Sea to Summit Mesh Sack Review

The Mesh Sack from Sea to Summit comes in seven different sizes and offers unique travel capabilities due to its durability and lightweight construction.

Our Verdict

7.2 /10
Good info






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  • Mesh and nylon are durable but lightweight
  • Drawcord fastener is easy to manipulate but locks tight when not in use
  • Colored nylon differentiates between sacks


  • Neither handle is comfortable to carry heavy loads
  • No padding to protect sensitive gear
  • When hanging from drawcord it’s hard to access opening

Technical Details

  • Capacity


    XXS | 4L XS | 6.5L S | 9L M | 15L L | 20L XL | 30L XXL

  • Weight (oz)

    1.1 oz (31.2 g)

    XXS | 1.3 oz XS | 1.6 oz S | 1.8 oz M | 2.5 oz L | 2.7 oz XL | 3.4 oz XXL

  • Notable Materials


  • Manufacturing Country


  • Warranty Information

    Sea to Summit Warranty & Repair

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Full Review

The Sea to Summit Mesh Sack is a simply designed piece of travel gear that, on paper, has a ton of uses between when you leave for the airport and when you return home. Just because a piece of gear can do something doesn’t mean that you will use it for that purpose, and we can’t help but wonder whether these sacks will fall into that category. Let’s dive in and find out!

Materials & Aesthetic

Kicking things off with the primary material, we’ve got a 150D mesh for most of the sack’s exterior. Sea to Summit doesn’t list what this fabric is, but it feels like either nylon or polyester. Either way, it feels very durable and doesn’t have much give, so the size you see is the size you get.

Sea To Summit Mesh Sack Hanging From Jacket
Sea to Summit Mesh Sack | In the field with the pouches.

The best thing we’ve figured out to compare it to is the big bag they bring out during physical education class with the soccer, basketballs, and footballs inside. We don’t think you’ll be bringing any of those in your carry-on, but it speaks to the durability of the mesh. If you are bringing sports balls, we won’t judge you for it.

On the top of the sack is a 70D nylon drawcord sleeve. This material feels like wind-pants from the 1990s and even has the same pop of color for effect. It scrunches up nicely when you since down the cord, but the main draw of this feature is the unique color materials that the different sacks use. There are three different colors—Royal Blue, Olive Green, and Red so that you know which bag is which. A few colors repeat on different size sacks, but they’re far enough apart in size that you wouldn’t mistake one for another. We’ll get more into that later, though.

Sea To Summit Mesh Sack Cinch
Sea to Summit Mesh Sack | The red colorway.

Before we depart from this topic, we feel we have to mention that the Red colorway is, in fact, orange. It’s burnt orange, but it’s not red. This isn’t a huge deal, but we thought that the people deserve to know what color the Red colorway actually is.

The drawcord is quite durable, and the hard plastic adjuster is easy to use. Once locked into position it stays tight, even when heavy pressure is applied. There isn’t a gap for gear inside to sneak out when cinched completely closed, which is a plus. This is bolstered by the nylon drawcord sleeve we just mentioned, as it’s super thin to enable a tight squeeze but offers enough volume to gum up any hole that might remain when the drawcord is tightened.

Sea To Summit Mesh Sack Cinch 2
Sea to Summit Mesh Sack | The drawcord is easy to use.

There’s a pull handle on the bottom of the sack that feels as if it’s crafted from nylon. It’s more comfortable to hold than the drawcord, especially when the sack gets full. If you have an extremely heavy loadout, like a mess of wet clothes or shoes, the pull handle isn’t comfortable due to the lack of padding. As we said, it’s more comfortable than the drawcord, so we’re happy with the inclusion overall.

Now that we’ve covered the materials, we figure this is a good place to discuss sizing. There are nine different sizes, starting at XXS and moving up to XXL. The XXS is 2.5 liters, the XS is 4 liters, the S is 6.5 liters, the M is 9 liters, the L is 15 liters, the XL is 20 liters, and the XXL is 30 liters.

Usage & Features

As we mentioned earlier, the colors help tell the sacks apart and none of the sizes are the same color as the two sizes directly next to it in the size order. If you were to get the XXS and M, you would have two royal blue toppers, but 2.5 liters is far less than 9 liters, so you should be able to tell the difference.

Sea To Summit Mesh Sack In A Bag
Sea to Summit Mesh Sack | Packed away with clothes.

This is a nice touch, especially if you plan to store similar items in different size sacks, as you can tell them apart even if the things inside are the same color. You could split different outfits between different bags for a trip where you need to have both formal and casual wear. Or, if you’re headed to the laundromat, separate clothes that need to be washed differently.

Speaking of laundry, this was our primary use case for these sacks. They’re perfect for hanging on the wall of your hotel or Airbnb bathroom to collect dirty clothes as you wear them. Depending on what you have available to hang it from, you can hang it from the pull handle or the drawcord. Using the drawcord makes it easier to slide clothes inside as the access point is on top. It can be difficult to hang it from the pull handle given its short length, but it is easier for shorter people to use once hung as the access point is closer to the ground. Be sure not to let anything tumble out, though! We found the Nite Ize S-Biner makes hanging easier, but any carabiner should do the trick.

Sea To Summit Mesh Sack Tree
Sea to Summit Mesh Sack | Out in the wild.

Another use for the sacks is for wet items. If you plan to hit the beach, trail, or anywhere that rains a lot, having something to place your wet items inside is ideal. We prefer something made from mesh as it enables them to dry quicker, which means you can use them comfortably sooner. Compared to a closed material like ripstop, the mesh allows air to easily permeate the water trapped in the fabric. Most importantly, the mesh is durable, so it can handle just about anything you throw its way, from pants to boots.

Another use for the sacks that we mentioned earlier is adding segmentation to a large travel backpack or duffel bag. As we said above, the sacks are great for separating outfits and clothing. To take things a step further, you could organize everything inside a pack without organization using these sacks.

Sea To Summit Mesh Sack Hanging From Tree
Sea to Summit Mesh Sack | You never know when you’ll need to hang your gear from a tree!

Clothes, cables, and even tech can be organized using these pouches. The variety in sizing lends itself to their dynamic use, although the lack of padding doesn’t make a ton of sense for un-cased tech or fragile items you want to keep safe. If you have a huge duffel bag like the Peak Design Travel Duffel 65L, sacks like these can make the vast main compartment feel much more manageable.

Sea To Summit Mesh Sack Sizes
Sea to Summit Mesh Sack | One last look at the pouches.

Overall, we’re very happy with how the Sea to Summit Mesh Sack performs in day-to-day activities. It isn’t the perfect piece of gear for every task, but in a pinch, it can be used for a wide variety of uses, as we’ve been over.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Cinch doesn’t feel too beefy, but it has enough grip
  • The mesh has good density so small items shouldn’t fall through
  • Range of sizes are appropriate for items like clothes, shoes or even a sleeping bag
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Drawcord doesn’t loosen over time
  • Mesh is durable and stiching has held up
  • Colors a great to differentiate between sacks
By Eric Hergenreder
Created May 24, 2022 • Updated December 13, 2022
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