4 A Clean Getaway

We like finding weird gear around and talking about it here. Weird or genius? You be the judge.

Are you tired of dull, lifeless airplane seats with muted colors? Are you also a bit of a germaphobe with a ton of style? If you answered yes to these things, the 4 A Clean Getaway airplane seat cover may be a perfect match for you.

They've got four patterns available in these bad boys: Africa. Bahamas, India, and USA (we're surprised the USA pattern doesn't include burgers & apple pie but hey, the red geometric interpretation works too). The slip covers are reusable, washable, and guaranteed to upset everyone in the boarding line behind you as you take your sweet time slipping this thing onto your chair. View them on the website here.

2 responses to “A Clean Getaway Airline Seat Slip Cover

    1. Heh – we agree. Quite a funny product, and we doubt they fit that snugly on any airplane seat! Cheers to the person lugging one of these on the plane and holding up the entire boarding line …

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