Ban on bullying.

Our community is a place where everyone should feel comfortable to comment, share experiences, and ask questions—which is why we have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. Any offensive posts will be removed. By using offensive or abusive language, you risk being restricted from commenting altogether.

Text on topic.

We’re all here for the same thing—travel, gear, bags, accessories. Like us, we know most of you live and breathe this stuff, which is why we want to make sure posts in this community stay on topic. Steer clear of topics like politics, religion, and other persons’ appearances. Refusal to do so will result in your comment being deleted—and you risk being removed from the community.

Keep it friendly…TSA friendly.

All the gear we review is TSA friendly. Pack Hacker started with a focus on carry-on travel and being TSA compliant is not only essential for flying, but ensures that the gear we test is useful for most other types of travel as well. So let’s keep the “gear gossip” TSA compliant too—that means no knives or firearms. Any posts about non-TSA compliant gear will be removed.

No lonely links.

Feel free to reference the gear you want to discuss, as long as you provide sufficient context and/or explanation within your post. Posts with sufficient context and/or explanation may include internal links from and external links to other brand websites, blogs, or online marketplaces, at the discretion of the Pack Hacker team. Any personal affiliate links will be removed.

Read it. Report it.

We always try our best to read every comment and remove any that are offensive. But it’s not always possible. If you come across a comment that you find offensive or in violation of these Community Guidelines in some way, please report it to the Pack Hacker team and we’ll review it as soon as possible.

Right to Remove.

We reserve the right to monitor and remove any and all comments and accounts from the Pack Hacker community if we feel they do not comply with the Community Guidelines laid out here. Our right to remove means that removal of these comments or accounts can be done without notification or clarification.

Enjoy the journey.

You know what they say—it’s about the journey. Have fun, share stories, immerse yourself in all things travel, gear, and Pack Hacker. We’re happy to have you along for the ride as a fellow savvy traveler and gear enthusiast.