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ALPAKA HUB Pouch Review

The ALPAKA Hub Pouch is a compact accessory in a durable, weatherproof package that excels at organization for smaller items.

Our Verdict

7.4 /10
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  • Super small and lightweight
  • There is a huge amount of organization inside
  • Clamshell style opening provides a great overview of contents inside


  • Such detailed organization can be limiting if your gear doesn’t match perfectly
  • The compact form factor may be too small for some
  • Lots of zippers for something so petite

Technical Details

  • Capacity


  • Weight (oz)

    2.12 oz (60.1 g)

  • Dimensions

    4.72 in x 0.98 in x 3.54 in (12 x 2.5 x 9 cm)

  • Notable Materials

    X-Pac, YKK Zippers

  • Warranty Information

    Warranty & Repairs

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The ALPAKA HUB Pouch is a compact yet highly functional accessory that provides exceptional organization. Even when empty, the pouch can be condensed down very small, making it perfect for storing small items without a dedicated spot elsewhere. These items find a new home in a soft, protective pouch that seamlessly integrates into ALPAKA’s HUB system. Its small form factor doesn’t compromise its ability to provide a high level of organization, and it’s ideal for storing daily essentials like torches, small tools, gadgets, USB drives, keys, or little knickknacks.

ALPAKA excels at creating accessories that aren’t just useful on their own but that can also be integrated into their own ecosystem of bags/accessories, and this little pouch is no exception to that rule. Spoiler alert: whether or not you have other products in their modular ecosystem, this pouch works exceptionally well on its own. Let’s dive into how now.

External Features

Despite its small size, the ALPAKA HUB pouch offers excellent protection for its contents. The pouch comes in several color options, but the exterior on all of them consists of a type of X-Pac® fabric that provides excellent abrasion resistance and adds to its overall durability. ALPAKA claims the materials are waterproof, but it’s worth noting that the zippers and seals may not be, so submersion is not recommended. However, the weatherproofing ensures that the contents are safe from rain or splashes. True to ALPAKA’s style, they use top-quality materials such as YKK reverse coil zippers and rugged zipper pulls.

ALPAKA HUB Pouch Zipper
ALPAKA HUB Pouch | Industry-leading YKK zippers keep contents safe and secure.

The main pouch amusingly features dual zippers and a secondary pocket on one side, which makes the number of zippers on such a small product somewhat comical at first glance. The side pocket has a single, smooth zipper that spans the length of the pouch. While there’s no additional organization inside the side pocket, it does appear to have a laminate inside. Depending on the item’s size, this pocket can accommodate various items like spare change, a USB drive, or even a multi-tool.

ALPAKA HUB Pouch Front Pocket
ALPAKA HUB Pouch | External zipper provides quick and easy access to contents.

The HUB Pouch works just like you might expect. You can throw it into various pockets, attach it to a bag, or even a belt. Its flexibility suits a wide range of situations, and we have no concerns about its long-term durability. However, even if you’re a minimalist, you may want to explore their other color options. As of this review, the HUB Pouch is available in Slate Grey, Orange Blaze, Hot Pink, Cayenne, Ocean Blue, Olive Green, and Black (VX42, with an X4 laminate and 420D face, or X50, with a 500D CORDURA® face fabric). If you prefer an all-black aesthetic for the rest of your gear, a different color will be easier to find.

Inside The Pouch

The main compartment of the pouch features a dual zip clamshell opening, which provides an excellent overview of everything inside. Both sides lie flat when fully unzipped, showcasing all the contents and demonstrating ALPAKA’s efficient use of space. One side of the compartment has one small and one large slip pocket, along with three loops for securing small items. The other side is almost identical, but it features four slip pockets (two small and two large) and two loops for slipping smaller items through. Finally, at the top of the back is a small attachment point for the HUB system. Additionally, you can use this loop to attach a carabiner or a similar item.

ALPAKA HUB Pouch Interior
ALPAKA HUB Pouch | Provides easy access to smaller daily essentials.

In such a compact size, this pouch provides an incredible amount of organization and is perfect for keeping those smaller knickknacks and such organized and protected. With the same core concept as a tech pouch, it is easy to store all the smaller tools and accessories that may be needed, but rarely have a dedicated home due to their size. As an example, going out on a quick photoshoot, it was easy and convenient to store a multi-tool, a few SD cards, an Allen wrench, and a white balance card inside. Additionally, depending on the other contents, an ID and a couple of credit or debit cards can also be slipped into one of the slip pockets in the main compartment, and spare change into the zippered pocket on the front.

If you are a fan of carabiners and climbing gear to attachment points, the dedicated loop on the back of the pouch provides an easy attachment point either to clip the pouch to a belt or bag or in our case, as an attachment point for keys that way everything is conglomerate into one neat little package.

ALPAKA HUB Pouch Stuffed
ALPAKA HUB Pouch | Plenty of organization for a variety of loadouts and items.

Compared to pouches like the Osprey Arcane Zip Pouch, the HUB Pouch offers superior organization in a similar form factor. However, this may not always be advantageous. The Osprey Arcane Zip Pouch’s simplicity and minimalism mean it lacks extra fabric or pockets that could add weight or reduce internal space, unlike the HUB Pouch. On the other hand, you may struggle to fill the HUB Pouch if you don’t need as much organization.

It offers a similar organization, with nearly the same form factor, as the Brevite Pouch. While the Brevite Pouch is slightly larger, with a 1.5L capacity, it matches the HUB Pouch’s attention to detail in interior organization. However, due to its smaller size, the HUB Pouch is more versatile and can fit into a wider variety of pockets with dedicated attachment points for attaching to other gear.

ALPAKA HUB Pouch Front Empty
ALPAKA HUB Pouch | Internal organization does not take up valuable space so it can be used as a simple pouch as well.

The ALPAKA HUB Pouch is a compact and highly functional accessory that has proven to be a reliable solution for organizing small items. Its integration into the HUB system, durable materials, and ample organizational features make it a standout in its category. While its high level of organization may not suit everyone, and it may be hard to find one of the Black models in a monochrome setup, these are minor trade-offs for overall functionality and versatility. Whether standalone or as part of a larger system, the HUB Pouch is a robust, well-designed product that keeps your essentials organized and easily accessible.

Usage Timeline

Initial Usage

Condition: Excellent

  • Small, lightweight, and super compact
  • Feels very durable and rugged
  • Provides a surprising amount of organization in such a small package
2 Weeks of Use

Condition: Excellent

  • Zippers still glide smoothly
  • Slip pockets and elastic loops still work well
  • No scratches or scuffs
By Morgan White
Created March 21, 2024 • Updated May 6, 2024
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