Best Travel Gear Reviewers on YouTube That Aren't Pack Hacker
Best Travel Gear Reviewers on YouTube That Aren't Pack Hacker

So, you come to Pack Hacker for detailed information and reviews on all your favorite travel gear. You might figure you don't have to watch anyone else since we’ve got it all, from travel daypacks and backpacks to slings, duffles, travel tech accessories, toiletries, and more. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Of course, the truth is that everyone travels a little differently. That's why we’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorite travel gear YouTube channels to share with you so we can all keep spreading the love of travel gear and accessories. Some focus more on travel, some more on everyday carry gear, and some more on gadgets, but you may find a new subscription to add to your stream, so let’s get to it!

One Bag Travels

One Bag Travels, is detail-oriented, like us! They really get into the nitty-gritty of every single part of a bag and how it feels to use it. Geoff is a U.S.-based reviewer who focuses most of their reviews on travel-size backpacks in the range of 30L to 45L, but they also have reviews of other bags and other travel gear, along with packing lists, travel advice, and how-to-pack-it videos. They like to say that their ideal bag is chock full of organizational features and can be carried in different ways. Geoff looks for bags that have easy-to-access compartments and are made of high-quality materials. We also like that One Bag Travels is always available to answer viewer questions.


Rushfaster is based in Australia, and we really like the high-quality production value they bring to their videos. They have a ton of bag knowledge that informs their reviews, probably because they make it their mission to inspire people to own better gear. You’ll find reviews on many of our favorite brands on this channel, like Aer, Bellroy, Peak Design, and The North Face, and while they focus a lot on everyday carry gear, travel bags are thrown in the mix, too. Unlike some of the other channels we follow, Rushfaster has a team of gear reviewers, like we do at Pack Hacker, and they curate the products they showcase to ensure they meet their standards when it comes to form, function, and quality.

Maurice Moves

If you like to check out channels that showcase more than just bags, Maurice Moves has a great mix of tip and gear videos, plus comparison videos to help you select the right gear. The channel also includes videos about topics as varied as minimalism and keto. That's because they focus on three basic categories with their videos: everyday carry, everyday habits, and everyday growth. Maurice is from Canada, and puts a spotlight on things you do and use every day. After all, you’re only going to have one graduation day, (hopefully) one wedding, and so on, so the best way to impact your life is by focusing on what can impact your daily life the most. Like your bag!

Excessorize Me

If you get calmed by good gear, Excessorize Me might put you in a happy trance. Not only do these Canadians find really unique gadgets and gear to put the spotlight on, but they also have a really awesome macro video style that we dig. Seriously, the ASMR going on with their gear reviews brings us to our happy place (that’s the Land of Gear, in case you were wondering). They focus on finding the best accessories so that you don’t have to, with videos on things ranging from everyday carry items to travel accessories. Be sure to check out their Shorts, and see if you can tune into your happy place, too!

Bo Ismono

When you’re short on time, you need a gear reviewer who will get to the point quickly without missing anything important. Bo Ismono has quick yet thorough videos that include travelogs, how-to videos, and behind-the-scenes of bag manufacturing, in addition to bag reviews, packing tips, and travel tips and tricks. Bo is a film editor based in Germany who also contributes to (more on them later!), so there is good production quality in all the videos on this channel. If you like Bo's style, they also have another channel focusing on other interests like movie reviews, martial arts, and a podcast.

Josh Fenn

Sometimes you want to hear about the gear, and sometimes you want to hear about where it's been. If you’re looking for more travel in your travel gear reviews, Josh Fenn shares a lot of personal travel experience along with gear recommendations. This Oregon-based filmmaker and digital content creator brings a documentary style to everyday carry and travel gear guides. We like that you can really get to know Josh when you watch the videos on this channel, so we recommend checking it out!

Ron Kwok

We all have that friend who has the coolest gear you didn’t know you needed, and Ron Kwok is that person. Ron has a ton of knowledge about different types of gear and is really passionate about everyday carry items. When you watch this channel, you'll see Ron does an amazing job of breaking down different load-outs to show you how to tailor a kit to fit your needs. This is a great channel to watch if you want to know what’s a practical purchase and what to skip.

Chase Reeves

Whether chatting about everyday or travel gear, Chase Reeves brings high energy and enthusiasm to the videos on this channel. While most of them focus on gear, you’ll also find some fun videos about traveling and their life, and we really appreciate that personal touch. Chase Reeves loves finding well-designed products that make life a better experience and has a bunch of great roundup videos to help you find the best bag and accessories for you.

Sergio Sala

If you like to take photos and videos on vacation, check out Sergio Sala’s channel. It’s filled with great tips for traveling with filmmaking gear, and it also includes tons of really detailed city guides. That’s great for digital nomads looking for advice and experience before trying out a new destination. Sergio is also a member of Pack Hacker Pro and shares expertise with other members of the Pro Community, which we really dig.

If you’re looking for everyday carry gear that also works well for travel, and you want to see a lot of fantastic places around the world, this is the channel for you.


The global Carryology community is one of the original backpack review channels out there, so they have a ton of knowledge for you to dig into. These carry enthusiasts really dive deep into everyday carry gear, from backpacks to messenger bags and wallets, along with detailed reviews on luggage and other travel gear. Check out Carryology for first looks at new products, buying guides, and their collabs with different gear makers.

Odie Matthews

Watching Odie Matthews is like sitting down to chat with your friend who loves gear as much as you do. They have a super personal style that makes you feel like they’re talking right to you as they share thoughts on the bags, accessories, and travel gear they use. Over years of traveling, Odie has gathered a few tips and tricks for traveling and packing well, and as a photographer, they have a great style we think you’ll like to watch.

Danny Packs

This channel started out as Traveling Salseros, but whatever it’s called, we like how awesome they are at helping you narrow down what type of gear will work for you based upon all of its features. Danny Packs shares reviews on all the latest and greatest gear, whether it’s backpacks, everyday carry items, travel, and clothing, and they also have great tips for travel, organizing, and packing.

Jon Gadget

If you’re on the hunt for gear ideas and inspiration, check out Jon Gadget. They’re from the United Kingdom and do a great job of showing unique ways to optimize your loadout by pairing household items with cool everyday carry gear. They have lots of detailed reviews of travel gear and gadgets to help make your everyday life and next trip run smoothly, which comes in handy whether you're traveling for business or vacation.

Nomads Nation

As the name might suggest, these guys seem to love travel gear as much as we do! They have extremely thorough walkthroughs of every piece of a product, from the materials to individual features, colorways, and price. Some of their most popular reviews are of bags we've tested, too, like the Nomatic Backpack, ALPAKA Elements Pro, and Tortuga Setout. They also have roundup videos if you’re looking for everyday carry bags, wallets, and carry on backpacks. You can also follow them in their journey to build their own backpack with help and input from their audience.

We hope you’ll check some of these out if you’re looking for new channels to add to your feed! Until then, keep up with us over at the Pack Hacker and Pack Hacker Reviews channels over on YouTube.

October 5, 2023

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