Wool & Prince Boxer Briefs 2.0 Review

The Wool & Prince Boxer Briefs 2.0 are anti-microbial, odor-resistant, and sweat-wicking. Although we've had some durability issues during testing.

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Usage Photo
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Usage Photo

Our Verdict

7.7 /10
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  • Anti-microbial, odor-resistant, quick-drying, and sweat-wicking
  • Lightweight, breathable, and cool to the touch
  • Soft and stretchy


  • Tag has started to wash out
  • Hole developed in one of the pairs we’ve been testing (but the other two are okay)
  • We’ve noticed more pilling in the crotch area than we’d like to see

Technical Details

  • Grams Per Square Meter


  • Notable Materials

    Merino Wool, Nylon, Spandex

  • Manufacturing Country

    South Korea

  • Warranty Information

    Returns & Exchanges

Full Review

Underwear may not be the flashiest item of clothing, but it’s one of the most important (and—hopefully—universal). And the Wool & Prince Boxer Briefs 2.0 take underwear to the next level.

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Model Photo
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Model Photo

We’ve been testing three pairs of the Wool & Prince Boxer Briefs 2.0 over a few months and have a lot of good things to say—as well as a few not-so-good things. (After all, this wouldn’t be a Pack Hacker review if we didn’t nitpick). So let’s jump on into the full review.

Fit, Fabric & Features

The Wool & Prince Boxer Briefs 2.0 have a simple, polished aesthetic. They’re available in five colorways at the time of this review—Modern Red, Iron Gray, Marine Blue, Black & Gray End-to-End (which has a striped pattern), and Black. We’ve been testing the Black, Black & Gray End-to-End, and Marine Blue.

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Colors
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Colors

As far as branding is concerned, the folks at Wool & Prince have kept it clean and classy (as per usual for the company). Unlike several boxer briefs on the market, the elastic waistband is clear of the Wool & Prince name. You’ll find the heat-pressed label on the back interior of the boxers (we’ve had some issues with this label, which we’ll discuss in the durability section below).

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Waistband
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Waistband

But—let’s be real—you’re not (primarily) interested in these boxer briefs for their aesthetic. You’re likely interested in them because of the fabric from which they’re made (at least that’s why we’re digging them). They’re made of 75% Merino wool, 21% nylon, and 4% spandex. We’re huge fans of this blend.

The spandex gives the perfect amount of stretch, while the nylon adds durability. And the Merino wool makes these boxer briefs anti-microbial, quick-drying, odor-resistant, and sweat-wicking. If you’ve never encountered the magical fabric that is Merino wool before, we suggest taking a look at our massive guide. There, we take a deep dive into all of the awesome benefits of the fabric. (If you have heard about Merino wool before, but like to geek out about it as much as we do, you’ll also enjoy our guide.)

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Fabric
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Fabric

The antimicrobial and odor-resistant properties of the fabric mean you don’t have to wash these boxer briefs as frequently as you do with cotton underwear. Not only is this a huge benefit for travel when washing clothes can be difficult and inconvenient, but for everyday life because less laundry = more happiness (it’s simple math).

We’ve worn the Wool & Prince Boxer Briefs 2.0 for seven days in a row without washing them—and with great results. On the seventh day, it was clear they needed to be washed. But as long as you let the boxer briefs air out overnight you can wear them multiple times no problem.

The fabric blend also makes these boxers oh-so-comfortable. They’re soft, lightweight, breathable, and cool to the touch. The best word we can use to describe them is freeing. It’s almost like you’re not wearing underwear. They’re true-to-size and have a tight, yet not constrictive fit. Note that Wool & Prince says they will send you a complimentary pair of the underwear in a different size if your first pair doesn’t fit. Moreover, we’ve found that they don’t ride up at all—even after a full day of use.

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Stretch
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Stretch

We already mentioned that the boxer briefs have a good amount of stretch, but it’s worth repeating. While the direction of the fabric on the crotch area runs horizontally, the direction of the fabric on the legs of the boxer briefs run vertically (with the direction of the legs) to stretch with your natural movement. This is an improvement over the original iteration of the Wool & Prince Boxer Briefs, which had the fabric running horizontally across the entirety of the boxers. It’s a thoughtful design choice that has performed well in testing.

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Passthrough
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Passthrough

Finally—as far as features are concerned—there is a 3D pouch for support and a passthrough on the front for easy bathroom-ing.

Durability & Testing

We’ve been testing three pairs of the Wool & Prince Boxer Briefs 2.0 for approximately three months as a daily driver and have taken them on multiple plane rides at this point, including a transatlantic flight from the U.S. to the U.K. We have to say, they’re really good plane boxer briefs. Their overall comfort combined with all of those magical Merino wool properties make them solid for travel (and everyday life). We’re excited to keep testing them for months and months to come.

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Holes
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Holes

All of that said, we do have a few durability issues to discuss. The first pair we got our hands on—the Black & Gray End-to-End style—developed a hole near the interior label after a single wash. Yeah, not great. Shortly after the first hole developed, a second hole popped up right next to it. And the holes are only going to get worse with time. Obviously, we are quite disappointed. You don’t want to pay a pretty penny for a pair of underwear only for them to fall apart after a week.

Now, we do have some good news. Wool & Prince takes pride in their products and, after we told them about the holes, they sent us a new pair. Note, that we did not use a pseudonym, so they knew they were interacting with a review company. They do say on their website that if a Wool & Prince item doesn’t meet your expectations, they will “make it right.”

Additionally, we haven’t had the same durability issues with the other two pairs we’ve been testing, so we think it possibly has something to do with how the two colors are sewn together. Another possibility is that it could’ve been a one-off. What we’re trying to say is we don’t believe our experience with the holes would happen again since it hasn’t on the pairs we’ve been testing.

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Worn Tag
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Worn Tag

The heat-pressed tag on all three pairs has started to peel off, although the Black & Gray End-to-End style is the worst. This isn’t something unique to the boxer briefs—we’ve noticed it on several Wool & Prince clothes we’ve tested (like the Wool & Prince V-Neck Tee). Not a huge deal, of course, but it does detract from the overall premium aesthetic. Finally, there is a small amount of pilling around the gusseting on all three pairs, This is not uncommon with Merino wool clothing, but this is a bit more than we’d like to see. Fortunately, if the pilling bothers you, you can comb it out with a specific wool comb.

Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Pilling
Wool & Prince Boxers 2.0 Pilling

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • We like the Merino wool, nylon, and spandex blend
  • Fabric is cool to the touch and stretchy in all the right places
  • The anti-microbial, quick-drying, and sweat-wicking properties of Merino wool are useful in a pair of boxers
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Good

  • These were very comfortable to wear on a 4-hour flight from Portland to Detroit
  • We’ve had a hole appear in the back of the Black & Gray End-to-End colorway. The other two block colors we have are perfectly fine, so perhaps it’s something to do with how the two colors are sewn together
1 Month of Use

Condition: Good

  • We tested one pair for a full week without washing and were really happy with the results. As long as you air these things out overnight you really can wear them multiple times, something you’d struggle to get away with when wearing cotton boxers
  • There’s some visible pilling on the back and around the gusset area, but nothing too out of the ordinary for Merino wool
2 Months of Use

Condition: Good

  • We’re really digging these boxers for both everyday wear and travel. They’re super comfortable and don’t ride up even after a full day of use
  • The heat-pressed tag inside is starting to fade away, something we’ve encountered on Wool & Prince products before
9 Months of Use

Condition: Fine

We have been wearing these things a lot, they’re still as comfy as ever and have retained their shape and fit really well. The tag has pretty much completely worn out on all three boxers now though.

Wool & Prince Boxer Briefs 2.0 Tag After Nine Months

By Pack Hacker Team
Created June 25, 2020 • Updated November 22, 2022
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