Best Garment Bag to Prevent Wrinkles During Travel
Best Garment Bag to Prevent Wrinkles During Travel

So, you've got to take a suit or dress on your next trip. Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, work meeting, or James Bond audition, you'll want to ensure that your outfit is wrinkle-free when you arrive. The best garment bag for you might be bare bones or have all the bells and whistles possible. Hopefully, you'll have found it by the time you finish reading this list.

Garment bags are typically larger than garment duffels. However, they both have their perks. The larger the bag typically means fewer folds, which will cause less wrinkling when done correctly. On the other hand, a garment duffle will be smaller and often doubles as a carry on, making it easier to bring with you and probably more efficient on the plane.

There are garment folders, too, which we'll cover in this post. These aren't designed for a full suit but can work to transport one in a pinch when paired with other gear. The perk of these bad boys is that you can use them for other purposes when you aren't traveling with dress clothing, making it a good bet for those who only sometimes need something for the road

Whether you're traveling with dress clothing for the first time or are a seasoned business traveler, there's something for you on this list. Let's dive in!

1. SWISSGEAR 7895 Full Sized Wheeled Garment Bag
SwissGear 7895 Full Sized Wheeled Garment Bag

Just because it’s called a garment bag doesn’t mean you’re limited to just bags. The SwissGear Premium Rolling Garment Bag is more like if a piece of rolling luggage and a suit bag had a baby. You can pack for more than a week in this travel garment bag. Along with offering a place to hang your suit, it includes a shoe compartment, a flat pocket for more dress shirts, stretch pockets of various sizes, and even a zippered wet bag for your toiletries.

It extends to be more than 47 inches (119 cm) tall to neatly pack your suit or dress, with tie-down straps to hold it in place, and then folds in half to be a comfortable 24 inches (61 cm) tall rolling behind you. The inline wheels are easy to roll through the airport with the locking extendable handle, and there are two front pockets where you can slide your phone, wallet, and travel documents to have them readily available at the airport.

Of course, all of these features mean it’s not one of the lightest garment bags for travel, but we don’t think you’ll mind the extra weight if you can get through your entire business trip or wedding weekend with just one bag.

Why We Like It
  • The handle and bottom material are super durable and feel premium
  • You probably won’t need to bring a separate piece of luggage because it has lots of internal organization
What You Should Know
  • It’s not our favorite style because it’s bulkier than traditional garment bags
  • It may not meet carry on compliance for many airlines
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2. Amazon Basics Tri-Fold Garment Bag
Amazon Basics Tri-Fold Garment Bag

When you’re standing up at your friend’s wedding in Punta Cana, you may not want to shell out big bucks for a garment bag you’re only going to need once (or twice, if your other bestie is having his destination wedding in Vegas the next year). So opt for the best garment bag at a budget price with Amazon Basics. Like many options from this brand, you’re going to get just the basics, without extra frills and features, but it will get the job done. This holds up to three suits or dresses with extra room for shoes, belts, ties, and other accessories. You can lock down smaller items in the interior zipper mesh pockets, so your socks and underwear don’t get all bunched at the bottom of the bag, and there’s an admin panel in the front pocket where you can pack your phone, headphones, pens, and a notebook so you may be able to leave an extra bag behind.

After you get it all packed, it rolls in half to be an easy-to-carry garment weekender bag. It includes a removable shoulder strap and two carry handles that can be stuck together with a piece of material that attaches with hook-and-loop fastener. There’s even a luggage pass-through on the back so you can easily slip it over the handle of your rolling luggage.

Why We Like It
  • This is a great budget option, especially if you won’t be using it often
  • You can get it quickly with Amazon Prime
What You Should Know
  • There aren’t a lot of different colorway options
  • It looks cheaper than other travel garment bags
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3. TUMI Garment Bag Tri-Fold Carry-On
TUMI Garment Bag Tri-Fold Carry-On

If you’re looking for the best garment bag that will fit two suits (or dresses/gowns) without issue, check out the TUMI Garment Bag Tri-Fold Carry-On. It has space to bring enough clothing to ensure you’re ready to look good at a moment’s notice.

We aren’t a massive fan of the rest of the interior’s organization as the design feels clunky, and there isn’t a ton of space despite the bag's large size; however, for storing your expensive or essential clothing, there aren’t many better designs than TUMI’s.

If you’ve already got some TUMI gear at home, this might be a good option because you’re used to how the TUMI system works, and this suit bag will look good alongside that gear. Who doesn’t love modular and matching bags?

Why We Like It
  • You can fit two suits inside
  • The materials are durable
What You Should Know
  • The interior organization feels clunky at times
  • The exterior isn’t as sleek as others on this list
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4. Briggs & Riley Garment Duffle
Briggs & Riley Garment Duffle

When you think Briggs & Riley, you probably think of business. Regarding their Garment Duffle, you’re correct. This thing is professional and easy to use, which we dig! Plus, it converts from a standard garment bag into a duffle, which is easy to carry while traveling.

For a short work trip, this garment duffel bag has everything you need to ensure your suit or dress clothing makes it to your destination in one piece. You can combine this duffle with other luggage for a longer trip to ensure your clothing isn’t wrinkled when you arrive.

For its size and style, we feel like there should be a dedicated device or laptop compartment; however, there isn’t. There are a few extra pockets for gear, but for a day or two work trip, you’ll need to find alternative plans for your computer. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though—especially if you’re traveling for pleasure, not business, and plan on leaving it behind.

That said, for many travelers, the convenience of the folding duffle design makes this one of the best garment bag models on the market.

Why We Like It
  • Looks professional in most settings
  • The folding duffle design is easy to use
What You Should Know
  • Although it seems the right size, there’s no laptop compartment
  • Not enough space for more than a few days of clothing
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5. Calpak Compakt Large Garment Bag
Calpak Compakt Large Garment Bag

If you’ve been on your journey to find the best garment bag for a while, you’ve probably noticed a few trends. One of the most noticeable is the lack of colorway choices. There are many blacks and browns, but not nearly as many saturated options in the garment bag carry on market. Enter the Calpak Large Garment Bag!

With eight colorway options at the time of writing, this is by far one of the most versatile garment bags on this list in terms of color. Half of those colorways are limited edition, which is fun.

This travel garment bag is designed to fit inside your rolling luggage but can be carried solo with the top handle. However, it isn’t as structured as other models on this list, making it harder to carry and increasing the likelihood that your clothing wrinkles. However, with the unique saturation options, you’ll always know which is yours, no matter how many weddings you attend.

This travel garment bag is lighter than many we’ve tested before; however, it doesn’t feel as durable, either. If you plan to rough it, this might not be the option for you. For most uses, this garment bag is a solid, lightweight option.

Why We Like It
  • It comes in vibrant colorways—a rarity for garment bags
  • The materials are lightweight
What You Should Know
  • Limited time only colorways aren’t replaceable if you lose or break yours
  • Not as durable as others on this list
See Details & Buying Options
6. Samsonite Insignis Wheeled Garment Bag
Samsonite Insignis Wheeled Garment Bag

If you’re always looking for more space to work with while traveling, the Samsonite Wheeled Garment Bag might be the best garment bag for you! This thing has two wheels, so you don’t have to carry it or stow it inside another bag. You can still hold it if you want to with the top handle, which is handy for public transit or quick jaunts.

There isn’t a dedicated laptop compartment, which feels odd for the size; however, there’s a fair amount of space for extra gear inside here. Plus, it’s not a big deal if you’re not traveling with a device or if you you’re bringing a separate personal item. You can fit two pairs of shoes, a suit jacket, two shirts, a tie, and other extras like undershirts and toiletries. That’s a lot of gear!

If you need to bring more than one fancy outfit, this might be one of the best garment bags for travel that suits your situation!

Why We Like It
  • The wheels are sturdy and make carrying it easier
  • It fits more gear than most garment bags on this list
What You Should Know
  • No dedicated device pocket or compartment
  • Not the sleekest external design we’ve seen
See Details & Buying Options
7. ZEGUR Professional Garment Bag
ZEGUR Professional Garment Bag

Many of the garment bags on this list are packed with features but come with a hefty price tag. While we typically find extra value in bags that cost more, we’re also constantly looking for a happy middle ground between cost and effectiveness for travel, and we feel like we’ve found it with the ZEGUR Carry-On Garment Bag.

At the time of writing, this garment weekender bag runs for $60, which is a solid deal. It has room for a full suit or tuxedo with shoes, and there’s an external pocket for quick-use items, which is handy for grabbing gear on the go. You can carry the bag with the handles or the included shoulder strap. There isn’t much padding on either, but for short jaunts, they work well.

This might be the best garment bag for those looking for great value for your money!

Why We Like It
  • It comes in at a budget-friendly price
  • You can carry it with the handles or the shoulder strap
What You Should Know
  • The materials don’t feel as durable as some of the higher-end options
  • There isn’t much comfort on the shoulder strap
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8. Halfday Garment Duffel
Halfday Garment Duffel

We've got you covered if you're looking for a garment duffel bag that won't break the bank. Well, Halfday does, but you know what we mean. Their Garment Duffel is a simple design that's easy to get the hang of and can fit a suit or dress and a few days of clothing. It transitions between a hanging garment bag and a duffel, so you can go from hotel to airport quickly. There's no laptop compartment if you're using this as your carry-on; however, you can fit a fair amount of goodies inside.

The materials aren’t the most structured we’ve come across, but they feel durable enough to handle most things you throw at them. The unique folding design makes the most of space and doesn’t take up much at home when you aren’t using it. There’s also a luggage pass-through so that you can attach it to your rolling luggage.

The Garment Duffel is a great shout for those looking for garment bags that don’t take up much space when not in use and can fit other clothing for the rest of your journey.

Why We Like It
  • The folding design is easy to use and has extra space for gear
  • When not in use, it doesn’t take up much room
What You Should Know
  • The materials don’t have much structure, which can make them look awkward
  • It lacks many external pockets despite open space
See Details & Buying Options
9. Away Garment Bag
Away Garment Bag

We’ve come to know Away as a brand that turns your needs into a sleekly designed package that comes in nice colorways. You could say that for a few brands, but seriously, look at this thing!

The Away The Garment Bag is well-designed with rounded corners and a simple design that gets the job done. It isn’t the smallest garment bag luggage on this list; however, it works well for car trips or when you can get away with bringing a larger item on a flight or cruise ship. You can fit two suits or three full-length garments inside, all of which hangs up once you’ve arrived.

Although its final size isn’t tiny, the size of clothing you can fit inside isn’t the largest. Taller or broader users might struggle to fit a suit inside without folding more than they’d like, which can be a bummer.

However, for those looking for a sleek design and minimalistic exterior, this might be the best garment bag for you!

Why We Like It
  • The design is sleek and minimalistic
  • It can hold two suits or three full-length garments inside
What You Should Know
  • Isn’t the smallest option we’ve seen
  • There is not much organization going on inside
See Details & Buying Options
10. Mark and Graham Commuter 2-in-1 Garment Bag
Mark and Graham Commuter 2-in-1 Garment Bag

Did your guardian put your name on your underwear when you were a kid, just in case it (or you) got lost? You probably grew out of that, though we think putting your name on your travel garment bag still makes sense.

In addition to being able to personalize this bag when you order it, it’s also a great contender for those who like to throw their garment bag on their rolling luggage for trips through the airport, city, or any other smooth-surfaced area. It has a professional look that’ll fit in anywhere, from the financial district to the food truck outside the match. The internal organization is insightfully designed, with pockets for all your dress clothing and accessories. The shoe pockets are well integrated; however, if you have larger feet or prefer dress boots, your shoes might not fit inside.

Although you can add your name to this bag, there aren’t many colorway options, which feels like a bummer. However, what are the odds that somebody has the same bag as you, shares your initials, and likes blue?

For those wanting to personalize their bag out of the gate and want to look professional, this might be the best garment bag for you.

Why We Like It
  • You can customize the exterior with your initials
  • It looks professional in most settings
What You Should Know
  • Minimal colorway options feels like a bummer considering the focus on customization
  • Larger shoes may not fit inside shoe pockets
See Details & Buying Options
11. Travelpro Platinum Elite Tri-Fold Carry-On Garment Bag
Travelpro Platinum Elite Tri-Fold Carry-On Garment Bag

Travelpro is a brand trusted by flight attendants and pilots, so you know you’re getting something practical when you make a purchase. The Platinum® Elite Tri-Fold® Carry-On Garment Bag utilizes a unique tri-fold design that’s easy to use and saves space while packing in features that make it a dynamic travel companion. From the padded roll bars that negate wrinkles to the removable TSA-compliant toiletry bag, this pack looks out for you from day one.

The features on this thing may pack a punch, but it isn’t our favorite pack cosmetically. However, it’s easy to carry, has durable materials, and won’t get in your way when you attempt to use it. That sounds like a contender for the best garment bag, huh?

Why We Like It
  • Space is well utilized and doesn’t go to waste
  • It has a removable TSA-approved toiletry bag
What You Should Know
  • The styling isn’t our favorite
  • There aren’t many colorway options available
See Details & Buying Options
12. Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Garment Folder L
Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Garment Folder L

Sometimes, the non-suit or dress wearer is forced to travel with a suit or dress, leaving said non-suit or dress wearer in a conundrum. How do I travel with a suit or dress without buying something specifically designed to carry a suit or dress that I hardly ever wear?

Enter the Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Garment Folder! Although not explicitly designed for dress clothing, it can be used for various things, including those two outfits we mentioned too many times earlier. This isn’t something we’d do regularly, but it does the job every so often.

Once your one fancy trip for the year is over, you can use it as a packing cube! How’s that for a garment bag?

Why We Like It
  • It can be used for more than just suits or dresses
  • Extremely lightweight
What You Should Know
  • It isn’t explicitly designed to work well with dress clothing
  • The hook and loop fastener can snag some clothing
See Details & Buying Options
13. Osprey Ultralight Garment Folder
Osprey Ultralight Garment Folder

You’ve probably heard of Osprey, right? You know, that outdoorsy brand that makes moderately-priced outdoor gear. So, what are they doing on the garment bag list?

Well, Osprey makes some of the team’s favorite travel gear. They typically make well-designed stuff that utilizes well-sourced materials that are good for the environment. Plus, their Ultralight Garment Folder is incredibly lightweight and looks like a flying squirrel when you unpack it. That last bit won’t help get your suit somewhere unwrinkled, but it’s fun.

This isn’t designed to carry a full suit or tuxedo; however, it will work to take dress clothing in a pinch and can be utilized for other things when you aren’t traveling with fancy attire. This works well for travelers who don’t often need to do so.

If you’ve already got Ultralight gear from Osprey, this will fit right into your arsenal. Although it isn’t a traditional garment bag, with its bluesign® approved materials, the Ultralight Garment Folder is a worthy addition to any sustainable packing list!

Why We Like It
  • Can be utilized as a packing cube
  • It is much lighter than a standard garment bag
What You Should Know
  • Doesn’t work super well with suits
  • Two zippers and a hook and loop fastener are a lot to close such a small piece of gear
See Details & Buying Options

So there you have it: some of the finest and best garment bags on the market today. Hopefully, you and your suit or dress are ready to hit the skies, road, or city. Enjoy the trip!

September 12, 2023

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