of the envelope you’d write on. Instead of an address, there’s a large Osprey logo here—but for its size, it’s relatively minimal and looks proper. Depending on how much you have stowed inside, the folds may align differently, moving where the logo is on the back. At the top, a YKK buckle holds the whole thing together. It’s snappy and small enough not to get in the way when you aren’t trying to open or close the organizer.

Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer Full Studio Back
Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer | The back side.

The opposite side is like the part of the letter with the closure. The bottom of the pouch folds here, and you see where the strap attaches to it so that it’s held closed. Once you open the YKK buckle, this flap unfurls, and you’re in business. There’s a small nylon loop here to contain the extra strap material, which is helpful whether the pack is empty or bulging at the seams. There’s a small black tab with Osprey spelled out on it here, but other than that, it’s pretty minimalistic.

Inside The Toiletry Pack

When you’re ready to open the organizer, unclip the YKK buckle, and it opens like a trifold pamphlet. If you’re in a hurry, you can undo the clip, hold onto the male end, and let go of the pouch. If you have extra time on your hands, slowly unfold it to ensure your gear doesn’t get tossed around more than it needs to.

Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer Indoor
Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer | It’s a nice pop of color in the bathroom.

The inside of this toiletry bag is broken up into three larger sections and one small section. All four utilize YKK zippers and are adequately sized for their jobs. The top three zips have paracord-like pulls with a knot on the end. The bottom section is the largest pocket and has a similar paracord-like material with a hard plastic end completing a loop, so it’s easier to open. This pocket has two small tabs on either side, making opening and closing the zipper easier. They also peek out of the organizer slightly when folded, so you can use them to attach it to a carabiner to hook it inside your daypack or travel backpack.

Above the top pocket, there’s a hidden hook between the material on the back side of the pockets and the exterior pack material. When you want to use it, you can easily pop it out, and when you’re done, just slide it back into place. It doesn’t have a hook or carabiner and isn’t rotatable, but it works well for the most part in simple situations.

Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer Hook
Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer | The hook isn’t perfect, but works in most situations.

The top two pockets are very similar and are crafted from non-stretchy mesh so you can see what is inside them. The mesh is folded inward to form a gusset. When you don’t have much inside it, the gusset stays folded, but when you pack it out, it expands outward to enable you to stow more gear inside. This is helpful for more oblong-shaped items like facial or hair care products or a larger razor with a charging cable.

The top pocket is smaller than the middle one; however, it includes a mirror. It’s attached via a short-length of strap and a hook and loop fastener. The mirror is excellent in use as a close-up mirror for shaving or makeup needs but doesn’t do very well as a full-face mirror. It’s crafted from plastic, so it isn’t completely flat all the time, which adds distortions that make your face look like a fun house mirror. You can still use it to get a good idea of how you look or to peek around the corner to look for basilisks, but it can be a little odd at times in use.

Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer Mesh Pockets
Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer | Filled up and ready to go.

Below the middle pocket, two small stretchy mesh pockets are contained underneath one zipper. You can see through the mesh; they’re the perfect size for smaller items like travel toothpaste or q-tips. These small compartments are right on the fold, so super rigid or large objects don’t do well here.

Last but certainly not least, we have the lower, largest pocket.

It’s crafted from the same 40D nylon ripstop as the pack’s exterior, making it more water-resistant than the mesh pockets above. This is an excellent spot for your liquid-like toiletries or other things that may have residues, like a toothbrush or a razor that is prone to dumping little hairs unexpectedly. The other pockets air out quicker because they aren’t as closed up as this one, so things will take longer to dry when placed here. The model we have on hand is a poppy high-vis orange, which makes finding your gear a lot easier.

Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer Lock
Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer | Opening the main buckle.

Overall, the Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer works quite well as a toiletry kit. It doesn’t have a removable 3-1-1 pouch for TSA or airport security, so it isn’t the best shout for flights. However, it excels for road trips, camping, train or bus trips, and weekend trips with friends. There’s room for all your goodies, and the folding mechanism works well to pack a lot into a small container, whether that be a backpack or a glovebox.

In addition to working well for toiletries, it carries just about any small gear quite well.

You can easily stow and separate cables and other electronics here, and small devices will also fit inside. The pouch isn’t super water-resistant, especially regarding the mesh pockets, but it does a good job in a protected environment.

Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer Bag
Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer | It slides into most size packs with ease.

The organizer is helpful for photographers and videographers while out in the field or traveling without your whole setup. You can stow rolls of film, adapters, cables, lens filters, and small lights inside the pouch, and you can see what’s inside most of them to grab them quickly should you need them.

Plus, it makes a great first aid kit setup because you can see what’s inside and access it quickly in a time of need.

Overall, the Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer is an excellent tool at your disposal, no matter where you’re trying to go.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • The folding concept is a neat way to stow a ton of gear inside a small package
  • All the colorway options are very natural and sleek looking
  • Nothing about the design dictates that it has to be used for toiletries
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Materials look the same as the first day the organizer arrived
  • All hardware is holding up—from the hanging hook to the zippers on the compartments
  • It can be challenging to roll up when fully packed out
By Eric Hergenreder
Created October 24, 2022 • Updated April 9, 2024
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