REI Multi Towel

REI Multi Towel
REI Multi Towel

Technical Details

  • Weight (oz)

    1.1 oz (31.2 gm)

    Small size

  • Dimensions

    14 in x 10 in (35.6 x 25.4 cm)

    Small Size

  • Notable Materials

    Polyester, Nylon

  • Manufacturing Country

    South Korea

  • Warranty Information

    REI Return Policy

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Multiple sizes for specific needs
  • We like the small size as a really minimal travel towel when in a pinch
  • Handy carrying case and buckled loop
  • Textured fabric provides a different feel than other microfiber towels—it feels more towel-like
By Mark Hurrish
Created October 21, 2019 • Updated October 29, 2019