Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet Review

The Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet features RFID protection for up to 10 cards using a clever folding mechanism in a compact and stylish form factor.

Our Verdict

7.9 /10
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  • Can store up to 10 standard cards
  • RFID protected
  • Fun to fidget and play with


  • Has a bit of a learning curve to master the magic
  • Does not include a cut-out ID window
  • Card slots can be tight when fully loaded out

Technical Details

  • Weight (oz)

    1.55 oz (43.9 g)

  • Dimensions

    4.25 in x 2.95 in x 0.39 in (10.8 x 7.5 x 1 cm)

  • Notable Materials


  • Manufacturing Country


  • Warranty Information


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Full Review

The Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet offers a fun and unique twist on the traditional slim wallet. With its dual-sided design, it can hold up to 10 cards and provides RFID protection. After testing it out, we can confidently say that this wallet lives up to its name. “Essenziale” translates to “essential” in English from Italian (we looked it up), and this magic wallet focuses on providing the essentials and more.

Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet Solo
Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet  | Provides RFID protection to up to 10 cards with its dual- sided magic folding approach.

The standout feature of this magic wallet is the unique way it folds in to provide extra anti-slip card slots, which can hold not only traditional cards but also banknotes, receipts, business cards, coupons, sticky notes, and even multi-purpose tools. Made of top grain leather, the wallet feels soft and smooth to the touch providing a comfortable and fun experience to fidget with. Thanks to the leather and double stitching, we are confident that this wallet will maintain its sleek and timeless appearance well after the cards it is designed to carry.

The Rundown

This wallet is incredibly compact and maximizes every inch of space in a clever and enjoyable way. Following the trend of slim wallets, the Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet features 3 slots on both the front and back, along with an additional slot on the interior of each side. However, what sets this wallet apart is its magical folding mechanism on the inside. It opens and closes like a book, providing a fun and engaging experience. The best way to describe it is as a book with a revolving hinge that can be opened and closed on both sides. Not only does it keep the wallet secure, but it also offers convenient and quick storage for all your additional essentials with anti-slip slots. The folding mechanism creates enough space in the slots to store extra cards, cash, coupons, and even folded receipts while you’re on the go.

Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet Open
Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet  | Where all the magic happens.

Initially, we had some concern about items falling out because the anti-slip slots have a slight amount of give. However, during the 4 weeks of testing, we did not experience any issues with items falling out. If anything, the dedicated card slots on the front and back are still a bit too secure. We did encounter some difficulty when trying to remove a specific card from one of these slots, but this was likely because we had filled it with the max amount of cards. When the slots are not fully loaded or overloaded, it is much easier to remove a specific card, which is something to keep in mind if you like to pack your wallet to the max. The only downside we encountered is the lack of a window in one of the slots for an ID, but that is likely more a matter of preference than anything.

Fitting in the palm of one’s hand, the Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet is not only comfortable thanks to its super soft touch and slim form factor, but also just enjoyable to hold and fidget with. While not intended to be used as a fidget toy, we found it to be an entertaining experience practicing the first two basic folds to most origami. Its folding mechanism is reminiscent of grade-school fortune tellers made out of paper, which were used to predict your future spouse and the number of children you would have. While this wallet cannot predict who you may or may not end up with, it will protect your credit cards, bank notes, and possibly already expired coupons from falling out or being maliciously scanned while out and about.


This wallet is easy to pack and slips into a pocket, backpack, or sling effortlessly. Its small, minimal, and lightweight design makes it perfect for traveling, ensuring you have all the essentials and more.

Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet Bag Pocket
Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet  | The slim profile allows for easy packing in a pocket, sling, or backpack.

One of our favorite features of the magic wallet is its ability to not only store the essentials but also accommodate larger and less common items. Instead of getting crumpled in a pocket or being pushed to the bottom of a bag, it can easily and securely hold any unexpected essentials you come across during your day.

Quick Comparison

In comparison to a standard bi-fold wallet, the Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet reduces fabric, bulk, weight, and size, while still allowing for a maximum number of cards to be carried. It is also more enjoyable and interesting to fold compared to a traditional bi-fold wallet. When compared to a different type of slim wallet, the Ekster Parliament Wallet offers a similar slim form factor with a more structured finish.

Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet Comparison
Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet  | Slim form factor provides ample carry capacity.

Additionally, it uses a push-slot ejection mechanism to release all the cards at once, which also adds to its bulk. Although the Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet may appear slightly wider and larger, it is much more comfortable and can be easily compacted, especially when placed in a back pocket.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Top grain leather has a premium feel
  • Super unique open and closure system
  • Plenty of storage options for cards and cash
1 Month of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Card slots still feel secure
  • Still feels soft and comfortable in the hand
  • Stitching looks great and no issues with fraying
By Morgan White
Created December 7, 2023 • Updated December 7, 2023
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