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tomtoc VintPack-TA1 Review

The tomtoc VintPack-TA1 is a stylish, heritage-inspired backpack with practical features, ample storage, and intuitive quick access for daily use or travel.

Our Verdict

7.4 /10
Good info






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  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Quick-access pockets provide easy access to contents without having to take off the backpack
  • The zippered side allows easy access to the main compartment


  • Little to no attachment points on the exterior
  • Minimal organization inside the backpack
  • Exterior lacks weatherproofing to keep gear dry

Technical Details

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Carry-on Compliance

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  • Capacity


  • Weight (lb)

    2.05 lb (0.9 kg)

  • Dimensions

    17.72 in x 11.81 in x 5.91 in (45 x 30 x 15 cm)

  • Notable Materials

    YKK Zippers

  • Tablet Sleeve Size


  • Laptop Compartment Size


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The tomtoc VintPack-TA1 is a heritage-style backpack ideal for everyday use, with a multitude of handy features. It has a 22L capacity and well-organized pockets, making it practical and functional. This military-inspired design combines comfort, functionality, and style and is available in three colors; we had the chance to try out the black with brown accents. The tomtoc VintPack-TA1 uses a lid and drawstring opening for the main compartment, the primary storage area. The attention to detail in the design and layout of pockets is commendable. One of the greatest benefits of this backpack is its customizability and versatility. It’s suitable for daily use, trips to the gym, and even as a travel companion, particularly with rolling carry-on luggage.

tomtoc VintPack-TA1 Full
tomtoc VintPack-TA1 | The heritage-inspired design combines style with thoughtful functionality.

Along with daily carry, we tested this bag on a spontaneous weekend getaway. While we were initially hesitant to use it as our sole travel backpack, we were impressed with its performance. Its unique aesthetic, spacious capacity and thoughtfully designed pockets make this bag a pleasure to use. Even when filled to capacity with gear, it remains comfortable.

External Components

The VintPack-TA1 belongs to tomtoc’s recycled collection, which utilizes post-consumer materials made from PET plastic bottles. The company claims that materials from about 30 recycled PET bottles go into making this backpack. The exact material is not specified, but the external fabric feels smooth with a touch of softness that enhances its overall feel. We did not test its weatherproofing, but we are confident that it can withstand light rain or weather for a brief period. The external material doesn’t feel excessively loud, unlike other CORDURA® bags, which can be relatively noisy due to the weatherproofing process.

The YKK zippers are smooth to use and don’t disappoint. However, there doesn’t seem to be any coating on the top zipper, which leads to a small quick-access pocket on the backpack’s lid. You can secure the lid-style opening with two adjustable buckles to cover the secondary drawstring closing system. It initially seemed redundant to have both mechanisms, but it was quite enjoyable to use after a short adjustment period.

tomtoc VintPack-TA1 Cinch
tomtoc VintPack-TA1 | The drawstring and lid style opening allows for the user to utilize either and/or both depending on their situation.

The backpack includes expandable water bottle pockets on both sides, a quick access zipper into the main compartment, and extra pockets strategically placed throughout the bag. These features offer sufficient organization without making the backpack bulky or overly complicated. The backpack lacks direct attachment points for hanging or attaching external gear, except for three small loops on each backpack strap. These loops were reasonably effective for clipping AirPods or temporarily holding sunglasses, but securing them requires some adjustments due to their width.

The bag features two grab handles on top. Neither are particularly comfortable, but they serve their purpose. The first handle, made from sturdy nylon webbing, is positioned above the backpack straps’ attachment points. It lacks padding and is most suitable for lifting or setting down the backpack. Its accented brown color enhances the visibility of this model, especially when the bag is full. It was not uncomfortable, but with no padding, it would not be our first choice for carrying styles.

The second grab handle is noticeable when you open the lid. Initially, its purpose was unclear, but upon testing, we found it handy for holding the backpack while accessing the main compartment. Like the first, it is made of basic nylon webbing without padding, making it less suitable for extended carrying.

A simple strap that runs across the back panel is a standout yet understated feature that enhances the backpack’s versatility. This luggage pass-through strap allows the backpack to rest securely on roller luggage of various sizes and shapes. The strap’s orientation ensures the backpack remains upright, reducing the risk of items falling out of their dedicated pockets, whether inside or outside the bag. The strap can also function as an impromptu grab handle when needed. We are also happy to note that depending on the load-out of the bag, it mostly stands up on its own, with only an occasional issue of tipping over, primarily when it is empty.

tomtoc VintPack-TA1 Pass-Through
tomtoc VintPack-TA1 | The backpack can sit on top of roller luggage in our preferred orientation.

tomtoc’s branding style is quite minimal, with only a small black logo on the front of their bags. The manufacturer of these bags is not easily identifiable due to their heritage, military-inspired design. This is especially advantageous when traveling, as the color scheme blends in well and does not attract unnecessary attention, providing a safety measure. However, other variants of this backpack, such as the gray and yellow ones, might be more noticeable.

The harness system of this backpack showcases tomtoc’s attention to detail, especially regarding shoulder strap comfort. Despite the minimal padding, which may initially appear unremarkable, the straps are surprisingly comfortable. Their thin, wide design effectively distributes weight, ensuring comfort whether the backpack is empty or full. However, the harness system lacks extra features such as a sternum strap or hip belt. While you could technically create a DIY sternum strap using the attachment points on both shoulder straps, it’s unclear if this was the original intention.

Fit Notes

tomtoc VintPack-TA1 Side-by-Side
Left: Morgan White, Height: 6’0 (182 cm), Torso: 17.75” (45 cm)| Right: Lauren Maternowski, Height: 5’6” (168 cm), Torso: 16.5” (42 cm)

As previously mentioned, the heritage military-inspired design is a definite change from the typical all-black, minimal aesthetic of so many bags. This particular colorway is subtle and understated with its brown accents. We appreciate how much thought tomtoc put into the accents.

tomtoc VintPack-TA1 Walking
tomtoc VintPack-TA1 | We love the attention to detail on this colorway with the use of accent colors.

It does an excellent job using the accent not only as an aesthetic style but also to increase overall visibility and contrast. For example, the adjustable straps are this subtle brown, but the slack holders are black, so they are easy to spot and adjust. We dig the heritage aesthetic since it also does an excellent job at providing storage and organization, all while ensuring a comfortable carry. It sits on the back like a standard backpack and is fairly easy to adjust.

Inside The Pack

The tomtoc VintPack-TA1 boasts several pockets for organization. It features expandable water bottle pockets on both sides, a top zippered compartment for quick access, a generously sized zippered pocket on the front, and a unique magnetic quick-access pocket below that. These compartments prove incredibly useful for storing everyday essentials like wallets, headphones, and snacks. However, it’s worth noting that there isn’t a dedicated key leash; we recommend putting those in a zippered compartment instead of the magnetic one to remove the risk of them falling out.

The small zippered pocket on top provides decent storage space and is most suitable for smaller items like sunglasses or a wallet. Unlike similar pockets on other bags, there’s no soft plush or felt-like material inside, so consider this when storing delicate items like glasses or a phone. The pocket’s location makes it somewhat hidden from plain sight, which adds a measure of security.

tomtoc VintPack-TA1 Pockets
tomtoc VintPack-TA1 | The front pockets, while simple and minimal, provide easy and intuitive access for everyday essentials.

The water bottle pockets sit flush against the bag’s sides, making them unobtrusive when not in use. They expand significantly and can hold large water bottles securely. Moreover, they seem to have a protective coating to shield the fabric from condensation.

The second zippered pocket is under the drawstring of the main compartment. It is deep but lacks additional internal organization. Below this, there’s a small, somewhat hidden pocket with a magnetic closure. Its magnetic seal is robust, and the pocket has a surprising amount of depth. We found it perfect for storing and quickly accessing small items like AirPods. Its discreet design makes it unnoticeable unless you know it’s there, which we appreciate.

tomtoc VintPack-TA1 Water Bottle
tomtoc VintPack-TA1 | The water bottle pockets sit flush up against the bag and expand when needed.

The main compartment of this bag has a lid and drawstring opening, which we find easy to use. Throughout our testing, we first hesitated to use both closing methods, but once we packed the bag full, we quickly realized how both could be useful together. On our impromptu getaway, it was reassuring to have the drawstring to cinch things down and ensure nothing falls out while adjusting the straps on the lid and buckle to fully cover the top. It provides a nice amount of reassurance and peace of mind so that nothing falls out or gets left behind. Our preferred method was just buckling one instead of both to make it easy to get in and out of, though you sacrifice a buttoned-up aesthetic for convenience.

The spacious main compartment serves as a dumping ground with minimal organization options. It includes a dedicated laptop sleeve with an attached tablet/notebook sleeve for additional organization and storage. There’s also another pouch inside that can function as a water bottle pocket. We packed it with two t-shirts, a pair of jeans, a tech pouch, a toiletry bag, a hoodie, a 16-inch MacBook Pro, and some everyday accessories like headphones and a wallet. We had to cinch the drawstring opening to ensure nothing fell out, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The laptop compartment is lined with soft, plush material to prevent scratches. It extends almost all the way to the bottom of the bag, so it lacks much elevation; keep this in mind when setting the bag down. Although there isn’t a rigid structure or frame sheet between the laptop compartment and the back panel, the sturdy padding helps the bag maintain its shape, which is adequate for most uses. The additional tablet or notebook sleeve is a nice touch for extra organization. However, aside from that, the compartment is essentially a large space to dump items into. You can use packing cubes or pouches for better organization if needed.

tomtoc VintPack-TA1 Interior
tomtoc VintPack-TA1 | The main compartment offers a minimal amount of organization.

The standout feature of the main compartment is its unique approach to accessibility. A zipper runs the entire length of the bag on the side, allowing you to move the bag to the front and get access to the main compartment without having to take the backpack off. The implementation of this works well and because the zipper sits on one side of the bag instead of the middle, we find it convenient getting in and out without any of the contents falling out. Something to keep in mind though is this primarily only works on one side of the bag. We appreciated the small button clasp at the top that locks the zipper, preventing unauthorized access when the bag is on your back. This thoughtful security measure adds value. The zipper blends in and unobtrusively hides behind what looks like a regular seam.

The tomtoc VintPack-TA1 is a thoughtfully designed backpack. While it may not boast the coolest features or groundbreaking functionality, it offers a flexible carrying experience with a heritage aesthetic. It is easy-to-use pockets, comfortable shoulder straps, and quick-access pockets are delightful and perfect for daily use. It can also serve as a convenient personal bag when coupled with a duffle or roller bag when traveling.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Recycled material is nice
  • Zippers are smooth and easy
  • Like small pockets and features
  • Black and brown is an interesting color choice
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Still feels nice and comfortable
  • No scuffs or scratches to exterior
  • Feels brand new
By Morgan White
Created February 21, 2024 • Updated February 21, 2024
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