Lems Primal 2 (Men’s)

Lems Primal 2 (Men's)
Lems Primal 2 (Men's)
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Technical Details

  • Notable Materials

    Polyester, LemsRubber™

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Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Ultra-lightweight and packable
  • Zero drop between heel and toe
  • Extra-wide toe box for extra room
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

Hey Crew – Mark here. These shoes are great IF you like minimalist shoes. I have never worn minimalist but a couple of other folks on the team swear by them. These are my first pair. The toe box is extra wide so your toes have lots of room and can really stretch out. This is comfortable but looks a little odd from the outside, you can tell they aren’t normal shoes. The soles are thin and flat so your feet can get sore from walking a few blocks if you are not used to it. However if you are looking to get into minimalist shoes these could be a good option, they’re lightweight, breathable, and comfortable once you get used to them.

Lems Primal 2 Shoes (Men's) Wide Toe Box
Lems Primal 2 Shoes (Men’s) Wide Toe Box

By Pack Hacker Team
Created August 26, 2020 • Updated September 12, 2023
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